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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

Editorials,   p. 42

Page 42

         k~~ DF~I I;R II                                                
      A L S
                         "Whatever may be the limitations which trammel
                      elsewhere, we believe that the great state University
of Wiscon-
                      sin should ever encourage that continual and fearless
                      and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found."
                      a report of the Board of Regents in 1894.)
                 Little   vtMen                       willing to perform.
Why don't you alumni do the
                                                      same thing?
;vJN the process of giving and getting an education,  The University's Extension
Division has hun-
   a great institution like the University of Wiscon-  dreds of interesting
correspondence courses varying
sin has little time to quibble with little men about lit-  from sewing to
intricate mathematics designed to an-
tle things."  (From the- Commencement speech of     swer your special
needs. Extension centers with com-
Frank Klode, President of the Class of 1935.        petent instructors have
been set up in many parts of
  These words were spoken with the unquenchable     the state. The Milwaukee
Center offers a splendid
idealism of youth. And yet, idealistic as they may  opportunity to those
living in that region to con-
sound, these very words present to the alumni of Wis-  tinue their education
or to study some of the things
consin as great a challenge as they have ever received.  for which there
was no time during the days on the
  A great institution like the University of Wiscon-  Hill.  The Bureau of
Visual Instruction of the Ex-
sin should have little time to quibble with little men  tension Division
stands ready to send you films or
about little things but the actions of certain petty pol-  slides on hundreds
of different subjects, all suitable
iticians and prejudiced journalists have frequently  for adult or juvenile
made this procedure necessary. Too frequently has      The University's radio
station, WHA, in conjunc-
the University been the subject of a devastating blast  tion with the state
station, WLBL, has prepared a
of untruths and damning insinuations, spoken to cap-  "College of the
Air" for their adult listeners. The
ture the public fancy in the heat of a political cam-  Homemakers' hour is
of valuable assistance to the
paign.                                                housewives of the radio
audience. Interesting, edu-
  All too often have certain newspapers printed     cational programs may
be heard at all times from
scathing editorials about conditions which some en-  this, the nation's first
educational radio station.
terprising staff member imagined to exist on the cam-  The Wisconsin Union
and its home, the Memo-
pus. Each bit of political palaver, each line of sense-  rial Union, offer
alumni much that cannot be found
less scribbling has hurt the University-your Uni-   in the average city.
At present its Second Wiscon-
verrsity.                                              in Art Salon is bringing
to the people of Wiscon-
  You alumni have the power to correct this evil,   sin all that is new and
noteworthy in the field of
You can, with only a little effort, minimize the ef-  art. Its libraries
are open to Union members at all
fectiveness of little men who want to quibble about  times. Its concerts,
its speakers and its interesting
little things. You can, and should tell your legis-  forums are all designed
to appeal to you.
lator, your local editor, and the public in general    These are but a few
of the services which the Uni-
about the broad, constructive aspect of the Univer-  versity of Wisconsin
is anxious to render you. It's
sity. By acquainting yourself with the University's  your University, use
services, its faculty, its aims, its students and, in turn,  your___________seit
telling others of these facts, you can be of untold
value to Wisconsin.
  A great institution like the University of Wiscon-      Attend    Your
Club Meetings
sin should have little time to quibble with little men  IF your community
sponsors a Wisconsin alumni
about little things.  It is only with the help of our  club you are indeed
a fortunate individual. This
sincerely loyal alumni that in the future our Univer-  club enables you to
keep in close contact with your
sity will no longer have to quibble, but can deal in a  friends of University
days. It helps you keep abreast
straightforward manner with big men about big       with University affairs
by having occasional speakers
things.                                                from the faculty.
It can be of great assistance in
                                                       broadening your cultural
and social life through its
      It's Your University, Use It                    parties and round-table
discussion groups. It gives
                                 It's YourUnversityUseyou and your fellow
alumni an opportunity to meet
JT'S YOUR university, use it!   Just because you    together, sing together,
and dine together. Are you
have completed your regular course of study and    attending your local club
meetings regularly?  You
are now located in some distant city or are busy with  should.
the work-a-day problems of your business is no rea-
son why you should not avail yourself of the many      In the lead editorial
of the October issue, "A
opportunities for continued education which the Uni-  Biased Report,"
we stated that Edward Haight ap-
versity has placed at your very doorstep. The farm-  peared before the senate
investigating committee to
ers of the state, various industries, school groups, the  present his version
of the "red influence" on the Cam-
State administration  all have made good use of the  pus. The name should
have been William Haight
countless services which the University is ready and  instead of Edward.
Our apologies.

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