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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 35, Number V (Feb. 1934)

Marks, Catherine
It's fun to go to school,   pp. 129-133

Page 129

                     Its            un to Go to School
THE      CAMPUS of the Col- _W/terj                 tIeutj       an     C4tlrtt
are no set times at which each
     lege of Agriculture presents                        A /            
              and every child must do a certain
     a delightfully appropriate     en   e lit at I l/tac  eru   &'chew
        thing. The children are allowed
as well as interesting setting for                                      
              a freedom of choice in selecting
the Dorothy Roberts Nursery                                             
              what they want to do and play.
School. And indeed the chil-                      1L*          L        
                Miss Durden points out that
dren, as well as the instructor,             C atherine      Mlarks,    
34            children of this age develop
appreciate and take full advan-       (Comrtes of The Country Magazine) 
       more rapidly in painting and
tage of their good fortune.                                             
              drawing if they are allowed to
   They know the haunts of the birds and bees, never tire  follow their own
leads as to choice and combination of
of visiting the University blacksmith or the cow barns, as  colors. Too much
instruction tends to check creative ability
well as being in close proximity to the hills and trees, the  in art and
lake and the greenhouses. In short, they have access to    The enrollment
is not limited to children of the Univer-
everything that makes for well-rounded development; thus  sity faculty, but
is open to the children of Madison as well.
they are able to develop physically, mentally, and socially.  The fee is
fifty cents per day which provides for the child's
  The Dorothy Roberts Nursery School, which is under the  lunch and also
helps pay for small equipment. The Uni-
direction of the Department of Home Economics, is truly a  versity pays the
instructor's salary, and supplies the building
cooperative nursery school. Within the classification of  and the large equipment.
nursery schools, those designated as cooperative have in   The nursery school
is not a teacher's training center to
their make-up one or more trained instructors who are   provide a place for
practice teaching, but it is a place for
assisted in the daily routine by the parents of the children.  observation
of the children by the students in child nutri-
  One parent, usually the mother, although it is not outside  tion and in
Miss Marlatt's Humanics course. The children
the realm of the father's responsibility, comes for a period  are not conscious
of these observations as the students do
of a week at a time not as a visitor but as an assistant to  their observing
behind screens through which they can see
Miss Georgia Durden, the instructor.                         the children's
activities but are not able to be seen. In this
  There are always ten children present each day at the  way the nursery
school is an integral part of the Home
nursery school; five boys and five girls ranging in age from  Economics course,
providing actual child life and activities
two and one-half to four and one-half years. The children  to the students
of child psychology and nutrition without
are selected from a waiting list by priority of their registra-  in any way
interfering with the development of the child's
tion and the need of the group. That is, if a boy of the  personality.
higher age level drops out he is replaced by a boy of ap-  Parents of the
children are free to come and observe at
proximately the same age. If a child is unable to come for  any time at the
nursery school in the same manner the
one day or a period of days, his mother notifies the instruc-  students use.
The parents who send their children to the
tor who selects a child of the same age and sex from the  nursery school
have study group meetings three times a
waiting list to substitute for the absentee on that day. Thus  month to discuss
problems of common interest concerning
the enrollment is kept                                                  
                      any phase of child de-
quite stable.                                                           
  The problem of the                                                    
                        Any new innovation
instructor is to keep the~ .<>>                                
                               is dealt with and ap-
child interested in what                                                
                      proved by the parents
he is doing, thus deny-                                                 
                      before it is introduced
ing satisfaction from a                                                 
                      in the school. In this
job completed. The idea                                                 
                      way there is complete
of the nursery is to pro-                                               
                      cooperation    between
vide a few well-selected                                                
                      school and home. If a
toys and many experi-                                                   
                      parent has any particu-
ences on which the chil-                                                
                      lar problem not of in-
dren can base their play.                                               
                      terest to the group as a
  The whole world is                                                    
                      whole, the personal con-
the curriculum  at the                                                  
                      ference between instruc-
nursery school. There                     THE PLAY ROOM IN THE NURSERY  
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                                                     Page 129

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