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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

Kessenich, Henrietta Wood
Alumnae aces,   pp. 10-11

Page 10

                                            Wisconsin Artists Consideredi
                                               the Leaders in National Ranking
                                               4,Heiiiriefla W00J Kess-emu~ic,'16
                                                              Woman's Editor
                                    Genevieve Hendricks
                                    Formal French to
                                       u*ltra-modern  hands, as well as the
refurnishing of the fine old
                                                      buildings of Hollins
College near Roanoke, Virginia.
                                                        The restoring of
old Colonial homes is one of
        ENEVIEVE HENDRICKS, INC. is listed           Genevieve Hendricks'
specialties, and while it is the
        in the Washington, D. C. directory as an     hardest part of her
work, it is the most thrilling. She
        interior decorator and collector of antiques,  has thirty-five remodeled
homes to her credit, and
        and that word Inc. means business -  and     last year won two medals
for the best work of this
        busyness.                                    kind in Washington.
At present she is remodeling
  But to go back -  If you were in Madison along     two fascinating old
homes in Georgetown and Alex-
about 1912, you will remember the sensation the       andria, restoring them
to their original architectural
three curly-headed Hendricks girls caused when they   design and beauty.
first made their appearance in the town. Genevieve
and Gertrude, Pi Phis, entered the University, Mar-     SHE is doing at the
same time a fine home in
jory, the Madison High School; and Genevieve at       North Carolina in the
most formal of the French
once made things hum   on the Campus.    She was     period and a strictly
modern home for a strictly mod-
Prom Queen, member of Mortar Board, and all that      ern young couple, she
is continuing her work on a
sort of thing. Some of us still play the music she    woman's club, and she
is working on plans for a
wrote for Haresfoot. She attended classes, too, and   Spanish museum.
took all of the art courses offered in the University.  Her days, you see,
are rather full, and at the end
After graduation, she traveled extensively, studying in  of each one she
is happy to turn to her own delight-
European art schools, preparing herself for her present  ful home in Georgetown
 a lovely old brick house
career.                                               with a walled-in garden,
built by a governor of
  The Alumni Association has tried to keep track     Maryland over a century
ago. Now she is building a
of her (as it does of 70,000 other alumni) and the   small stone cottage
on a hill-top at Normandy Farm
first records about her begin in 1927.  There are    in Maryland so that
she and her mother may spend
notes from Washington papers about the temporary      their week-ends with
Marjory who is having great
White House which Genevieve Hendricks redecorated     success with a restaurant
there. French cooking is
for the Coolidges while the executive mansion under-  planned by Marjory
and served in charming rooms
went repairs. A 1932 clipping describes the decorat-  that Genevieve has
decorated in French peasant style.
ing of the magnificent new Department of Commerce       Another career in
the making in the Hendricks
Building for which she was called                                       family
is that of the baby girl,
in to choose the color schemes and                                      Gertrude,
who took the place of
to select the furnishings and                                           the
mother Gertrude    eighteen
draperies in all the executive                                          years
ago, and who has lived
offices,-a tremendous piece of                                          with
Genevieve and her mother
work.                                                                   since
she was four days old. The
  Since then she has decorated                                         baby
girl is now a young married
and furnished several embassies                                         woman.
both for our own and foreign                                            
 We almost forgot-Miss Hen-
governments.  Now    for many                                           dricks,
decorator, will soon begin
months she has been hard at                                             the
lecturing that she has done in
work on the "White House" of                                  
         an art school for eight years, and
one of the South American Re-                                           will
continue to write feature ar-
publics, and she has been asked to                                      ticles
for the Washington Post.
  goto South America this winter                                        She
would hate to see herself
to plan and execute the furnish-                                        gettulghieto
a rut!
ing of a new hotel. This winter,
however, she hopes to slip away
to China for two or three months                                        
 H  ERE is a quotation from
to collect antiques.                                                    the
Chicago Tribune in 1930 in
  During the summer she had                                             regard
to an exhibit of the Chi-
the furnishing of the new Wo-                                           cago
Galleries: "The sculpture
men's  Dormitory   at  George          Henrietta Wood Kessenich, '16    is
particularly fine in its interpre-
Washington University on her          "Alumnae Aces" is- her handiwork
 tation of men. Each head is a

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