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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 36, Number X (July 1935)

"We all had a good time",   pp. 302-307

Page 302

            ":We i1Al Had a G00d Timne
                          C/,aj Iepartl kSnw 74at 14e 1935
                          d'<eaitiauj    c'[ere oA      l41    cSccejj~tt
               Fifty Years After                     enjoyed a delicious
luncheon. It was a joy to visit
     HE fiftieth anniversary of the Class of 1885 of     the garden, roam
  over the lawn to the Bluff edge,
     the University of Wisconsin, so long looked for-    and look out to
Mendota and its familiar shores.
     ward to, has come and gones    Sunday, June 23f      There with a background
of huge, old trees thirty-
fell just fifty years after our Commencement Day2        one of us were photographed
in a class group.
We may look forward now to our Diamond Jubilee.         We thought and talked
of Mr. Brandenburg, who
  There were fifty who graduated in '85. Twenty-      had been with us as
loyal host and generous historian
  Tere werthose furif Who graduated ino  '5  Tentr       at earlier reunions.
four of those survive. We add now to our number         Later in the house
gold-bound copies of the tenth
Manford McMillen, who graduated in pharmacy in        volume of class letters
were distributed.  The book
1885 and was admitted later to the alumni body.       contains this year
for the first time letters from every
He has been president of the Milwaukee Alumni as-        surviving member
of the class, and from seven who
sociation several years.                              were special students
with us. There is a letter from
  Fourteen of us, who had been classmates for fifty-     Dr. Florence Bascom,
the daughter of our president,
four years or more, for several of us were in sub-       and letters from
each of the four surviving members
freshman courses, were at the reunion. With us were      of our faculty;
Dr. Birge, Dr. Trelease, Professors
also two who were in classes with us, two new asso-   Rasmus B.      Drs
   and Van Velerte       lastois
ciates, nine wives or husbands, three children, and one    *            
         .  .
grandchild.  The last is remarkable in our relation-     teaching now at
Carthage, Illinois.
ship, because she, Joan Erdall, is the grandchild of        In the past five
years the following members of our
two of our classmates, Ethel Bushnell and John Er-       class have died:
0. D. Brandenburg, Fremont Chand-
dall.                                                 ler, John Eaver, James
M. Hutchinson, Thomas E.
  Members of the class began to register Friday af-      Lyons, L. H. Pamel,
Edith U. Simmons, Howard
ternoon, and nine had dinner together informally      B. Smith, Norman E.
Van Dyke, C. I. Wales, Eliza-
at the Union that evening.    Saturday everyone ex-      beth Waters.
pected had arrived except Dr. Parker and Mr. Put-        In the book are
cuts of our class day program and
nam, from whom we received regrets that morning.      one of President Bascom's
famous "203" excuses for
We drove that noon to Mrs. Brandenburg's beautiful       absence from class.
These cuts are a gift to the class
home on Maple Bluff.    As her guests thirty of us    from  Frederick Brandenburg.
   Because he gave his
                  The Class of 1885                                  The
Class of 1900
   First Row, Sitting: Corydon T. Purdy, Charles I. Brig-  Top Row: C. D.
Tearse, W. J. Parson, C. V. Hibbard,
     ham, Mrs. Sharp, Miss Joan Erdall, Mr. Frederiksen,                
 ' P
     Lawrence P. Conover, Mrs. Brigham, John Gabriel,       Daid Parsons,
J. Dreyer, Mr. Thompson.
     Mrs. Erdall
   Second Row, Standing: Mrs. Oakes, F. C. Sharp, Mrs. F.  Middle Row: F.
E. Darling, Mrs. Darling, D. A. Whelan,
     Brandenburg, Mrs. L. Conover, Miss Moseley, Mrs.       Miss Emerson,
F. M. Emerson, Mrs. Parson, Mrs.
     Stone, Mrs. McMillen, M. W. McMillen, Mrs. Bassett,    Emerson, Mrs.
Dreyer, Mrs. L. E. Moore, L. E. Moore.
     Mrs. F. K. Conover, Byrd Vaughan, Frederic A. Pike,
     Mrs. Brandenburg
   Third Row, Standing: Mrs. Fredriksen, Mr. Oakes, James  Front Row: R.
M. Austin, M. A. Castle, Mae Lucas
     A. Stone, A. G. Brig gs, George Waldo, J. C. Gaveney,  Kleckner, F.
Alden, Fanny Warner, Florence Warner
     John L. Erdall, Mrs. Gabriel, F. Brandenburg.       Thompson, Miss Mary

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