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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 48-49

Page 48

                             MNe CLOCICKA '                             
      lA d.e hour
Scholarship Bill    Wisconsin's  famed  football     and Wisconsin was on
the air for its share of a na-
Loses ."Teeth"      bill, permitting legislators to  tion-wide
football jamboree broadcast from coast to
                    have a hand in the selection     coast by the Columbia
Broadcasting system.
of recipients of $200 tuition scholarships at the      Three hundred student
spectators awaited the
University  of Wisconsin, became law   over the     thump on the new 19-foot
Paul Bunyan drum which
signature of Gov. La Follette on October 2.          opened the program,
including the playing of the
  It was signed, however, with the understanding    Notre Dame "Victory
March," "'On Wisconsin,"
that the bill did not have the "teeth" the legislature  and the
Varsity toast by the band, and a brief analy-
intended it should have. A ruling by the attorney   sis and forecast of the
1935 football season by Dr.
general's  department  to  the  governor  h e 1 d   Clarence W. Spears, head
football coach.
that the legislators                                                    
            Alan Hale, CBS
can only make rec-                                           _          
          announcer   from
ommendations, that                                                      
          Ch i icgo,    took
the Board of Re-                                                        
          charge of the pro-
gents still retains                                                     
          gram  a n d  intro-
the final power of      klduced Dr. Spears,
granting   scholar-                                                     
          who   said, "From
          the outlook to date
  Under this intere                                                     
         we can expect to see
pretation each legis-                                                   
          an unusually large
lator can   recorn-                                                     
          number   of o u t-
mend one candida e                                                      
          standing   football
for a scholarship,                                                      
          teams battling for
'just as any other                                                      
         national honors."
citizen can  make                                                       
            At the conclusion
suggestions." The                                                  
               of Spears' talk, the
bill was dubbed a                                                       
          band  swung   into
football measure at                                                     
          the spirited strains
its introduction as                                                     
          of "On Wisconsin,"
hostile lawmakers                                                       
          followed  by  t h e
erroneously c o n -                    Prof. Kiekhofer's Old Red Wall   
          "Varsity toast." At
tended its intent was               It will receive its annual painting soon
      the beginning of the
to permit bringing                                                      
          second  verse, the
prominent football layers here from outside the state.  band  moved  forward
 enmasse to sing and  as
                                                     the last echoes faded
into Lake Mendota, the
University         The University of Wisconsin       spectators joined  the
band  in the Varsity lo-
Received Third of  received $352,105.45 in gifts    comotive.
Million in Gifts   from   philanthropic, business      The jamboree was then
sped back to Christy
                   and private sources during the   Walsh in New York to
be hurried out to the coast
1934-35 school year, according to a recent statement  for the Illinois-Southern
California festivities in Los
by C. W. Vaughn, University accountant.              Angeles.
  A balance of $43,841.08 has been carried over to
the present school year from unspent donations dur-  Students'       A slight
decrease in the number of
ing the 1933-34 and 1934-35 years, the statement     Health Shows    University
 students receiving  a
revealed. Of the total gifts during the last school  Improvement      'D"
grade in physical examina-
year, the University expended $344,759.88. In the                    tions
was shown in a report by Dr.
1933-34 year the University received $281,189.28    Charles Lyght, director
of the University student
in gifts and spent $273,667.62.                      health service. The
-D- grade is given those not
  The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation was      permitted to engage in
athletic or general gymnastic
the largest donor during the 1934-35 school year    activities.
with $169,184.44.                                      In 1934, the number
of men receiving this grade
  Funds received by the University in gifts are used  was 1 71, or 8.8 per
cent of the total examined. This
for research work and for teaching.                  compares to 1 65 this
year, or 7.4 per cent. The num-
                                                     ber of women D-graded
last year was 120 or
Spears, Baud    At 7:30 Saturday night, October     12.17 per cent, compared
to 89 or 7.4 per cent this
Take Part        12, on the flood-lighted rear ro-  year.
in Broadcast    tunda of the Memorial Union, a         This year 2,616 students
were examined, 690
                 handkerchief dropped. With this     more than last year.
About 157 students were given
starting signal, the University band, under the direc-  re-examinations as
a result of physical defects dis-
tion of Prof. Ray Dvorak, broke out into a fanfare  covered during examination
last year.

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