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Haight, Polly Coles (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 1 (Oct. 15, 1944)

Fighting Badgers,   pp. 13-18

Page 13

  Lt. Douglas H. CRAMER, '40, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Lewis Cramer, 947 E. Johnson St.,
Madison, has been missing in action over
France since:August 1. He was a navigator-
bombardier and received his wings at Hondo,
Tex. in August 1943.
  Capt. James F. HOGAN, '41, son of Mr.
and Mrs. F. M. Hogan, 905 Seventh Ave.
West, Ashlanid, has been missing in action
since July 8, over Hungary. He had been
stationed in southern Italy as a bomber pilot.
His wife, the former Evelyn Kramer, is now
living with her father in Jacksonville,
  Capt. David A. VAN EPPS, '38, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Van Epps, Williams
Bay, is now .a prisoner of war. He had been
reported missing in action over Germany
April 9, when he was on his 72nd mission
since he became a -niember of the U. S.
A. A. F. on July 1, 1943. Prior to that time
he was with the Royal Naval Air Service
where he rose to the rank -of Lieut. Comdr.,
the only foreigner to have attained that
rank. His wife, the former 'Helen Nielsen,
lives in New York.
                 " *                   0
  Lt. Howard W. LATTON, '38, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Latton, Medford, is
now a prisoner of war in Germany. He had
been reported missing in action, since May
24, the date, of a large raid over Berlin. He
was ýa co-pilot of a Flying Fortress. His wife,
the former 'Kathryn Smith, '40, lives in
  Lt. Walter, WENGER, '41, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Wenger, Argyle, is a prisoner of
war in Germany. He had been reported miss-
ing iq action over Germany on July 7 after
the Liberator bomber he piloted failed to re-
turn. He was on his 47th mission. His wife
is the former-Ruth Ziltner of New Glarus.
  Capt. Thomas W. LOCKE, '42, son of
Leonard C.- Locke, Mt. Horeb, is a prisoner
of war of the German government. He had
been reported missing in action over Austria
since June 26. He received his wings at Kelly
Field, Tex. on Feb. 13, 1942..
  Lt. Mark H. HOSKINS, '43, son of Mark
Hoskins, 226 N. Harrison St., Lancaster, is a
prisoner of war held by the Germans. He
had been previously reported missing in ac-
tion June 27',when the Flying Fortress he
piloted was lost over Budapest. His wife,
the former Mary Carthew, lives in Lancaster.
  Staff Sgt. Jack McILRAITH, '43, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mcllraith, 1310 Twelfth
St., Wausau, is a, prisoner of war of 'the
German government. A gunner on a Flying,
Foitress, Mcllraith was reported missing in
action since May 8.
  Lt. John E. POWELL, '44, son of Mrs.
S. P. Ibach, Galesville, is a prisoner of war
in Germany, He had previously been re-
ported missing in action after serving as a
navigator on a Liberator bomber. In August'
of 1943 Lt. Powell was awarded the Silver
Star after participating in'a low level attack
on the Ploesti oil refineries in-Rumania, and
after a crash at sea, he was awarded the
Purple Heart for being wounded in action.
  Lt. Myron Rusk SANDS, '44, son of Mrs.
Laura Sands, 2323 N. 44th St., Milwaukee,
Wis. is a prisoner of war of Germany. He
was aý pilot of a P-38 at the time reported
  Staff Sgt. Louis.MALEC, '42, son of Mrs.
Ella T. Malec,- 1134 E.- Gorham St., Madi-
son, has returned to his army air forces' base
in Italy after having been missing in action
for two months. He served as a top turret
gunner on a Flying Fortress and flew 32
