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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number VII (April 1934)

Downer, George
Badger boxers win championship,   pp. 191-193

Page 191

  Badger Boxers
              Wi7n Camrpionship
            YI/I  ckej; 4sPart L         cwit~j            Pzay
                        IV Georoe Downer
    IT ISCONSIN'S March sports program was limited to
        indoor track and boxing-following the close of the   COACH JOHN WALSH
        Big Ten basketball season, March 5, review of which  Brought a championshiP
  appeared last month.
    Boxing, launched as an intercollegiate sport a year ago,
  has been continued this season with marked success and, as  heavyweight;
and Roy Henneman, Wisconsin, won a slow
  I remarked last month, it is now Wisconsin's fastest grow-  bout from Edward
Hale, Haskell heavyweight.
  ing sport, popular with public and participants alike and,   A week later,
the Badgers won impressively from a team
  incidentally, producing profits exceeded only by football  from Iowa, losing
only two bouts, in one of which the
  and basketball. In order to conflict as little as possible  Badger entry,
Jerry Endres, gave away ten pounds. Nick
  with other sports, Wisconsin's intercollegiate boxing meets  Didier, Badger
155 pounder, was the other loser, in a three-
  have been scheduled for the period between the close of    round clash
with Fred Nelson, a clever negro who scarcely
  the basketball season and the annual spring vacation.       made a lead
but was too elusive for Didier, who chased
    This year, the Badger boxers met the Haskell Indians,   him  for the
entire three rounds but could not land
  March 10; a team of boxers from the University of Iowa,    effectively.
  March 17; and West Virginia university, champions of the     In the heavyweight
bout, Harry Koller, Wisconsin, gave
  Eastern  Intercollegiate Boxing  conference, March  24.   Leo Cain, Hawkeye
ace, a terrific beating. Cain was out as
  Wisconsin won all three meets; the first two decisively.   the gong ended
the second round at the count of "five."
    Haskell, which has sponsored boxing for some time,       He was sent
down and out by a blasting left hook, shortly
  brought a magnificently conditioned, well coached team to  after the start
of the third session. Fadner and Deanovich
  Madison but was beaten, 6 bouts to 3,                                 
      scored technical knockouts when their
  through the greater aggressiveness and                                
      Iowa opponents were unable to come
  harder hitting of the Badger boxers.                                  
      out for their third rounds. Ralph Rus-
-_Johnny Walsh, Wisconsin's youthful                                    
       sells Charley Zynda and Fausto Rubini
  but highly efficient coach, has stressed                              
      won by wide decision margins.
  aggressiveness and hard, straight hitting                             
         The climax of the season was the
  in his teaching. Throughout the season,                               
       meet with West Virginia, twice chain-
  his Badgers have bored in unceasingly                                 
      pions and undefeated in its conference
  and always carried the fight to their                                 
      for two years. The Mountaineers had
  opponents. This probably accounts for                                 
      won all their matches by scores of 7-0
  the popularity of the team. The Badger                                
      or 6-1 and had lost those few bouts only
  boxers are what professional promoters                                
      by being compelled to forfeit when
  call "crowd pleasers."                                      
                their boxers had been sick. Spike Webb,
    The Haskell boxers were, generally                                  
      Navy boxing mentor and coach of three
 speaking, counter punchers and therein                                 
     U. S. Olympic boxing teams, had pro-
 lay much of the reason for their defeat.                               
     nounced the Mountaineers the best col-
 A notable exception was Henry Holley-                                  
     lege boxing team he had seen in five
 man, Indian 145 pounder, who earned                                    
     years. There was no doubt of West Vir-
 a decision over Fausto Rubini, one of                                  
     ginia's "class."
 Wisconsin's best boxers. Rubini, how-   RALPH RUSSELL       BOBBY FADNER
       That the Badgers were able to score
 ever, was handicapped by a four-day                                    
     a cleancut 4 to 3 victory over such a
 sojourn in the infirmary the preceding week, necessitated by  team, the
peer of any in the East, demonstrates how fast
 a touch of intestinal flu. Other Badgers who lost were Nick  boxing has
developed at Wisconsin. The result was at
 Didier, 155 pounds, who was outpointed by Fred Catfish,    first announced
as a tie, due to the fact that Wisconsin had
 and Art Endres, substituting for Charles Zynda, another   been compelled
to forfeit one bout, because of a decision
 Wisconsin flu victim, who was beaten by Louis Alexander.  by the medical
department, at noon on the day of the match,
    Ralph Russell, Wisconsin, gave Henry Smith a bad         that Fausto
Rubini, one of the best members of the Bad-
 beating at 115 pounds; Bobbie Fadner, Wisconsin, out-     ger team, could
not compete because of an infected nose.
 boxed and ourslugged Lester Oliver, an inhumanly tough        It was not
generally known that just before the match
 Apache 125 pounder; Gerald Endres, Wisconsin, outboxed    was due to start,
West Virginia had been forced to with-
 Robert Wilson of Haskell; George Stupar, Wisconsin, won   draw its 175 pounder,
Joe Zaleski, from competition, be-
 a hard bout from Wilbur Burton at 135 pounds; Nick         cause of a badly
infected foot. Thus, the card had to be
 Deanovich hammered out a decision over the Indian light                
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