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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

Turn on your radio!,   p. 188

Page 188

    Tll rA o Im Yv r I? a d jo
           Here 's the latest information on
           the big Founders' Day broadcast
    _   RED ALLEN says it's tops. "Kenny" Baker
 I   just shouted, "Wow!" Jack Benny says it's
 |   the greatest thing since "Love in Bloom" was
 JL  released. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles     Don Amecheolly
      alumni can hardly wait until it arrives. What   from Hollywood
is it? Why don't tell us you haven't heard about the
big Wisconsin coast-to-coast broadcast of 1937?
  Yes sir, folks, just a few more days until Saturday,
February 6, when the Wisconsin Alumni Association  interesting stunt up their
sleeves and it's one that will
goes on the air with a rip-snorting program over the  be sure to please.
Blue network of the National Broadcasting-. com-     And that just about
takes care of the actual radio
pany. Nine-thirty to ten o'clock Central Standard  program. Of course there
isn't awfully much a per-
Time is the half hour allotted and you'll want to be  son can crowd into
a half hour program, but you can
tuned in wherever you are if you're interested in get-  rest assured that
this particular half hour is going to
ting in on a good thing.                           be jammed full of things
which will interest and
  The last time we wrote you about the Big Broad-  please everyone.
cast, we had to be somewhat indefinite because       Now just a word about
the stations which are
final arrangements had to be completed. Now we can  broadcasting-there are
15 basic stations on the Blue
tell you that it will be one of the most interesting  network and these plus
quite a few others will carry
programs we have ever broadcast. And it will be the  the program. These basic
stations are WJZ, WBA,
very first time we have ever had the opportunity to  WBZA, WBAL, WHAM, KDKA,
celebrate Founders' Day of the University over a   WLW, WCKY, WENR, WLS,
nation-wide hookup.                                WREN. Call your local
radio station and ask them
  To start off with, we're going to give you more  to carry the program if
they haven't already planned
music by the University band and the Glee Club.    to do so.
Good, rousing Wisconsin songs will be featured       Now what about the meeting?
Unfortunately, we
throughout the entire program. Irv Windward, the   can give you only a partial
list of those cities in
crooning quarterback, will prove that an athlete can  which alumni club meetings
will be held. The num-
cronn   qurerak wil prv      tha anahet     .a    ber is increasing everyday,
so probably by the time
also be a singer when he presents one of his favorite  yur i reading thisyour
community ha bee aded
  nubr.Ira       o  ma rm     be,watontc           you are reading tbis your
community has been added
numbers. Irv, as you may remember, was top-notch   to the list in case it's
not listed. Those clubs planning
quarter on Harry Stuhldreher's varsity last fall.  dinners are: Madison,
Detroit, Ft. Atkinson, New
  Harry Bullis, our most energetic Association presi-  York, Buffalo, Washington,
Minneapolis, Waukegan,
dent will open the program with a few words of     Indianapolis, Appleton
and Portage.
greeting to alumni far and near and then present a   But whether you live
in a city in which there is
special token of appreciation to Wis-                            an alumni
club or whether you live in
consin's oldest living member of the                             one of the
out of the way places, you
faculty, E. A. Birge, former dean and                            can still
enjoy the broadcast. Gather
president-emeritus.Prexy-dor you                 ea few of your friends and
plan a Wis-
may prefer to recall him as "Dean                ~               consin
night party. It will be a lot
Bugs," will respond with the only                                of
fun.  Turn on your radio and
formal talk of the evening. He's                                 listen to
the program and try out
stolen the show every time we have                               your bathroom
tenor with the boys
had him talk at banquets and Be cer-                             in the Glee
club. Then sit around and
tainly should not break this record                              tell a few
that the speakers forgot
on the 6th.                                                      about. Maybe
you can remember some
  Don Ameche, did you see him inofteodavresngofyudy
"Once In a Million?"-will broad--rsm of the                   
                 Campuoit sns pranksr dand
cast direct from Hollywood. He'll                                eve sont
when you wee C au udent.
have to step to keep up with Freddie                               Remember
thenyuwr da ste-Febrar.6
March's interesting chat of last year,                           thetme-9be3
toe 1d0a'clckF entrualy6
but if any one can do it, Don cer-                               -Stae td
e Tim; the chalnnerl-
tainly should.                                                   Standard
Time; the cbannel-t18
  George I. Haight and "Bill" Drips,                          
  Blue Network of the National Broad-
the latter the director of agriculture                           casting
company; the program-a
for NBC, will present a special talk                             special
Founders' Day broadcast de-
from Chicago. We're not going to           Dr. E. A. Birge       signed especially
for you.
reveal their secret, but they have an     Wisconsin's favorite      We hope
you'll be listenin'.

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