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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 33, Number VI (March 1932)

Kohn, Charlotte
A school with 1 student per class,   p. 174

Page 174

                                                    v~~~     ~C0
~                   tudent
  Per Cass
Patients Catch Up
Classmates Back Home
     UNIQUE school was opened in September. It
     -is the Wisconsin Orthopedic Hospital school            by CHARLOTTEh
         in the new children's hospital across from                     
      .      .
         Agricultural Hall, a part of the scheme for the             (Principal
School Dept.)
care and education of Crippled Children of our state.
Children are received here from their homes, from one  The east half of the
sunporch provides the room for
of the eight Orthopedic Schools throughout this state,  the primary groups.
Here are desks of many sizes,
or from the public and parochial schools within the  fitted to each individual,
cushioned, or fitted with foot
state.                                                    rests, leg rests,
and stirrups. There is a pedestal desk
  This hospital is not a convalescent hospital, thus the  for wheel chairs
or "banana carts" as the children
enrollment changes rapidly and is comprehensive in   call the reclining carts,
which makes a greatly dis-
scope. All children up to the age of twenty-one are ad-  abled child as comfortable
in school as a child who
mitted. The hospital provides medical care, physical  is able to sit at a
desk. There are exhibits of work
therapy, occupational therapy, and mental training   well done, pictures
made by the pupils, an attractive
.along the general scheme of education in this state,  health chart, a moveable
blackboard, and a portable
modified to fit each individual child. Children come  bulletin board. Usually
there is a project in the mak-
from all parts of the state. Some never attended any  ing or just completed,
which the children delight to
school; some attended when weather permitted or dis-  show the visitor. In
this room is also a playhouse,
tance did not hinder; some have lost as many as six  electrically lighted,
furnished by the children.
or seven years since they were handicapped; others    Adjoining the sunporch,
is an attractive, tile deco-
are just at the hospital for an operation or treatment  rated, school room
which is used for the older group
or new adjustment. Thus the school is organized to  of children. This, too,
is furnished with desks fitted
fit each child's needs and instil within him the hope  to each individual
child. Here are book cases and
and faith in himself that will help him carry on to a  attractive borders
on the blackboards featuring cur-
useful and independent life. You will find the entire  rent events or the
activities appropriate to the season.
staff at this hospital working for and with each indi-  All children able
to come to the schoolroom have
vidual from infant to adolescent.                         their session in
the morning. The afternoon is devot-
  On the second floor west, there is a delightfully fur-  ed to bedside teaching,
when the "school" is brought
nished nursery and kindergarten school, equipped    to the children in the
several wards. Each teacher has
with the latest furniture for children, an inviting fire-  a book cart which
carries the many attractive tools
place, a phonograph, and a piano. To this room are  to the children in bed.
Thus every child who is able
brought by cart or in arms, children who have waited  to do school work receives
the attention of a teacher.
in an expectant mood for the time when they could go  Much of the work follows
the unit plan or project.
to school and play with each other.                       The Indian study
was a delight, and the result most
  In the spacious sunporch on the first floor south,  valuable and attractive.
A troop of girl scouts gath-
there is an attractive library furnished with brown  ered the material which
was used in this project from
and orange tables, chairs, and                                          
     the woods. Many articles and
shelves of books classified and la-                                     
     figures were made in the craft
beled.  The delight these chil-                                         
     shop by the same children who
dren get from personal visits to                                        
     were doing the research work.
their own library is surely com-                                        
     The Fire Prevention project was
pensating. Here the older chil-                                         
     even   more interesting. There
dren hold forth as librarians,                         l                
     were several children enrolled at
giving out books, or taking in                                          
     that time who lived in the north-
books, and advising the others                                          
     ern forest areas and knew what
which books to borrow.      The                                         
     fire prevention meant to them.
child librarian selects the books                                       
     This was a rich opportunity for
for his companions who are con-                                         
     them to impress upon the urban
fined in bed.                                                           
     children what forest fires really
   This room   also serves as a                                         
      mean. Then the city children
 meeting place for groups that                                          
      informed the rural children of
 have much to plan or talk about.             ONE OF THE CLASSES        
            (Continued on page 198)
                                                    Page 174

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