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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

Shaplen, Bob
Good and bad sports,   pp. 189-190

Page 189

    GJOC age Bad *                                 p**a
          Basketball and swimming teams lose;                           
          skiers and wrestlers show promise
                    IBWI     SC       LIM                     Manny Frey
                       b~t Dob~hap ei          1Speedy guard
                   Sports Editor, The Daily Cardinal
 "1["i HE   slings of outrageous fortune played     wrong, except
that the boys appeared to lose pep
       fool with Wisconsin's New Year basketball    with each succeeding
time out. Shots were frequent
    l  resolutions during the first month of 1937.  and baskets rare, good
guarding was a thing of the
       Back from a disastrous Christmas recess road-  past, center play was
ragged, and well-established
       trip, during which they dropped three suc-   stars began to look like
high school players on a
cessive encounters, Coach Bud Foster's unhappy crew  binge before the great
revival took place.
continued to adopt the crying towel in their first four  In all fairness,
it must be stated again that the
conference starts before they up and asserted them-  present Wisconsin cage
team has not got what it
selves against Rollie Williams' Iowa quintet to ring  takes. Three forwards,
who were expected to be
up their first victory in eight games.              high scoring threats
all season, fell into shooting
   Pittsburgh, Butler, and De Paul applied holiday  slumps, with "Hod"
Powell, Indiana sharpshooter,
 lacings to the slipping Cards, setting the stage for  suffering the worst
collapse. "Hod," leading count-
 conference defeats at the hands of Purdue, Illinois,  er on the team in
early season games, didn't score a
 Michigan and Ohio State, before the impossible hap-  point in two Big Ten
contests, whereupon he was
 pened and a well-worn Badger quintet, behind 20-11  benched for "Gordy"
Fuller, a forward who was
 at the half way mark, roused itself and scored 18  tried out at center but
didn't make good and returned
 second period points while holding the Hawks to 3  to his familiar front-line
 free throws for a 29-23 field house victory in the pre-  Meanwhile, a back-court
problem saw things go
 exam finale.                                        from bad to worse until
"Bob" Weigandt, football
   Making the long trek to Pittsburgh after a suc-  guard, replaced "Manny"
Frey in the starting line-
cessful invasion of the Milwaukee auditorium where  up, and Wisconsin went
to bat against Iowa with
they trounced Marquette, the Badgers dropped their  two sophomores, Weigandt
and "By" Bell, center,
first game to the strong Pitt outfit                                 in the
opening line-up.  But it
-by-ascore-of - +1-3,0. --By-Bel-reg--                               worke-nd-wih
Lee Mitchell
ular center, took sick and was un-                                  Junior
guard, leading the re-incar-
able to play.  Coming back to                                       nation,
aided   considerably by
Madison by way of Indianapolis,                                     George
Rooney, newly-established
the team met more than its equal                                    scoring
leader, the lo~sing, string
in the scrappy Butler outfit and                                    was snapped
at seven and "Rollie"
lost by a lopsided score of 43-23.                                  Williams'
"return" to Wisconsin
Bell did not play and none of the                 sgwas sanything but a happy
other boys seemed to be able to                                     tion.
connect with the basket nor to                                         But
material is still lacking for
calm down their floor work. Back                                    a first-division
team. Weigandt
home again, the team closed the                  ln_ Young went on      
old year with a clash with De Paul                                  andBellhewitheanotherllten
                 I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ndern sothsaeir bnanelfrttoIsre whill bete
university of Chicago. Again they                                   better
ballplayers than they are to-
tasted defeat. The Blue Demons,                                     day,
~ wbile lack of reserve for-
however, presented one of the nift-                                 wards,
cen ters, and guards makes
iest passing teams that has ever                                    it difficult
to combat other confer-
played in the field house. Show-                                    ence
outfits who    have  "first-
ing practically flawless floor work,                                stringers"
sitting on the bench.
the Chicago boys walked off with                                       Against
Purdue, probably the
a 33-26 win carefully tucked un-                                    strongest
team in the Big Ten,
der their arms. Once 'again, Wis-                                   Wisconsin
did well enough for the
consin seemed to. have little or no                                 first
half and for a good part of the
shooting eye for the basket.                                        second
period as well, holding the
   Coach Poster himself had turned                                   potent
Boilermakers to a 28-24
to somnambulism  and was even                                       lead.
 But a lad named Jew-ell
rumored to have consulted an East                                   Young
went on a one-man scoring
Indian soothsayer in an effort to                                   spree
which netted him a total of;
snap his men out of 'the doldrums.           Byo   el27 points, and this
was too much
Nobody   knew  just what was              Sophomore center           for
the Poster-ites to stand off.

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