missions during five months in European
and Italian theaters.
  Lt. Earl T. FRYE, '44, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles F. Frye, Route 1, Oregon, has
returned to London after having been offi-
cially reported missing in action since Dec.
30, 1943. He jokingly explained his return
by saying, "I walked back." He is a pilot
of a Flying Fortress.
Legion of Merit:
  Col. Harry G. MONTGOMERY, Sr., '07
  Chaplain William L. LUMPKIN, '30
  T/5 Sammy COOPER, '38
Silver Star:
  Col. Walter A. ELLIOTT, '19
  Maji John J. LEHIGH- :'36
  Lt. Arthur J. BOUCHER, '36
  Lt. Robert T. ALDER, '43
  Lt. Leo H. EBERHARDT, '41
Distingu'shed Flying Cross:
  Col. Albert J. SHOWER, '33
  Lt.- Eugene WELCH, '39
  Maj. Irvin W. HENZE, Jr., '40
  Maj. John M. HOWARD, '40
  Capt. Victor K. RIGGS, '40
  Lt. William D. ZAHRTE, '40
  Capt. A. Roger CONANT, '41.
  Capt. Fred E. GUTT, ý'41
  T/Sgt. Harley E. GRIFFITHS, '41
  Lt. Russell E. HODGE, '41
  Capt. Glenn J. SCHAFFER, '41
  Lt. Walter WENGER, '41
  Lt. Donald J. HOWE, '42
  Maj. H. Allan LAUBRICH_ '42     '
  Lt. Leslie' E. LANGE, '43.. .      *
J Lt. Virgil-K. BOYUM, '44
  Lt. Anthony ,M. KLASINSKI, '44
  Lt. John C. KRAEMER, '44
  Lt. Robert E. MOORE, '44
  T/,Sgt. James A. REILLY, '46
Bronze Star:
  Col. Philip F. LA FOLLETTE, '19
  Capt. Louis R. ORKIN, '37
  Lt. Katherine C. BALTZER, '40
  Capt. Edgar H. ZOBEL, Ripoh, during
his year and a half as music officer in the
Ninth Service Command, composed a march-
ing song, "On To Berlin."
            2    1914
  Capt. Ivan A. BICKELHAUPT is a pub-
lic works officer, at Norfolk, Va. f. Arthur
HA-LAM SK2/c regrets that he hasn't run
intp a single Bidger on "his little island".
Col. Christian J. OTJEN was granted
:terminal leave" from his army post to -run
in, the Republican gubernatorial primary
race, and now is planning to retire from
active duty.
  Maj. John E. BENTLEY is doing medical
work, APO, San Francisco.
  Maj. E. T. CUSICK. is now at an APO
New York address.
  Y 2/c Donald A. CALDWELL is in re-
cruiting work at Paterson, N. J. ft Lt.
Marion NEPRUD can be reached at the Al-
lerton Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio. f Lt,. Col.
Eldon M. STENJEM, a veteran of World
War I, is commanding officer of a service
unit at Ft. Sheridan.
  Col. Philip F. LA  FOLLETTE, former
Badger governor, has returned after two
years with Gen. MacArthur in the South
Pacific on an undisclosed "official mission."
f Another member of Gen. MacArthur's
staff, Col. Lloyd A. LEHRBAS recently re-
turned to his home at Tomahawk for a brief
visit. f Col. Walter A. ELLIOTT, an in-
vasion leader, hopes to return to France after
recuperating from battle wounds.
  Capt. Herbert O. LORD recently presented
an award to the Badger Ordnance Works,
in his capacity as a Chicago area civil en-
gineer officer. ft Capt. Baron De Hirsh
MEYER has been, overseas almost a year
now with an APO California address. ft
Col. H. O. PINTHER is now stationed at
APO 103 Brownwood, Texas. f Col. George
L. Simpson has moved from Texas to Mem-
phis, Tenn.
  Brig. Gen. Ralph M. IMMELL, former
Wis. adjutant general, now is serving as
commanding general in an Italian area. ft
Dr. George THORNGATE, III, Milton, has
been commissioned a Lt. Commander in the
  Brig. Gen. Paul B. CLEMENS has retired
after 43 years of military service. He will be
assistant superintendent of the Milwaukee
public schools. ft  Lt. Colonel H. C. RUNGE
is with the U. S. Claims Service in North
Africa.         A

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