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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

Sheer, Harry
Stuhldreher and team face stiff uphill struggle,   pp. 12-13

Page 12

                                                   Slahidreher aii t eat
                                                 New System, New Coach, New
                                                 Make 1936 Season Big Question
                                                                4jHarry Sheer,
                                                      niftiness and clever
                                                         Only the bare skeleton
will be exhibited on Camp
                                   Ed Jankowski      Randall within   the
 next eight weeks. Coach
                                Flash-Regains Eligi-  Stuhldreher is a master
teacher and as masterly at his
                                       bility         age in player-psychology
as was his immortal tutor,
                                                      Knute Rockne. But the
system and the requirements
                                                      are relatively new
to the Badgers, and any football
                                                      fan-from 6 to 60-will
tell you that it takes more
hstkno00TBALL'S in the air, and presidential can-   than one man to make
a football team    in eight
IL...- didates and soapbox orators in this election  weeks.
  -I year of 1 936 will have to take back seats until  To take inventory
of stock before some of the
  AL the last whistle is blown late in November.    stock is sold is near
folly, but one can trust side-
      Especially at Wisconsin, where Harry A.       glances at the Badgers
without encountering too
Stuhldreher, former pilot of 'the famous "Four      many silly grins
and an embarrassed blush.
Horsemen" and the successful Villanova college coach,  To date Eddie
Jankowski, is the outstanding man
has taken over the destiny of Badger intercollegiates.  in the backfield.
"Jan" is, and has been, one of the
  As the third week of pigskin-pushing goes down    most consistent offensive
aces in the Western con-
into history, and as Wisconsin partisans begin the  ference, and on defense
there has been nothing in the
Saturday afternoon excursions to Camp Randall       Big Ten in the last three
years able to rate with the
stadium, Coach Stuhldreher and his trio of new as-  burly Pole from  Milwaukee.
  His eligibility will
sistants-Robert Reagan, Frank Jordan, and Fred      guarantee Stuhldreher
his only sure-fire starter among
Twomey     will put their heads together secretly some  the backs, as well
as guaranteeing Wisconsin a strong-
morning in an attempt to put a reasonably proficient  er rating among the
eleven on the gridiron, in the face of the smallest    On the line the situation
is more encouraging. End
squad, numerically, in the Big Ten, a dearth of vtter-  Coach Fred Twomey
will have eight strong wing-
ans, and a host of green sophomores.                  men to work with, five
of whom are letter-winners.
  With the 46 candidates for varsity positions as-  Two other ends, John
Budde and Robert Null, were
sembled on the greensward in one lump, the Badgers  lost by injury and professional
baseball, respectively.
appear to be little Daniels being                                       
    Stan Haukedahl, who will be
prepared to be thrown into the                                          
 remembered by the fans as the
dens of the Conference lions,                                           
 giant sophomore end who play-
But it is really only an appear-                                        
 ed spectacular ball in   1934.
ance. Despite the drought in                                            
 is back after a year's layoff
quantity, the Badgers are not                                           
 with all the physical gadgets
too bad off in quality. But the                                         
 needed to make a great wing-
big question mark is Eddie Jan-                                         
 man.    Stan should be a sure
kowski, crack fullback, who, at                    i                    
 starter. His most likely mate
this writing, is working the oil                                        
 will be either Leonard Lovshin,
lamps overtime in his third ef-                                         
 a veteran of two tough cam-
fort to become eligible before                                          
 paigns and a Phi Beta Kappa, or
the gong opens the season, Sep                                          
 Vernon   Peak, junior husky
tember 26, against South Da-                                            
 from Eau Claire. Sophomores
kota State.                                                             
 who have shown exceptional
   Wisconsin's line-up this year                                        
  promise are John L. Dunn of
is dotted with new faces, new                    ~.Madison, and John E. Loehrke,
names, and a new type of foot-                                          
 Mayville.   Loehrke  especially
ball. Fans and critics who have                                         
 has caught the eye of Coach
been. used to seeing mass drives,                                       
 Stuhldreher, and it may be that
mass offensives, and mass men                                           
 the Mayville "toughie" will
will be surprised this fall to see                                      
 take much of the play away
"1watch-charm" guards, small                                  
           from his veteran colleagues.
but tough and speedy backs, de-                                         
    Most of the Badger strength
ception, and a wing-back of-               Capt. John Golemgeske        
 this year is at the tackle posts,
fense which is dependent upon              Faces tough assignment       
 where Capt. John Golemgeske

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