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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number X (July 1937)

[Contents] The Wisconsin alumnus,   pp. 367-368

Page 367

Aniyonie Seconi ke Molion                                               
   A\   S you read this the air is probably filled
         with wild sports talk of the knock-'em-
         down-drag-'em-out National league race or
L   Ad the recent Davis Cup matches. Be that as
         it may, football will soon occupy the na-              ]       
     O              I
tion's sport headlines. Champions will be forecast
and reams of drivel will be written about the great-               rir  
      Xr             r  n
est teams to sport dear old Siwash's colors in many       A    ..Ia     
a year.IN)
  A few years ago, Wallace Meyer, '16, Chicago,
becoming tired of this pre-season palaver, proposed a     Published at 1300
National Avenue, Waukesha, Wis.
motion to the members of the Chicago Alumni club,     by THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI
                                                        Publication Office,
1300 National Avenue, Waukesha, Wis.
     Let's Have a Moratorium  on September                Editorial and General
Offices at 770 Langdon Street,
Madison, Wis.
  W  HEN   I picked Wisconsin as my University,      Harrv A. Billis, president;
Howard T. Greene, vice-president;
I liked the Wisconsin spirit. The Wisconsin spirit    Basil I. Peterson,
treasurer; A. John Berge, executive secretary;
meant more than enthusi-                                   I larry C. Thoma,
editor and assistant secretary;
asm for athletics. It meant                                   Mrs. A. M.
Kessenich, '16, women's editor.
honest and high - minded                              Vol. XXXVIII      
July, 1937              No. X
thinking on all subjects that
touch life.  It me~ant cour-
age to seek, search and dis-                                          In
this issue:
cover, regardless of preju-                                             
dice or the smug protection                           About the Race    
        ................... 408
                of habit and let - well                         ~~~~~~~~Photo
by Frederick W. Kaeser, II
enough - alone.                  St              r   ike         the Hill......................
   In  athletics it meant    Lt                          and d    theaHlli36
sportsmanship. It meant to                            One Wis  onsin... 
                     ...  . 370
fight for victory until the                           The S7uldthHae Reu
n There. s...........y.... 370
last second of thei game, by                          Yo Sho    Have Been
There    f w     a        372
the strenuous exercise of                             "Save Democracy.............
           ..... 376
every fair means towin, but head                         1937 Disconsin............T
17 . 377
vrys fr means to wccein, uth                         This and That About
the Faculty.............. . 408
win orams plos  toe gaccept  l the Wallace Meyer, '16  While the Clock Strikes
the Hour. .................410
outcome in a gentlemanly    Let's have a moratorium
manner.   Neither to sulk
and alibi in defeat nor to gloatrin vc ry  -           Subscription to The
WisconsiA nusi oin  membership
   That is what Wisconsin means to me today.    I     in The Wisconsin Alumni
Association for which annual dues are
don't have to hang my head if Wisconsin loses a      $4.00, $3.00 of which
is for subscription to the magazine. Family
don'that ve to hang my head if Wisconsin loses a     rate membership (where
husband and wife are alumni) $5.00. Life
footbaiongame.  ILdo't'  heave t watWsch  n my blood   membership, $50.0
payable within the period of live years. The
afootball game.r I  thant thae toy watho myk blour    Asoition earnestic,
 invie allth rerntic.,rdutsnnn
pressure when Wisconsin wins. So long as Wiscon-       Assocatie on fershof
Others m  subs w eorked e maygaz
              sin team  play th  game fo  all tha's in thm, I'm  a:itsaeeprice,
$4.00 per year.
 sineamo them. thI tahn 9f  ou   f th er iy th10 WIs-   Entered as second
class matter at the Post office of Waukesha, Wis.,
 proud                                                 OcttohipI be prout
f   eve Wison in        October 19, 1934, under the Act of March 3, 1h9.
 consn meng  andthey w ,no f teet the e w   , ttChange of Address must be
reported ten days before date of issue.
                                                      otherwise the Association
will not be responsible for delivery.
   But why must we be embarrassed every Septem-        Discontinuance-if
any subscriber wishes his magazine discontinued
                                                      at the expiration of
his subscription, notice to that effect should be
ber by premature press reports of the great stars on  sent with the subscription,
or at its expiration. Otherwise it is un-
thesqunion   thee-ea launhes, the great backfields, the  derstood that a
continuation is desired. f  Alum]
              the squad, the great lines,             ~~~Issued Monthly-Except
August and September. Xember ofAun
likelihood that this year Wisconsin will win the      Magazines, Associated.
National Advertising Representative: The
                                   the sceduleprogrsses, Graduate Group,
Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco,
championship, only to see, as th  ceueporse,          Los Angeles and Boston
that we have just a flir team?                        A   A     A   A,,A
     A,&,,A      kA,&,.A-A
   Let's declare a moratorium on these September
championships.  Let's realize that Wisconsin is not   versity. It is in five
colors, 1 8 x 24 inches, is beau-
a football factory-that the boys who make our         tiful, artistic, and
teams are students first.  Let's disregard the super-   All the officers
of the club worked very hard for
ficial viewpoint that a championship is all that counts  several months to
get the map off the press in time
in athletics.  Let's get back to an appreciation of   for reunions. The idea
was proposed by Mrs. Eliza-
sportsmanship and be proud of the Wisconsin team      beth Todd, and the
map is sponsored by the Chicago
that glives all it has of brains and guts, win or lose.  Alumnae Club as
a means of making money for the
So long as they fight, no matter what the odds, they  student loan fund which
the club has supported for
deserve their 'W's."                                  many years. The
officers of the Alumnae Club be-
                                                       lieve the map will
have a definite and personal "On
    C hicaoo Alumnae Publish Map                      Wisconsin" appeal
to graduates, students, and friends
                THE  Wsconin Aumna  Clu  of  hicao on  of Wisconsin, to say
nothing of those who are in-
                THE Wsconsn Alunae Cub ofChicao on    terested in maps as
such in this map-conscious age.
reunion week-end launched their brain child, a pic-   They are encouraged
by the fact that a large number
"tonial and historical map of the campus of the Uni-  of prepaid orders
have already been received.

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