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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number VII (April 1931)

Table of contents,   pp. [263]-[264]

Page [263]

           X  Publed by The WISCONSIN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, Madison, Wisconsin
                  Asa G. Briggs, '85  .  .  .  President  Basil I. Peterson,
'i2é    . Treasurer
                  Earl Vits, 'I4 .  .     Vice-President  H. M. Egstad, '17
   . Sec'y and Editor
                                    Harry Thoma, '28   .  . Managing Editor
                                              Board of Directors
        Terms Expire June, 1931       JESSIE NELSON SWANSEN, '98, Milwaukee,
Wis.  LOYAL DURAND, '91  . .  Milwaukee, Wis.
WALTER ALEXANDER, '97   Milwaukee, Wis.   ASA G. BRIGGS, '85 . . . St. Paul,
Minn.  RALPH BALLIETrE, '23 . . .  Antigo, Wis.
L. F. GRABER, '10..      Madison, Wis.  EARL Vis, 'I4, . . .   Manitowoc,
FRANK CORNISH, '96  . . . Berkeley, Calif.  B. E. MCCORMICK, 04. . . Madison,
Wis.         Terms Expire November, 1932
ALICE GREEN HIXON, 'o0.. Lake Forest, Ill.                              
       E. H. COMSTOCK, '97.. Minneapolis, Minn.
MARTIN J. GILLEN, '96 New York City, N. Y.      Terms Expire June, 1932 
      F. H. ELWELL, 'o8.. . . Madison, Wis.
                      _ '          ~   W. S. KIES, '99. . New York City,
N. Y. J. B. CARDIFF, '25.. . . . Racine, Wis.
       Terms Expire November, 1931       KATHERINE ALLEN, '87  . . Madison,
Wis.   BASIL I. PETERSON, 'I2,  . . . Chicago, Ill.
L. F. VAN HAGAN, '04  . . Madison, Wis.   JOHN MCCARTER, '30 . . . Madison,
Wis.    MARJORIE MUELLER, '26 .  Milwaukee, Wis.
VOLUME XXXII                                    APRIL, I931             
                         NUMBER VII
            &luthors                                  !             
                    CTable of Contents
JOHN     GILLIN, '27, recently   spent                                  
thseveral months in northern Africa with                                
 Biology Building................. Cover
the Alonzo Pond expedition searching for       -Kemper KBioog           
           Building.......Cover 26
data concerning early man in that region.                               Kemper
 K. Knapp                        265
While in the University Mr. Gillin was          .        A     d -      
   Can Students Govern Themselves?.    266
active in campus affairs, serving as presi-                             
   Board of Visitors' Report           267
dent of the Y. M. C.A. for one year and
taking part in many other activities. At                                
   Explorin'........................   268
present he is enrolled at Harvard uni-                                  
   On Wisconsin ..........             270
                   versity.                                  _          
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~Haresfoot in Revue........ 272
WyILLIAM    PURNELL, '22,, director Of                                  
  Ar    o    oigBc?.....                7
W   the Haresfoot club, is well known to                                
  Ar You Coming Back.                273
most alumni as the man who made Hares-                                  -
  Track Team Places Fourth ........   274
foot the most successful college men's         '~/     'I-              
   Editorials.............             275
dramatic society in this country."'Bill"                      
             Whl h-lc         tiksteHu.            7
has been the guiding light of this organiza-                            
   While the Clock Strikes the Hour    276
tion for almost ten years and under his    /                            
   With the Badger Clubs ......        278
guidance the club has enjoyed unusual                                   
   In the Alumni World ............    280
                                                                  - 1F[ 
   ik~t~ This and That About the Faculty. .  282
  HIS month's cover is used through the                                 
            Badger Sports.288
  Tcourtesy of the University of Wiscon-WihteBdrSpts.                   
                              ....        8
sin Summer school on whose attractive                    5              
   Badgers You Should Know ........    290
posters the cuts first appeared. Many             ~
                   thanks are due t~~~~firsD aPP~~aredd- Many ~Alumni Briefs
...................... 292
thanks are due to Dean Goodnight forAlmiBef29
his generosity.                                                         
   No Credit Courses ...............   294
  Subscription to The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine is obtained by member-  Change
of Address must be reported ten days before date of issue. Other-
ship in The Wisconsin Alumni Association for which annual dues are $4.oo,
 wise the Association will not be responsible for delivery.
$3.00 of which is for subscription to the magazine. Family rate membership
(where husband and wife are alumni) $5.oo. Life membership, $50.00, pay-
 Discontinuance-If any subscriber wishes his magazine discontinued at
able within the period of one year. The Association earnestly invites all
 the expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent
former students, graduates and non-graduates, to membership. Others may 
the subscription, or at its expiration. Otherwise it is understood that a
subscribe for the Magazine at same price, $4.00 per year.       continuation
is desired.
             Entered as second class matter at the Post              Issued
Monthly-October to July, Inclusive.
           Office, Madison, Wis., January 22, isoo, under          Member
of Alumni Magazines, Associated.
           the Act of March i3, i879.
                       i'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~f -7f -7-
-7 -T%

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