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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

Vox alumni,   p. 1

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                    Vox Ahmmii                       f           AUG 2'-
     (Editor's Note:      Beginning with this issue, The               AU
  Wisconsin Alumnus presents a readers' letters column.
  We earnestly request that all alumni desiring to dis-
  cuss University    or Association     affairs write to the
  editor and their letters will be published here as soon               
             S                         S    IN
  after receipt as possible.)
    The "Directory Edition" of the Alumni Magazine (August,   
         A       1LU         11                   U       s
 1936) on page 356, in an article on Athletics, contains errors
 which, while they are not of major importance, should not go
 uncorrected.  The University's first Annual is there mentioned        Published
at 1300 National Avenue, Waukesha, Wis., by
 as the "Trochus," a misspelling of "Trochos," and that
 is stated to have been "first published in 1887," when the fact
 is that the first publication of the Trochos was in 1884, on           
Editorial and Business Offices at 770 Langdon Street,
 May 24th.   The second Trochos was published in 1887; and              
                   Madison, Wis.
 that was the last Annual published under that name. In 1888
 the name given to the Annual was "The Badger,"-which has     
 been used ever since that time, I believe.                         Harry
A. Bullis, president; Howard T. Greene, vice-president;
                                              F. A. PIKE, '85       Basil
I. Peterson, treasurer; A. John Berge, executive secretary;
C. Thoma, editor and assistant secretary; Mrs. A. M.
          Kessenich, '17, women's editor.
   The Diamond Jubilee magazine of the Alumni Association          Vol XXXVIII
          Oc b        1936                 N       I
 covers so comprehensively its field of interest as to distinguish  V   
                  ctober,                           o.
 it as the finest ever issued. The historical information and list
 of Association members alone will make it valuable for refer-
 ence for years to come. Typographically and with reference to          
                      1   .
 general magazine quality, it is hard to see how  it could be           
               In   this    issue:
 materially improved upon. If this number is to stand as a prece-       
 dent for further high accomplishment in Alumni Association         The Memorial
Union    (William Black Photo)          Cover
 affairs, the members of that body have a glorious vista of         The MemiaUnion
(William.       Black.Photo)      .      Cover
 achievement with which to conjure in the years that lie ahead.    The President's
Page.. 3
                                       L. W. BRIDGMAN, '06         The Fi
        r          ................ ..... ...       5
for Social Service.6
 Sirs:                                                              I..ollege
a Machine?                                        8
   The ridicule and contempt with which the editors of the         Alumnae
Aces ................................. 10
 Alumni Magazine report peace activities of the student body
 shows gross prejudice and intolerance.  This intolerance is a       td
 poor reflection of the spirit of the University.  I shall not re-  To the
Victors .14
 new my membership in the Association for this reason. Intoler-    The Diamond
Jubilee Sweepstakes ..................          15
 ance does not deserve Wisconsin's support.                         Direct
from the Sidelines.........................         16
                                JAMES L. SPANGENBERG, '34          Editorials.............
... .. 17
Dear Sir:                                                          While
the Clock Strikes the Hour     .      .18
--_After- all these-mnvy-years I am-glad-that-at last the Magazine  --Badgers
-You -Should Know       .................       20
has gotten up enough courage to speak up and give us alumni        This and
That About the Faculty            .      .       22
*(who are not residents of Madison) some idea as to the mess       With the
Badger Sports .     . ......................... 23
that exists at present in our University's affairs.More power      In the
Alumni World          .................             24
to your pen. Don't let the institution continue to be a political   lave
You Heard?.                          .      .       25
                                           IRA B. CROSS, '05
to The Wisconsin Alumnus is obtained by membership
Wisconsin Alumni Association for which annual dues are
               THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN                         $4.00,
$3.00 of which is for subscription to the magazine. Family
Gentlemen:                                                         rate membership
(where husband and wife are alumni) $5.00. Life
            Mydeep interest in the University of Wisconsin in particular,~
 membership, $50.00. payable within the period of five years. The
   My deep itrs     nteUiest         fWsosni         atclr         Association
earnestly invites all former students, graduates and non-
and higher education in general, impels me to offer a suggestion  graduates,
to membership. Others may subscribe for the magazine
which might be an aid in clearing up the controversy which         at same
price, $4.00 per year.
exists at the present time between the Board of Regents and the     Entered
as second class matter at the Post Office of Waukesha, Wis.,
                 Presient o  the  niverity. The poblem  as Iundertand October
19, 1934, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
President of the    University.  The  problem, as I  understand     Change
of Address must be reported ten days before date of issue.
it, is the difficulty to find enough money to conduct the Univer-  Otherwise
the Association will not be responsible for delivery.
sity for the next year so as not to jeopardize the quality of the   Discontinuance-if
any subscriber wishes his magazine discontinued
                                                                   at the
expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be
 instruction.                                                      sent with
the subscription, or at its expiration. Otherwise it is un-
 My suggestion is:    Dismiss every student who, after a         derstood
that a continuation is desired.
 reasonable opportunity to demonstrate his qualifications, does      Issued
Monthly-Except August and September. Member of Alumni
                 not iveevienc of uffciet mntalcapcit tobeneit romthe Magazines,
Associated.  National Advertisinz Representative: The
not give evidence of sufficient mental capacity to benefit from  the  Graduate
Group, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco,
educational facilities offered at the University to more than     Los Angeles
and Boston.
balance the time he spends at the University, his expenditure in
money, and his expense to the state in taxes.                      __   
_   _  __    __    __    _   __    __    __    __   _
  My experience with scores of graduates from various institu-
tions of higher learning convinces me that a very considerable    latter
type to encourage them to enter the University, and an
number of them have not been benefited enough by their college    irreparable
wrong to them to keep them there after their status
training to even liquidate the aforementioned expenditures, and   is determined.
 The individual who lacks the deep urge for
a very considerable portion of graduates have actually been in-   knowledge,
who is not of the student type, who is minus the
jured by their college course.  This is strong language, but I    necessary
mental capacity, is usually seriously injured by a pro-
believe it is absolutely within the facts.                         longed
stay at one of our institutions of higher learning. Not
  While there are always a certain number of individuals in       only does
he acquire the habit of frittering away his time, but
every group who cannot be definitely classified, the student..popu-  he wastes
irredeemable years and much financial capital at a
lation runs largely in two classes: Those who are serious mind-    time when
he needs both to prepare himself for that vocation
ed, studious, and of the intellectual type; and those who are     in life
for which he is by nature adapted.  If the "dumbbell"
superficial, naturally lazy and stupid.It is no kindness to the         
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