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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number VII (April 1931)

Alumni briefs,   pp. 292-293

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The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.                                          
                      April, I93I
                                       knrnè                     VT
1± Ff
                                            Calif., to Horace CARVER on 
  1929 Hilleborg L. CHRISTENSON
         EnSaSements                       February 14.   At home in    
 ex '20 Stoughton, to E. Keyes Mc-
        CURDY, Madison, on December
 1920 Bernice Boswell, Rockford, to   ex '22 Marguerite I. Calnan, De Pere,
     27 at Crystal Lake, Ill. At home
      Frederic Arthur HORTON, Rock-        Wis., to John J. BROGAN, Ken-
       at 143 N. Butler, St., Madison.
      ford, the. Mr. Horton is president   osha, on February 12 at Madison.
 1929 Evelyn McELHINNEY, Waterloo,
      okf theHorton Printing Co. in       -At home in Kenosha.          
       Iowa, to D. C. WIXSON. At home
1923  Mary Hale Armstrong, Canan-    1923 Stella L. Bisson, Brainerd, Minn.,
   in Tulsa, Okla.
      193darygHale.Y., Armstron, E t Wto Melvin C. VISTE on January 28  
  1929 Catherine E. SARFF, Shullsburg,
      daigun, N. Y., to Everett W.         at Brainerd.                 
       Wis., to Wilbur L. Eckstein on
      BIRDLEBOUGH, Winnetka, Ill.    1923 Margaret T. Boyle, Madison, to
       January 26 at Freeport, Ill. At
1926 Elaine M. MURPHY, Riverside,          Neil G. CAFEERTY, Madison, on
       home after June 1 at Benton,
1922  Ill., to John LONGSTAFF, Jr.,        August 30, 1930, at Freeport,
Ill.   Wisconsin.
      Huron, S. D.                   1923 Mary Louise Laffrey, Detroit, to
1929 Gertrude BEYREIS, Wausau, to
ex '29 Helen E. STEBBINS, Chicago, to      Arthur J. PLATTEN on December
 ex '30 Emmanuel 0. WOERNER, Chi-
      Edward F. Younger II, Chicago.       23 at Detroit.  At home at   
       cago, on February 14 at Wausau.
      Mr. Younger is a graduate of the     Forest Plaza, Ann Arbor, Mich.
      At home at 1410 N. Central
      University of Illinois.        M.A. '24 Maud LOMBARD to Stanley   
       Ave., Chicago.
1927 Pauline ROWLEY, Madison, to           Knapp on December 25 at Eu-  
 1929 Rose Bess DAVIS, Lakewood,
      Sam W. DUNMAN, Corpus Christi,       gene, Ore. At home in San Jose,
     Ohio, to Harry W. Watson, Jr.,
      Texas.                               Calif.                       
       on February 7.   At home in
1928 Frances G. WAUGH, Wauwatosa,    ex '24 Norma WESENBERG, Madison,   
       Lakewood, Ohio.
      to Raymond A. Schmidt. Mr.           to Charles H. Winfrey on De- 
  ex'30 Lenora Conroy to Raymond E.
      Schmidt if a graduate of Mar-        cember 27 at Waukegan, Ill. At
 1929 RUSSELL on January 5. At home
      quette University.                   home in Columbus, Ohio.      
       at 2318 John Ave., Superior.
ex'28 Virginia Herron, Washington,   1925 Martha Crenshaw, Los Angeles, 
 ex'30 Hazel L. Gentz, Riley, Wis., to
      D. C., to Oliver E. ZIMMERMANN,      to Lester Ward Ross, Madison,
       Maurice J. JORGENSEN, Lena, on
      Milwaukee.  The wedding will         on February 21 at Madison.   
       February 14 at Riley.
      take place on April 6 in Washing-  1925 Dorothy P. SMITH to Fred J.
 M. S. '30 Dorothy M. Verrier, Madison,
      ton.                           ex '26 SCHREINER on July 27, 1929. The
    to William P. WHITNEY, Spring-
 Q929 Hazel Fouts, Modesto, Calif., to     couple are living at 2305 Jackson
   field, Ill., on February 12 at
      Roland C. HARTMAN, Madison.          St., Corvallis, Ore. Mr. Schreiner
  Madison. At home in the Gay
      The wedding is planned for the       is a professor of forestry at
Ore-   Apartments, Madison.
      coming summer. Mr. Hartman           gon State College. Mrs. Schrei-
 1930 Margaretha C. BORNEMAN, to
      is editor of the Poultry Tribune,    ner is attending the college.
