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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 211-216

Page 211

           this1 and                                              b -tTTf
     ~jru a~d/A                                             AbOUT TilLE
                                                             F A CA U L T
F ACTS disclosed by "Who's Who- in- America" and         Lincoln
school teachers' college for three years, profes-
    "Leaders in Education," the recognized index of edu-  sor of
vocational education at the university of Indiana
    cators, indicate an experienced and scholarly faculty  for a year, chief
of the vocational counseling division with
for the School of Education at the University.               the Detroit
board of education for two years, experimental
  Dean C. J. Anderson, Ph.B., Ph.M., was principal of the  teacher at the
teachers' college connected with Columbia
Galesville, Wis., high school, superintendent of schools  university for
a year, and is now head of the department
in Stoughton, and assistant to the State superintendent of  of industrial
education and applied arts here. He has edited
public instruction before coming to this university in 1925  parts of the
"Book of Knowledge" and "Scientific Monthly."
as professor of education. He became director of the de-    The titles of
Prof. Curtis Merriman's books are of in
partment in 1928 and dean of the school in                              
  terest. They are "Educational Psychology,"
1930. His writings include books on educa-                              
  "Study Habits of University Students," "In-
tional administration and school texts in                               
  tellectual Resemblance   of Twins,"    and
reading and arithmetic.                                                 
  "Effects of Coaching for Mental Tests." Prof.
  Prof. A. S. Barr was born in Selvin, Ind.,                            
  Merriman has taught in the states of South
and after earning his degrees of bachelor of                            
  Carolina, Indiana, and Washington.
arts, master of arts, and doctor of philosophy,                         
     Prof. M. H. Willing was born in the town
he returned to that town and taught in the                              
  of Virden, Manitoba, in Canada, and the
rural, local elementary, and high schools                               
  first big job that he had after getting his
there. He then became head of the depart-                               
  B.S., A.M., and Ph.D. degrees was that of
ment of history at Yankton, S. D., high                                 
  principal at Edgerton, Minn. He held the
school. He acted as critic teacher in Illinois                          
  positions of assistant superintendent of
after that and then followed a period as head                           
  schools at South Bend, Ind., supervisor of
of the department of education at Evanston                              
  instruction at the University school at Cleve-
college, membership in the department of                                
  land, O., and principal of a high school in
public instruction at Detroit, and finally an                           
  Springfield, Ill. In 1923 he went to Colum-
associate professorship at the University He                            
  bia university as an associate professor of
became a full professor in 1930. He has writ                            
  education and took a similar position here in
ten about experimental education, classroom                             
   1926. He has prepared a scale for judging
supervision,, and has prepared diagnostic          c    ANDERSO         
tests in American history.                      Director. School of Education
Dr. Theo. L. Torgerson, Ph.B., Ph.M.,
  Prof. W. J. Chase was born at Deep                                    
  Ph.D., was born and did most of his teach-
River, Conn.  He won his A.B. degree at Brown, and        ing in Wisconsin.
Before coming to the University to teach
three years later obtained his M.A.  After a period as    he taught in five
Wisconsin towns. He was appointed
instructor at Wayland seminary in Washington, D. C.,     lecturer in education
here in 1926. He is now an assistant
he went to Morgan Park academy for 15 years, be-          professor. He has
written on the efficiency quotient as a
coming dean of the department of history in 1900. In      measure of achievement,
measurements, and has made out
1907 he came to this institution to join the history de-  achievement tests.
partment and 12 years later became associate professor in   Prof C. E. Ragsdale
specializes in the psychology of
both history and education. He is now full professor. He  learning and taught
at the Northeast State Normal school
has written "High School Education," "Introduction to    
of Oklahoma, was principal of the St. Charles, Mo., high
Education," and "The Distichs of Cato."                  
   school, and later an assistant in psychology at Columbia
  Prof. F. L. Clapp received his higher education at Lin-  university. Because
of the war, when he served in the in-
coln college where he earned his B.S. degree, at the Univer-  fantry, and
a period when he was in business he didn't
sity of Illinois where he earned his A.M., and at the Uni-  get back to academic
life until 1923. He came to Wis-
versity of Wisconsin where he earned his Ph.D. degree.    consin in 1925
as an instructor in psychology and as an
For five years he was associate and full professor of educa-  assistant professor
in education.
tion at Colorado university and then came here. He has
been an editorial adviser on educational material for     A  FORMER member
of the Home Economics staff of
Houghton Mifflin company for some time.     As have            the College
of Agriculture, Miss Mary A. Mason,
numerous other school of education faculty members he     has been appointed
advisor in food requirements for the
has written standardized tests, self-marking tests, and drill  Federal Surplus
Relief corporation, with headquarters at
books, some of which Wisconsin university students from   Washington, D.
various parts of the country have used.                        While at the
University, Miss Mason assisted in the
  Prof. A. H. Edgerton probably holds the record for the  preparation of
low cost food rations for the use of relief
number of places at which he has taught. He won his       organizations.
In her new position she will council with
B.S., A.M., and Ph.D. degrees at Columbia university.     the relief administration
on all matters concerning food
He was teacher at Plattsburg, N. Y., State Normal school  rations and feeding
programs for the unemployed.
for a year, Mt. Vernon Pre-vocational school for a year,    Miss Mason, a
graduate of the Kansas State College, has
and Lawrence Industrial Arts school for a year.   He      served as instructional
staff member with the Iowa State
was head of the department of industrial arts at East    College and the
University of Nebraska. Since August
Illinois State Normal school for a year, superintendent   she has been in
charge of food analyses for relief diets in
of industrial education in Panama for a year, teacher at  the F. E. R. A.
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