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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

Up and down the hill,   pp. 173-174

Page 173

                      up almd doJwIn the Hail
  As     NEAR riot resulted on    about it.  Following the Frank     shores,
the rescuers slowly inched
         the Campus on the day     ouster trial, Gunderson launched   their
craft across the ice to safety.
         following the ouster of   into a tirade against our Associa-
L   wk President   Frank  when     tion, using the Daily Cardinal and   
         more than a thousand       the YPC as his principal mediums.
students went on strike and pa-    He charged that we are "abso-   
    ACCORDING to our informant
raded  through  the class room     lutely non-representative, grossly  Warren
Brown, sports editor of
buildings, tore up exam  papers,   inefficient, lacking in understand-  the
 Chicago   Herald - Examiner
called for volunteers and sloshed  ing of student problems, and have  pulled
this fast one at the annual
and skidded down slippery State    failed to take proper if any action  Notre
Dame football banquet at
street to the capitol and into Gov.  regarding vital student and univer-
 which our Harry Stuhldreher was
La Follette's office.  The theme   sity problems, that we have be-    a guest.
Talking about the dicce-
song of the group was "Bring        come the partisan political tool
of  culties under which some coaches
Back Our Prexy to Us," sung to     a select clique of prominent alum-
 labor, and how frequently a losing
the tune of "Bring Back My Bon-     ni."  Zowie!              
          season brings on the executioner's
nie."   Chanting, cheering   and                                   
     axe for the unfortunate losing
jeering the students swarmed into                                       
coach, Brown insisted that at Wis-
the Capitol and demanded a hear-     MADISON was treated to one of    consin
things were done different-
ing by the governor.    After a    those rare sights of seeing the lakes
 ly. It seems that Wisconsin had
short time the governor announced  completely divest themselves of    a different
recipe for correction of
that he would address them in the  their icy coating during the recent  football
ills. "Up there when the
Assembly chambers.    The mob       holiday season. A week of rather   team
 loses and has a disastrous
surged into this room  and with    unseasonable  weather,   during    season
as they did this past year,
every seat taken and scores stand-  which considerable rain fell, caused
 they fire the president and don't
ing around the walls, on the ros-  all of the ice to become honey-    even
think of the coach."
trum and in the halls outside, the  combed and a high wind succeeded
governor attempted to pacify the   one day in opening every one o~f
howling mob. He met with some       the five lakes in but a fewTHE sophisticated
East has no
success, but many of the students   time.                               
rE     tophistiated     is't ski
were still far from satisfied. Cam-  In an effort to rescue several ice 
reason to believe that it is the ski
pus leaders called a caucus and    boats which had been anchored      center
of the country.  We have
forestalled any further strike ac-  off shore on Lake Monona, two     good
reasons to believe that Wis-
tion on the part of their class-   youths were swept far out into the  consin
has some rights to recogni-
mates.  The students planned to   lake and caused one of the most    tjon
for honors. Skiing started at
hold a hearing with the governor   thrilling rescue acts the lakes have 
Wisconsin about fifteen years ago
_ -  atalateridate-to discuss the ad-  had  in  years.  After airplane  and
developed in a short time to
visability of changing the organi-  searchers, boatmren, and watchers  ucfanedxter
rthe in the-milea s everal
zation of the board of regents.    on shore had failed to locate the  20's
Badger representatives several
                                    unfortunate boys, two fishermen    times
won the Harding trophy for
               *                   in a police boat found them   far    all-round
 performance  at Lake
                                    out on Monona, unable to proceed   Placid
meets.  In 1932 the new,
  THERE may be a new alumni       and jammed into the ice. A rescue  all-steel
ski slide was erected and
association on the Campus if Rob-  was effected and to the tremendous  the
Hoofers came into being. This
ert Gunderson and the Young Pro-   ovation from  the thousands of     student
sports club has boosted
gressive Club have anything to say  anxious  spectators  lining  the  skiing,
tobogganing  and  other
                             When the students went on strike against the
Frank ouster
             Charging up the Capitol steps             Gov. La Follette addresses
them in the Assembly chambers

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