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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 33, Number VI (March 1932)

Reune in June,   p. 181

Page 181

March, 1932                                                             
The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
Five Class Officers Start W       ork
and Urke Their Classmates to
R EMEMBERING the old proverb that "the early
      bird catches the worm", five of the classes sched-
      uled to reune this June have actively started the
      work of rounding up as many of the classmates  MEMORIAL HALL
 as possible. Officers of the other classes have signi-  Where reuner's wIll
 fled their intention of getting out letters to their class-  gather in June
 es within the next few weeks.
   Three of the classes scheduled to reune this year
under the "Dix Plan" have decided to abandon this     You will
be hearing more from us anon; so please
plan for the present and remain on the five year sys-  read your mail, even
though the envelope looks like
tem which was formerly in force. These classes are  a
1889, 1890, and 1908. Mrs. Steenis, secretary of the  a dun or what not.
Its contents might be interesting.
Class of 1890, canvassed many of the members of her                     
  Yours for 1909,
class before announcing the decision to stage no re-                    
             ALICE M. GROVER,
union this year. The class of 1908, under the leader-                   
ship of Prof. F. H. Elwell, will celebrate its twenty-                  
  Class of I927
fifth anniversary next year and in view of this fact
considered it unwise to attempt any activities this   Five years ago, Vern
Carrier foresaw that business
year.                                                    and pleasure would
carry him far afield from Wis-
  Sometime between now and the next issue of the    consin's rolling hills,
and in casting about to find
Magazine, a faculty-alumni committee will be appoint-  someone upon whom
he could lay the onus of reunion
ed by President Frank. This committee will start the  responsibility, he
correctly surmised that the same
active work on the campus in preparation for the    considerations which
carried him off would keep me,
three gala days in June. Until this committee gets un-  so to speak, on the
der way, nothing definite in the way of general plans  Consequently in the
name of our absentee president
can be announced.                                       I wish to remind
-all who-by bond- of- blood- or mar-
                                                         riage tie can claim
relationship with the class of 1927,
                   Class of 1888                         that this at last
is the year of our reunion. Of course
                                                         the thing must be
properly done, and by the wise de-
  Mr. Egstad reminds us that we are Dixing in June,  sign of some guiding
intelligence, we shall find reun-
with '89, '90, '91. Comes a letter from J. R. Wise sug-  ing at the same
time friends from the classes of '26,
gesting that we make no formal plans for this year,  '28, and '29.
but stage a "Real Rousing Reunion" for 1933, which    This will
mean that we can reune with friends of
will be our forty-fifth anniversary, believe it or not!  our own year and
with those of the classes neighbor-
The class is running true to form, so my efforts to  ing on ours, which gives
everyone a multiple incentive
elicit some reaction to the Wise Plan have proved un-  to be on hand. Doubtless
this group of classes will
availing. We will try to have a definite announce-  plan its program in common,
and in any case a good
ment in the Magazine for April. Help! Help!         turn-out is hoped for.
The dates are June 17, 18, 19
                                SOPHIE M. BRIGGS      and 20. Watch for further
details as they develop.
                  Class of 1909                                         
Fellow Classmates:                                                      
  Class of I9M8
  How many of you remember that according to the      The Class of '28 will
hold its first reunion this June
Dix plan the class of 1909 is scheduled for a reunion  under the Dix Plan.
With us will be the classes of
this coming June, along with the classes of 1907, 1908,  '26 '27 and '99
and 1910? Such are the facts and let us begin right  '26  'a    ' 29
              novato hinkabot getin bac toMadion or Aum- In a few weeks you
wiull receive a letter telling you
now to think about getting back to Madison for Alum-  of the tentative plans
for the week-end celebration.
ni Day, June 18th. Our president, Mr. Frank H. Cen-  A Madison committee
is now at work selecting com-
field, will soon be appointing committees to help   mittees to function in
the larger towns in the vicinity
round up the crowd. Please don't anybody refuse to  of Madison as well as
attempting to formulate a pro-
serve on a committee, depression notwithstanding.   gram which will meet
the satisfaction of all members
We need this reunion to get us in key for the big 25th  of the class.
reunion, which is only two years hence.                                 (Coitned
on page 191)
                                                 Page 181

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