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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

The first annual Alumni Conference,   p. 51

Page 51

The First Anineal Alhm~ni Conference
              "Official Family       Spends Two Daysl
 the assistance of the Association
             on   Campus       in  Jubilee    Conferences               
 in keeping politics out of the
 University in every manner pos-
 sible. He charged that "a cerL
 tain group in the board of re-
  1VJ[ ,lORE than one hundred alumni club officers,  gents is playing dangerous
politics with the school
           class officers, committee members and As-  and certain individuals
are going around the state
  N       sociation directors answered the call of  making attacks on the
school which are hurting it
  z L    _ President Harry A. Bullis to attend the    throughout the country."
           first annual Alumni Conference to be held    "A drive is
being made against President Glenn
 on the University campus on October 2 and 3.         Frank," he continued,
"who is being attacked with
    The purpose of the meeting was to gather the       vicious rules, unfair
laws and regulations. No presi-
 members of the "official family" of the Alumni Asso-  dent of
a great University such as ours should be sub-
 ciation and to talk over mutual problems, aims, and  jected to such ill-mannered
treatment as this."
 plans for the future. To that end, Friday was de-
 voted to a meeting of the Association Board of Direc-  BEFORE introducing
Alvin Reis, President Bullis
 tors and the eleven Association committees.          presented him with
an electric desk clock, a token of
   Out of the Board meeting came the program of       esteem and appreciation
on behalf of his co-workers
 the Association for the coming year. A copy of this  on the board of directors.
Judge Reis had just as-
 entire statement will be found on page 64. This     sumed the circuit court
judgeship two days before
 program was adopted only after careful consideration  and the directors
wished to use this means of wishing
 by the board and represents what the directors feel  him well in his new
 to be the first adequate program the Association has   Judge Reis got a
hearty laugh from the crowd
 had in some years.                                   when he remarked, "I
think I recognize a Republican
   Following the board of directors meeting, the corm-  convention when I
see one." (Reis has long been an
 mittees assembled in separate meeting rooms in the  ardent and respected
member of the Progressive
 Memorial Union and laid plans for activities of the  party.)
 coming year. A thorough discussion of what took        "Seriously,
I went out of politics yesterday," he
 place in these meetings would be far too lengthy to  continued, "I'm
not going to carry my politics into
 recount on these pages. It will suffice to say that each  the bench. And
when I come into this alumni asso-
 and every group is determined to do its share towards  ciation, I leave
my politics outside.
 making the Diamond Jubilee Year the most success-      "Try to keep
all elements in this association with
 ful in Association history. From time to time, re-  you and don't solidify
any group against you. You're
- ports of these committees' activities will be published  always going to
have a state university in politics. I
in the Alumnus.                                      urge you to keep the
alumni outof pfolitics. --I think-
                                                       any other course is
going to be fatal to the Association
   A  SPLENDID dinner in the old Madison room       and to the University.
 of the Union followed these committee meetings.         'I don't think any
one man or six are going to
 There were nearly one hundred present when toast-   wreck this university.
I think that any man who
 master and chairman Harry Bullis called on "Bill"   tries it will
seal his political doom. Unless you want
 Ross of Chicago for a song before the first course was  to ruin the Alumni
Association and drag down the
 brought in. Ably assisted by Dr. "Bill" Sumner of   University,
don't put yourself in the position where
 Edgerton, the two former Haresfoot stars entertained  you have against you
any dominant block in this
 the diners with old favorites                                          
    state. You    must realize
 of on and off the Campus.                                              
    what you've got against you
   At the speakers' table                                               
    if you do that."
 were President Bullis, Pres-                                           
      President Frank adroitly
 ident Frank, Judge Alvin                                               
    put the political spectre back
 Reis, Don Bell, Coach Har-                                             
    in the   University  closet
 ry Stuhldreber, and John                                               
    from where Bullis and Reis
 Berge.  Coach Stuhldreher                                              
    had dragged it and stirred
 caught the group's fancy                                               
    sound laughter when he re-
 with his usual dynamic talk                                            
    marked before his speech:
 regarding the future of ath-                                           
       "When Judge Reis is ap-
 letics at Wisconsin. Don                                               
    pointed  to  the  supreme
 Bell appealed to the clubs                                             
    court of the United States
 for greater support of the                                             
    I am going to write an arti-
 Association's program and                                              
    cle about him which will be
 Judge Reis spoke on the part                                           
    entitled  'Discreet Dyna-
 the classes can play in the                                            
 membership campaign this                                               
      Then he continued: "Of
    course, the University and
    President Bullis in his in-         Prsdn   ulst ug     esthe alumni
have no place in
 troductory remarks pledged          A token of esteem and appreciation 
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