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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

Badgers you should know,   pp. 20-21

Page 20

Outstandin      -Juniors Given Awards             pier at the University's
83rd annual commencement
                 juniors                           last June when she was
granted the degree of bachelor
\7,P  OTED the two most outstanding members       of philosophy "as
of the class of 1866."
       in the Junior class during the past year,     The little old lady
is Mrs. Agnes J. Sawyer Fergu-
       Carol Wagner, Milwaukee, and Wallace        son, who as Agnes J. Sawyer
graduated from the
       Drew, Rothschild, were each given a $100    "normal department"
at the age of 17.
       check at the annual Commencement cere-        Because degrees on equal
terms with men were not
monies in June. The money was furnished by the     granted to women until
after 1866, Agnes Sawyer
Alumni Association and represents the first of a series  Ferguson has never
been recognized as a graduate, al-
of annual awards to be made to members of the      though she completed her
course. With the granting
Junior classes.                                    of the degree at the commencement,
it is jhought that
  Miss Wagner is president of the Women's Self-    she becomes the first
woman graduate of the Uni-
Government associa-                                                     
tion, vice-chairman                                                     
        Born in 1849 in
of the Union coe'scil,                                                  
        ng ampshire,
a member of Theta                                                       
      Mrs.  Ferguson  re-
Sigma Phi, journal-                                                     
      ceived   her  fi rs t
ism  sorority, Cru-  w                                                  
      schooling in Monroe,
cible, junior women's                                                   
      to which her family
honorary   society,                                                     
      had moved. A    log
Mortar Board, senior                                                    
      schoolhouse   ws a
women's honorary                                                        
      built for the eight
society, and Kappa                                                      
      children in the dis-
Kappa Gamma sororie                                                     
      trict. It was during
      the Civil war that the
  Mr. Drew is editor                                                    
     old prejudice against
of The Daily Card-                                                      
      women in the Uni-
inal, student news-                                                     
      versity was killed and
paper, a "W" winner                                           
                the normal depart-
on the hockey team,                                                     
      ment created, in
a member of Hares-                                                      
      which Mrs. Ferguson
foot, men's dramatic                                                    
      enrolled as a junior
s ociaety, Wh it e                                                      
      in 1864.
Spades, junior men's          Carol Wagner                Wallace Drew  
        At 87, although
honor society, Iron        Two outstanding juniors given Alumni Association
awards  her eyes have been
Cross, senior men's                                                     
      failing and she is re-
honor society, and Alpha Chi Rho fraternity,       covering from a hip injury,
Mrs. Ferguson retains
  Three men and three women were selected for hon-  an unflagging interest
in the world about her, and she
orable mention. They are Ruth E. Buss, Milwau-     still writes Vividly and
kee; Dorothy Teeple, Detroit, Mich.; and Marguerite
Schuler, Oak Park, Ill., for the women, and William   Prof. Hatch Retires
from        Faculty
Winkler, Milwaukee; James Doyle, Oshkosh; and
Donald Heun,. Richmond, Ind., for the men.            \V HEN Dr. K. L. Hatch,
for over 25 years a
  Members of the committee which made the selec-   leader in Wisconsin's
agricultural industry, closed-his
tions were Franklin L. Orth, '28, Milwaukee; R. J.  big roll-top desk in
Ag hall and retired from active
Neckerman, '07, Madison; Charles V. Dollard, '28,  service, one of the most
important contributors to
Madison; Margaret Modie Watrous, '3 1, Madison;    Wisconsin's dairying wealth
was ready to "take a
Helen Kayser, '1 4, Madison; L. F. Graber, '1I0, Madi-  rest."
son, and Hugh Oldenburg, '33, Madison.               Dr. Hatch, associate
director of agricultural exten-
                                                   sion, will be remembered
as the man who saw the
    Granted Deoree "As of 1866"                    work of his
department grow from a one-man job to
                                                   a year-round task for
1 35 persons. He, in his work
  A  LITTLE gray-haired old lady, 87 years of age,  with the state's farmers,
saw new developments come,
whose home is now in Hannibal, Mo., and who        helped in the promotion
of others, started still others
completed her course in the "normal department" of  himself. He
has seen the growth of organizations
the University 70 years ago in 1866, was made hap-  for farm boys and girls.
He has seen the coming of

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