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Berge, A. John (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 41, Number 2 (Feb. 1940)

Kessenich, Henrietta Wood
Be it styles or health,   pp. 122-131

Page 122

Be It Styles or Health
                                    These ace alumnae play an
   D0 YOU ever wo              nderoeeif
     what has become of             important role in your life
     the women who were
the campus queens when
you were in school?.- Isn't i       Henrietta       W   ood    Kessenich,
interesting to discover one         H             a
of them, especially if you                       Alitmnae Editor
find her as beautiful as ever,
still with the same vibrant
personality, and with the same - ability. to do  van. Nw they are cob-webs,
and we have twen-
things that rated her in college days as of  ty-five colors, all keyed in
advance t6onext sea-
'Mortar Board capacity!                      son's fashion field, and it
is among the four top
  We remember Bessie Rood of 1915 for her    profit-making departments of
all department
  Red Domino achievements, as the leading lady  stores, according to comptrollers'
  in ,"The Girl with the Green Eyes", as the
  Badger selection of 1914 as one of Wiscon- H0LEPROOF'S fashion counselor
does the
  sin's most beautiful women. until we ran into . color planning and interprets
fashion in-
  her two or three years ago-or she ran into formation to the hosiery company's
and retail.
  us, for she travels extensively-we had rather  store's :_salesmen. She
spends about four
  forgotten that she ever was in school for a months of the year in New York
City where
  regular course of "study as well as for extra-  she looks over leathers
before they axe. made up
  curricular. activities. Sociology was her major  intoi accessories of shoes,
gloves, and bags-
  and we: do not see that it ties up particularly  and fabrics, bothI imported
and domestic, be-
  with her present job of Fashion- Counselor to,  fore they are madeup into
coats, suits, and
  the Holeproof Hosiery Company except that  dresses. She can't sit behind
a desk and:know
  sociology gives an excellent background for what the women of forty-eight
states need, so
  anyone in work dealing with people.        she visits the company's accounts
from coast to
                                             coast. She sells nothing except
ideas for bet-
 BETTY    ROOD married William    Lambert    ter retail selling and operation
of hosiery
    immediately upon graduation, and-livedin departments, she makes department
 St. Louis for many years. Eight years after and she speaks both to consumer
groups and
 her marriage, she entered the business world to retail employees in meetings.
She spends
 and began the step by step advance to her   five months of the year in Milwaukee,
 presenit position with the Holeproof Hosiery is Holeproof headquarters.
She sees many
 Company.. For six years she sold life insur- old Wisconsin friends in New
York City.
 ance and acquired the most valuable experi-   Betty loves her work, but
she is emphatic
 ence she ever had. The following three years in saying that she is no "careering
 she did personnel work for a large St. Louis with hue and cry about man's
injustice to
 department store, and with this retail back- women in industry  She works
because she
 ground she went on to the next logical step- needs to and enjoys it. She
says that she finds
 manufacturing. She became a hosiery fashion most women in business generally
too subjec-
 counselor.                                  tive, and many of them take
themselves too
   Now, just why a hosiery company should    seriously. She feels that they
have not quite
 need a fashion counselor seems to us the nat-  learned the give and take
that men have. She
 ural question for you to ask. "Aren't stock- finds, too, no discrimination
whatever in busi-
 ings just stockings?" And Betty Lambert has  ness because of her sex.
She meets many suc-
 the answer.                                  cessful women in the fashion
field as well as
   "No, indeed, stockings are not just stock- many young people beginning
work. She is
 ings! But they used to be! Remember those    convinced that colleges need
better vocational
 we wore when we were in school? Our silk     counselling to students in
the planning of
 ones were only for best, they were heavy as a their courses. She, herself,
would not care to
 carpet, they cost three dollars a pair and they  go back twenty-five years
for she finds ma-
 came in three colors-black, white and cordo- turity an asset, especially
so in the fashion

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