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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

Bullis, Harry A.
The president's page,   p. 177

Page 177

   The Presijeur ls Pagge
            The spirit must come back-
            a challenge to every one of You
               /tV Harry A. Bimilins, 'liz
           President, The Wisconsin Alumni Association
   f    HE high lights of the Prank hearing by the
   flBoard of Regents were given in my letter of
   flJanuary 22 which was mailed to all Alumni
   JL Association members, and the hearing is sum-
       marized rather fully in the news section of
this issue of The Wisconsin Alumnus.
  These have been discouraging days. No matter
how each one of us personally reacted to the widely  no possibility of criticism
can ever arise in the future
publicized proceedings of December and January, we  that the Board is dominated
by blocs or partisan
all must admit that the University has suffered a, set-  factions. This subject
is covered more fully on the
back which seems irreparable.  Many of us, I am     editorial page, and I
am hopeful that the Alumni As-
afraid, feel that we might just as well wash our   sociation's efforts in
this connection, which are most
hands of the whole business, forget the University's  sincerely without partisan
feeling of any kind, will
affairs, and go about our daily tasks. What can we,  meet with unanimous
approval. We must help free
as individuals, do beyond what we have done already,  the administrative
control of the University of Wis-
and with such discouraging lack of success?         consin from group or
partisan control.  More, we
  Here's the first thing we can do. It will be to the  must do everything
possible to make sure that it can-
University's everlasting benefit if we adopt the spirit  not even be criticized
on that score, even though the
of that great bunch of boys coached by Harry Stuhl-  criticism may be unjustified.
dreher last fall. Saturday after Saturday they went   THERE is a great need
at the present time to
out on the field, fought their hearts out, and still  l a geea      great
 of at       moralen   We
took beatings that would disorganize an ordinary    stage a general comeback
of Wisconsin morale. We
football team.  They didn't know how to quit.       cannot let the late unpleasantness
slow down the
In spite of defeat, they earned the respect and admi-  growth of Wisconsin
spirit which has been evidenced
ration of their strongest opponents, and they look  during the first part
of the present school year by the
forward rightfully to steady, continuous progress,  fighting spirit of Harry
Stuhldreher's Badgers, by the
with their fufl share of victories in the years ahead  rapid increase in
membership in the Alumni Asso-
Are we going to let a bunch of youngsters out-game  ciation and the organization
of new local alumni
us?  Not on your life!  Strengthened by this fight-  clubs throughout the
state and the nation under the
ing Wisconsin spirit, then, let us look at the situation  dynamic leadership
of A. John Berge, Executive Sec-
and see what we can do to improve it.              retary of the Association,
by the great increase in en-
                                                       rollment in practically
all departments of the Uni-
  REGARDLESS of one's personal feelings on the     versity, and by the enthusiasm
shown by the student
merits of the controversy, every Alumnus realizes   body and Alumni for projects
in which the best in-
that immeasurable harm has been done the Univer-   terests of the University
are involved.
sity by the unfavorable publicity which has flooded   The Big Broadcast of
1937 of the Alumni Asso-
the country.  Despite all this notoriety, we know   ciation is fortunately
very well timed to assist in
that the University is sound, that its position in the  directing attention
back to the fundamentals of loy-
front ranks of American educational institutions is se-  alty to and support
of the University. A wonderful
cure, and that it will continue to be a place to which  program has been
prepared for this broadcast and is
Alumni can send their sons and daughters and en-    described in the news
pages of this issue; no loyal
courage their friends to do likewise, with the knowl-  Alumnus can afford
to miss hearing it or attending
edge that the quality of instruction and training   the Founders' Day meetings
of Alumni groups wx hich
compares most favorably with that of any other in-  will be held throughout
the country that evening.
stitution.                                                The officers and
directors of the Alumni Associ'
  While the personality of Glenn Frank has been    ation are confident that
this broadcast and the Found-
taken out of this. picture, the fundamental of aca-  ers' Day meetings will
not only serve to revive Wis-
demic independence still remains. A change has oc-  consin spirit and morale,
but will result in a notable
curred in the administration of the University of  increase in Alumni Association
membership.  This
Wisconsin, but the fundamental of academic liberty  we must have, as membership
dues are the life blood
has not changed.  This fundamental requires that    which keeps the Association
functioning in the ser-
there should not be even the slightest suspicion of  vice of a great and
growing University. The response
partisan control over the University.                  which will come depends
entirely upon the individual
  The controversy will have served a most useful   and group action of the
Alumni!   We need your
purpose if it results in a change in the method of  help! We are counting
on you!
selecting members of the Board of Regents,.. so that  The Spirit must come
back to stay!

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