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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

A leader in science,   p. 35

Page 35

    AL eader In Science
t   HE educational leadershi of the University of
    Wisconsin was revealed once again in a recently
    completed survey which shows that the Univer-
sity ranks among the first three institutionstof higher
learning in the United States as a training ground for
holders of National Research Council Fellowships in  Dean E. B. Fred
the biological scinc e       ncesif the
                                                   Graduate School
  Holders of these fellowships are recognized as the
outstanding science students of the nation and the fact
that the University of Wisconsin is among the first
three universities in the number of past or present
holders of these fellowships who have been or are  worked at Harvard, one-eighth
at Yale. Johns Hop-
being trained is a distinct tribute to the outstanding  kins has four fewer
than Yale, while Columbia, Chi-
reputation of the University.                     cago, Cornell, and Pennsylvania
are not far behind.
  The survey from which these figures were obtained  California and Wisconsin,
each having the same num-
was conducted by the Wisconsin Alumni Research    ber of fellows, lead the
other state universities.
Foundation following the publication by the Prince-  Chicago  _._     22_
 Stanford   _._    ._9
ton Alumni Weekly of a similar survey in the phy-
sical sciences.A summary of the results of the                      TABLE
Princeton Inquiry was published in the June 14th         Place Selected for
Advanced Research
issue of Science and this fact prompted the Research         PAST AND ACTIVE
Foundation to conducts its inquiry in the biological  Harvard . .of   56
 Pennsylvania  . in  15
sciences, The fields covered include agriculture, an-  Yale .. ......30 
thropology, botany, forestry, psychology, and zo-TJohn        Ins     2 
 Winsin        .     12
ology. The results were based on the July 1, 1934
list of National Research Council Fellowships. The                      
            Harvard   : 42 Yale.~~~~~~hicgo.......... 22Stanfoed ... ...
tabulation does not include figures for the year 1935- Conl .2          
            Cornell.. 29  Chicago      .   .  20    Haorvard....... .98 
    California Inttt of3
36cnsn.; 28Iw taec. 4Jhnsopkins .....                                   
                      73Pnslai 2
36  the tables that follow, "past" fellows are those          
            Tecnoog       .
appointed at any time subsequent to 1923, the year
in which the first fellowships in the biological sciences  A combination
of the data regarding the places of
were granted, but not active after September, 1934.  training with those
concerning the institutions at
If one fellow has engaged in research at two or more  which the research
had been carried forward may be
institutions, he is listed under each of them.    said to give an approximate
representation of the
                                                  standing of American universities
in the biological
                  TABLE Itate uieiisyaosdalmrfield. Table III, representing
such a combination,
          Place of Graduate Training
          PAST AND ACTIVE FELLOWS                                  TABLE
Harvard     ..whic     42   Yale       ..Harvar      21                 
   Combined Table
Cornell     ..havin     29   Chicago     ..fellow   20     Harvard      ...........98
 Californiac.tive    33
Wisconsin    . at  28   Iowa State About   14     Johns Hopkins ..... 53
 Pennsylvania   . ten29
Johns Hopkins ...t.. 27 Minnesota .w.o.r . 14     Yale       
   51  Minnesota     . booklets23
Columbia     ..........26  Pennsylvania .. . I. 14   C m    ia    .     
 9  Iw ste        .
California......21      Michigan......12          Crel4                 
  Harvard heads the list of universities training both  Wsosn4
past and active holders of these fellowships (Table
I), with Cornell in second place. Of the 268 fellows  shows that Harvard
is well in the foreground. Johns
represented in this table, Harvard has trained ap-  Hopkins, Yale, Cornell,
Columbia, and Chicago, all
proximately one-sixth, Cornell approximately one-  privately endowed institutions,
in the order names
ninth. Wisconsin runs a close third, leading the  outrank Pennsylvania and
the state institutions ex-
other state universities by a considerable margin.,  cept Wisconsin, which
judged on this basis is almost
Johns Hopkins and Columbia follow closely,        on a par with the University
of Chicago.
  In the matter of institutions selected by the fellows   "icni'   
   nvriy     oke
at which to carry on their research, Harvard is again
first, having double the number of fellows electing to  Alumni may obtain
copies of the attractive book-
study at Yale, its nearest competitor. About one-  let, "Wisconsin's
University," by sending in ten cents
fourth of the 241 fellows doing research work in the  in coin or stamps.
These booklets were not mailed to
twelve leading universities represented in Table II  the Association members
but must be purchased.

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