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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 194-[200]

Page 194

                                 e XCLOCr                               
         xrSkqrkh tlour
Regents Make    The Board of Regents recently made sev-
Faculty Changes  eral additions to the University's teaching  that it is
necessary that University officials wire Colonel
and research staff, accepted one major resignation and    Ryan of the military
office in Washington at once, so that
refused to approve another appointment.                      the Wisconsin
application could be presented to the con-
  The resignation accepted was that of Chilton R. Bush,  gressional military
professor of journalism, who resigned to become head of     President Frank
pointed out that the University would
Leland Stanford's journalism department.                     have to furnish
the land on which to build the armory,
  Because of the depressed condition of the regents' un-  would have to stand
the expense of maintaining the build-
assigned funds, and with prior agreement on strict enforce-  ing, and in
case of national emergency, would have to
ment of the faculty retirement rule in mind, the appointment  return jurisdiction
of the armory to the government.
of W. A. Scott, now emeritus professor of economics, as     Mrs. Meta Berger,
Milwaukee regent, said she would
lecturer in economics for the second half of the current  make a vigorous
protest against the expenditure of federal
semester was not approved.                                   funds for the
armories when there is so little money
  A recommendation that Prof. R. C. Roeseler, formerly   available for educational
purposes. With a $400,000 armory
of Ohio State University, be appointed professor of Ger-  on the Campus,
the problem of military training would
man to help fill the vacancies caused by the retirement of  never be settled
on its merits, she said.
Prof. Max Griebsch and the resignation of Prof. B. Q.       No definite decision
was reached on the matter, and it
Morgan was approved.                                         was referred
to a special committee for more careful study.
  The regents also approved continuation of the appoint-
ments of Joseph Oesterle and Scott Mackay on three-fourths
time as research investigators and instructors in the mining
and metallurgy department.                                   Green Bay Nle
representatives of the University
     faculty, administration, and student body
                           I_0                               Badgers    
     were given a cordial reception by the
                                                              citizens of
Green Bay on their recent good-will trip to that
Ag School        A loan fund for the aid of worthy, needy  city. Pres. Glenn
Frank, Mrs. Louise Troxell, dean of wom-
Receives         students interested in the study of agricul-  en; Scott
H. Goodnight, dean of men; John Bergstresser,
Loan Fund       ture and farm management will be estab-   assistant dean
of the College of Letters and Science; Frank
lished at the College of Agriculture through provisions of  a Holt, registrar;
and four student representatives, includ-
the will of the-late Mrs. Minnie P. Huber, widow of former  ing Nancy Duggar,
Jean Heitkamp, Bobby Schiller, and
Lieutenant-Governor Henry Huber.                             Willard Blaesser,
made the trip to Green Bay, where a full
   The loan fund, to be known as the Henry A. and Minnie  program of public
appearances rushed the delegation around
P. Huber scholarship fund, estimated to approximate $35,  the city from 11
a. m. to 9 p. m.
000, is available to students from Dane county, according   Welcoming the
delegation at a combined luncheon of
to the will.                                                 men's and women's
service clubs of the city, Judge Henry
   Funds of this type are of inestimable value to students  A. Grass asserted
that "we of Green Bay welcome with
who are working their way through college, according to   enthusiasm this
opportunity of meeting this fine represen-
I. L. Baldwin, assistant dean at the College, who reports  tation from the
University, and of talking directly with
that during the past year as many as 175 students in agricul-  them about
our great University."
ture and home economics found it necessary to borrow        Speaking informally
to a group of parents of present or
money from the limited amounts now available for that     prospective University
students, Pres. Frank asserted that
purpose. Such funds have been available only
through contributions from  individuals and
groups interested in student welfare.
University       The possibility that a $400,
May Get          000 building might be con-
     New Ann~ry  structed on the Campus as
 a federal government PWA project was re-
 vealed at the March regents' meeting.
   President Frank told the regents that he had
 received a communication from Major Gustav
 Gonser, University R.O.T.C. commandant,
 that the federal government is setting aside
 an appropriation for the construction of 25
 armories at American universities at a cost of
 $400,000 each.
   In order to be included in the armory pro-                           
 gram, Major Gonser's communication said                              lay
be supplanted by new structure.
                                                       Page 194

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