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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

In the alumni world,   pp. 204-212

Page 204

          Class of 1877                    Coral Gables.  He is director
and chief    -Dr. John Earl BAKER was a recent
                                           chemist. of the Wisconsin State
Dairy and  speaker in Thomasville, Fla., the former
  Proving that time doesn't dull interest  Food Control laboratory.     
             home of his wife, on religious conditions
in our alma mater, Mrs. Charles F. Hard-                                
             in China. He writes that he is en route
ing (Hallie M. HOVER) recently joined                Cl        f 1901   
             to China and asks that he be addressed at
the Chicago Alumnae club.                               ass o           
             505 Honan road, Shanghai, China. He
                                             Dr. Charles R. MCCARTHY, Ph.D.,
        will assume duties as executive secretary
          Class of 1886                    who died in 1921, was the subject
of a     of the China International Famine Relief
                                           Providence, R. I. editorial bewailing
the  commission for three years, though he
  Mildred C. ,FORSYTHE, M.A. '89, is      fact that the name of La Follette
had       hints it may be longer.   He holds an
living at 272 North Los Robles ave., in    been dragged into failure of the
liberal   honorary LL.D. from the University, for
Pasadena, Calif., where she is a member of  education traditions of Wisconsin.
He was  his great work in China.
the College Women's club.                  the author of "The Wisconsin
Idea" and
                                           a great booster and boaster of
the ideal             Cl      of 1907
          Class of 1889                    educational  opportunities   Wisconsin
               On Jan. 7, a Wisconsin man rose to
  Wisconsin's  famed   architect Frank              Cl        f 1902    
             heights in Masonic circles, when John
Lloyd WRIGHT spoke from     his school,                 ass o           
             FARRIS was unanimously elected Illustri-
Taliesin, to disapprove talk of more dor-    Dr. Henry C. TAYLOR, director
of the    ous Potentate of Syria Temple of Pitts-
mitories for University students.  They    farm foundation, at 606 South
Michigan     burgh.   Syria is the largest Shrine in
should be scattered around in group houses,  ave., Chicago, devoted to improving
farm  North America, with a membership of
he says, since they are "herded together   life, was a speaker recently
before the    15000.   The position is the highest be-
in a drove culture enough now, without     Italy-America society, on the
subject of   stowed by the Temple and brings to the
putting them in dormitories and stacking   the contribution of the farm co-operation
 incumbent  acknowledgment of    exalted
them up."                                  movement to world peace.
                  character and leadership, after years of fra-
             ternal service.-Paul G. MUELLER has
          Class of 1892                                                 
             been the owner of the Southern California
                                                     Class of 1904      
             Engineering company for the past 9 years,
  Mrs. John D. Young     (Margaret C.                                   
            and lives at 1421/2 S. Palm drive, Beverly
SMITH) of the Windemere hotel, Chicago,      Gaius S. WOOLEDGE, an attorney
at        Hills, Cal. He has one son, Paul J., 20.
is recovering nicely from  a fractured leg.  Minot, N. D. is federal housing
                                           strator for the state. Some time
ago he
                                           was a candidate for supreme court
judge              Class of 1908
          Class of 1896                    and more recently for governor,
on the
  Max G. BOOTH of Monroe, clerk of the    Democratic ticket.-William  LUEBKE
is         Herbert J. KUELLING    has heen ap-
Green county circuit court, celebrated his  head of the department of English
at the  pointed director of WPA  for District 5
62nd birthday Dec. 27, shortly before re-  University of Denver. He lives
at 2076     at Stevens Point.-George W. HEWITT
tiring fromthe position.                   South Fillmore st., Denver, and
is the     who has been production manager for the
                       tiring fromtheposition.father of two daughters.  He
was the    Blast Furnace and Coke Plants of the
                                           F. W. Allis graduate scholar at
the Uni-   Wheeling Steel corporation, at Wheeling,
          Class of 1899                    versity in 1904-05 and has been
listed in  W. Va., has been made director of Raw
                                 ..        ~Who's Who.                  
             Materials for the same company.
   Mrs. Ivan A. Thorson (Lillian Ger-
trude JOHNSON) is living at 2286 West
23 st., Los Angeles, Calif., and is the              Class of 1905      
                       Class of 1909
mother of four children. Marjorie was a
Phi Beta Kappa at the U. of California       Scott H. GOODNIGHT, Ph.D., dean
of       students, used  by  3,000  students in
and Robert was a member of Chi Epsilon,    men at the University, is a vice
president  Younts,     O., by  3,000    inudentsby
Tau Beta Pi, and Sigma Xi at the same      of the new Bank of Madison which
re-       Youngstown, 0., was written in 1935 by
university.  Her husband is president of   cently opened its doors at 14
N. Carroll   Mutual Life Insurance company of New
the Ivan A. Thorson Organization, an       st., Madison.                
             York, with offices in the Union National
appraisal clinic appraising properties for                              
             bank building in Youngstown.
internal revenue, lease adjustment, taxa-            Class of 1906
tion, etc. He is on the teaching staffs of
the U. of C. extension division, Building    L. B. ROBERTSON is now general
su-                 Class of 1910
and Loan league of southern California     perintendent of the Wisconsin
Steel com-     0. W. STOREY, metallurgist on the
and the American Institute of Banking.     pany at South Chicago, Ill.-Harvey
R.          of t.       F. B   urgess  oratoe
For several years Mrs. Thorson has been    BURR was installed in December
as presi-   staff of the C. F. Burgess Laboratories,
assisting him in the publication of his    dent of the Madison Kiwanis club.-Pres-
   has moved from Madison to Wheaton, Ill.,
books on law economics, real estate law    ident Ralph D. HETZEL of Penn
State        but without change of business affiliation.
and other real estate subjects.            recently celebrated his tenth
                                            as administrator of the college.
Students            Class of 1911
          Class of 1900                    planned surprise honors and presented
                                            with a study chair and scroll
of honor       W. R. WOOLRICH has been appointed
   Harry KLUETER, Ph.D., was elected       and affection. He is a member
of the As-   dean of the college of engineering of the
president of the National Association of   sociation of Land Grant Colleges
and       University of Texas. Dean Woolrich has
Dairy, Food and Drug Officials at the na-  Universities and a past president
of the   been in charge of the agricultural industrial
tional convention of the association in    National Association of State
Universities.  division of the Tennessee Valley Author-

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