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Berge, A. John (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 41, Number 2 (Feb. 1940)

Tyndal, Peg
And so began a great industry,   pp. 112-114

Page 112

                       A G r e at I ndunstry
                                                 by Peg Tyndal, '39
    fW   AS in,1892 that tw  yon-e a-           Piirsw~lthese things and
had vsoso
         pndto meet~ in the registration offie,~a  ~buildin~g 'a mnachine-th~at
would bur'ngasoline
     'the University f cWisconisin'. ýThey -were or. kerosene 'and
would u~se oil for cooling the
  XhAri~es, W. Hart- and Charles TH..Parr W1I~ille  mi~tr.:Theii'rengine
would be o~f less weight-ý
      th dstp  inli,eac wetroungli the7 tedi-   thn-,a steam engine o'tesm
      os   w'
  6   roeu ss of nrolh     j th~ ']University,, a   :J'twoul~d Je able to
stan the 'strain 'of
    ' ~tio           t' ehed on 4~~thigIg ey    th -    eine~evr'pd     
  Vvereplaniungtoa study diuring -tenex fwvour
    veajDgh. f-B~iTond they . were . interested in  ASOTHE  set to ~work
in earnest-'to -stuidy
    e'-i ~sie'hing-mechanical, d vees and, en-     teg      igueAshrewe-fwengine
  _911gins Paricular.                           available. Mr. Parr tells
of the thrill they had
    The-erngineering world at this time-'was be- whien they learned that
three -busine'ss, men. of
  _ginn1ng to'italk about 'a brand, 'ew idea, the  -Madison had each'purchased
"a launch with
         iu~r~i  emnsi&enin.   As Hart ,and     power furished by number
"60" gasoline
  Parr boeame, fast friends and} fellow ~workers eigines.
  they wei~e both 'fascinated by 'the gas -engine A   lnkwudhaeites\engines
  an'& its pos.iiiis     en   amby te           to havre more ornery
streaks in them  than
'~'looked at it from the, point of its usefulness. td  any- others of the
species. The boys we're TIO-
  -,famers. The ~two boys dreamed of. a gasoline tilled every day or so that
one or the other of
  'i.  ngine pulling plows or other farm machinery'  the engines Tefused
to run and any help
  up and downi farm flelds throughout the great toward making the'm behave
would ~be, -much,
  western states.                               appreciated.. Very cheerfully
Hart and Parr
                                                would trot down to Lake M~endota
to work
W" ~  HILE -studying engineering on the earn-   over the engines.
      pus they realized, as did many 'Others, the As a reward for their efforts,
Mr. Parr tells
   shortcomings of the steam engine when called of being allowed occasionally
to take the boats
   upon to pull farmn machinery. They knew of   across the lake for picnics.
One evening when
   the difficulties -which steam engine operators  they ware returning with
a party of ,ten fel-
   were having with bad, water in. -the Dakotas lows. and girls, a squall
camne 'up and- the en-
   and on the prairies, of Western. Canada. TUn- 'gine stalled., As the wind
drove them toward
. . : J4..^ I- --A 11 Vi . *_u11
load of plows in tough
prairie sod, steam boiler
flues, surrounded by alkali
water would burn out in a
few days. Moreover, water
in many localities was ob-
tainable only from dirty
sloughs which often took it
upon themselves to dry up
just when water was most
  Steam boilers were not
suited to the task of being
drawn   over  the rolling
prairies for the twists and
strains soon loosened the
stay  bolts and rendered         CHALES
them  useless. Hart and       Co-founder of
H. PARR, '96
the great tractor
a. long point of land sur-
rounded. with rocks and
submerged  boulders they
thought all was lost. But
by that time, fortunately,
he and   Hart had    had
enough experience with the
engines to know exactly
where to look for the trou-
ble. They located it imme-
diately and with just sec-
onds and inches to spare
they had the engine run-
ning again in time to clear
the point.
  MrI Parr is the surviv-
ing partner of the Hart-
Parr combination. He has
a rich fund of personal ex-

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