  1930  Carleton B. STRINGFELLOW on
      Mount Morris, Ill.             ex'25  Doris Barber, Tucson, Ariz.,
to     Sept. 23 at Elkhart, Ind. At
ex'29 Leah A. Judin, to John H.            Hollis CHANDLER, Plymouth,   
       home at 527 Grant St., Gary,
      TRADEWELL, Antigo.                   Wis., on January 7 at Tucson.
ex '30 Lillian C. Hylland, Menomonie,      At home in Plymouth.         
 Grad Barbara SHEAFF, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
      to Semore T. NATHNESS, Me-     1926 Hildur Richardson, Pasadena,  
  1931 to Harold Popp, Hutchinson,
      nomonie.                             Calif., to Samuel R. DURAND, 
       Minn., on February 24 at Rock-
1930 Viola L. ANTHOLT, Coleman,            New York City, on February 24
       ford, Ill. At home in the Kennedy
Grad Wis., to  DeForest H. PAR-            at Kingston, N. Y.           
      MITER, Hood River, Oregon.     ex '26 Dorothy MUELLER, Milwaukee, 
  1931 Elizabeth BRICKSON, Stoughton,
ex '30 Alice M. O'BRIEN, Brainard,         to Fortney H. Stark on February
 1930 to Jack P. KANALZ, Milwaukee,
      Minn., to Ted J. Ryan, Hutchin-      26 at Milwaukee.             
       on June 23, 1930.
      son, Kans. Mr. Ryan is a gradu-  1926 Ellouise BALLSTADT, Merrill,
to  1931 Delia Cole, Oberlin, La., to John
      ate of Notre Dame University.        Dr. Faris Chesley, Armour, S.
       C. L. ANDREASSEN, Menomonie.
1930  Dorothy Brown, Sparta, to Em-        Dak., on March 7 at Merrill. At
 ex'31 Roberta Steinman, Monroe, to
      met MILHAUPT, Milwaukee.             home at 5520 S. Shore Drive, 
       Edwin K. Bruni, on February 28
ex '31 Mildred BESWICK, Madison, to        Chicago,after May 1.         
       at Monroe.
1931  Wallace S. WINN. The wedding   1927 Marie Brumm, Madison, to Carl 
 ex '32 Alison SMITH, Madison, to John
     will take place in the early spring.  H. BOYE, Madison, on February
      G. Tatum on March 6 at Los
1931  Mary LINDSAY, Kiel, to Paul F.       9. At home at 2626 Stevens St.,
     Angeles. At home in that city.
     Koehn.                               Madison.
ex '32 Ruth WALKER, Shorewood Hills,  1927 Frances A. Vincent, Evanston,
           1927 Mdisonto Robrt J.OETZIll., to Christian H. SCHWINGEL,   
1927  Madisont T  oher eddingisplanned     Rochester, N.Y., on February 21.
     Maion. The  wedd spingispane         At home at 55 Washington St., 
1911 To Mr. and Mrs. Meinhardt
     for the early spring.                S. Rochester, N. Y.           
      Carl KOENIG, a daughter, Pa-
                                     1928 Ann Gunther, Green Bay, to    
       tricia Wright, on February 21
                                           George H. CAMERON, Appleton, 
       at El Paso, Texas.
          MarriaSes                       on March 7.                   
 1919 To Mr. and Mrs. Herbert GLA-
                                     ex '28 Hazel Schmidt, Kenosha, to  
       ETTLI, a son, Herbert Charles, on
ex'20 Caroline Woodward, Peoria, to        Melvin R. BUFTON, Silver Lake,
      December 13, at Independence,
     Benjamin F. MILLESo Riverside,       Wis., on February 14 at Rock- 
     on February 7 at Peoria.  At         ford, Ill. At home in Pawtucket,
 1925 To Mr. and Mrs. Donald N.
     home  at 38   Lawton  Road,          R. I., where Mr. Bufton is in the
 1926  COOLEY (Ella BARTON), a son,
     Riverside.                           office of the Anaconda Wire and
     Thomas Scott, on January 23,
1921 Josephine Hodges, Pasadena,           Cable Co.                    
       at Milwaukee.
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