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Egstad, H. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 32, Number X (July 1931)

What the reuners have to say,   pp. 380-384

Page 380

The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine,                                          
                 July, I93I
V/hat the Reuners Have to Say
DR   ESPITE THE torrid temperatures which pre-       1906 Has Record Crowd;
Other Groups
      vailed over the reunion and commencement
      week-end those individuals who were fortunate W   ell Attended; Crew
       Men     OrSanite
      enough to return thoroughly enjoyed their brief
stay in Madison. While it was really too hot for any of  Wash.; Charles A.
Foster, Trenton, Missouri; Emma
the classes to be overly active, all of them had at-   Gattiker, Baraboo,
Wis.; Alva J. Grover, Omaha, Neb.;
tractive programs to occupy their time. The following  Charles Lapham, Milwaukee,
Wis.; William P. Lyon,
brief reports by the class secretaries will give you some  San Jose, Calif.;
Daniel S. McArthur, La Crosse, Wis.;
idea of what transpired.                             Byron B. Park, Stevens
Point, Wis.; Frank M. Porter,
                                                     Los Angeles, Calif.;
Howard L. Smith, Madison, Wis.;
                  Class of I 876                     Edward B. Steensland,
Madison, Wis.; Fred S. White,
  The class of 1876 held it annual dinner at the home of  Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Oscar Atwood, Prairie du Sac, on June 20.        One of these was of
the law class and one a special,
  There were present of the original graduates: Albert  leaving 12 of the
21 living members answering "present."
S. Ritchie of Omaha, Nebraska; W. H. Williams, Mil-    And seven of these
were from outside the state, in-
waukee, Wisconsin; Mrs. Nellie W. Brown, Madison,      cluding four boosters
from the Pacific coast.  The
Wisconsin; Mrs. Oscar Atwood, Prairie du Sac, Wis-     "better half"
was represented by Mesdames Baensch,
consin.                                             Foster, Smith, Steensland
and White, while Grover,
  Associate member who were with the class part of the  McArthur and Steensland
proudly presented "de-
college course present were: Mrs. Frank W. Hoyt,       scendants."
Madison, Wisconsin; Mrs. F. W. Hall, Madison, Wis-
consin; Mrs. Jessie Turville Thwaites, Madison, Wis-
  The class report showed the death of three members
during the year: Mr. Frank W. Hall; Miss Elinor
Henry, and Mr. David E. McKercher of Cedar Falls,
  The class graduated 42 members out of the 84 who
entered as freshmen. Fourteen of these are still living.
Their names are as follows: Mrs. Sarah Ames Smith,'
Clarinda, Iowa; Mrs. Elizabeth Atwood Vilas, Bronx-
ville, New York; Mrs. Lillie Clark Fisher, Los Angeles,
California; Mrs. Agnes Haskell Noyes, Milwaukee,
Wisconsin; George Haven, Portland, Oregon; Miss
Mary Henry, Oregon, Wisconsin; Mrs. Clara Lyon
Hayes, California;Mrs. Nettie Meyer Howe, Lan-                 CELEBRATING
caster, Wisconsin; Miss Mary L. Nelson, California;
Mrs. Mary Ortel Atwood, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin;       The large writing
room on the first floor of the Wis-
Albert S. Ritchie, Omaha, Nebraska;   Mrs. Abbie    consin Union was granted
to the class for its head-
Stuart Murdock, Boston, Massachusetts; Mrs. Nellie     quarters. Here the
members entertained their visitors,
Willians Brown, Madison, Wisconsin;    Mrs. Elsena     some from junior classes,
and some from among the
Wiswall Clough, Portage, Wisconsin; Elvin C. Wiswall,  ancients, 0. W. Ray,
of '78, and the "Spirit of '76"
Madison, Wisconsin.                                  (Sam Ritchie). Grover
had the foresight of bringing the
  The class has held an annual class dinner since 1921,  handsome photos
which were exchanged among the
its forty-fifth anniversary, and it proposes to continue  members at the
time of graduation. These were passed
these dinners while any of the members are left who can  around and scrutinized
more intently than is the case
attend the same.                                    nowadays with the comics
and the stock pages.
   A very enjoyable time was spent at the beautiful       Luncheon was had
in the Beef-Eaters Room on the
home of Mrs. Atwood on the bank of the Wisconsin       2nd floor. Inquiry
develops that this name does not
River. Mr. Ritchie extended an invitation to the class  necessarily indicate
the menu. Rather does it lead to an
to dine with him next year at Hotel Loraine, Madison,  ancient legend when
men gathered to chew raw beef,
Wisconsin.                                          which in our vernacular
has become "chewing the rag."
                           JESSIE T. THWAITES        Accordingly the class
remained in this room for its
                               Acting Secretary.     business meeting.
                                                 The GlLetters were read
from Florence Bascom, geologist
                 The Golden Class                    at Washington; Julia
Johnson Trelease, botanist at
   The class of 1881, exclusive of the law school, mustered  St. Louis; William
H. Goodall, in busniess at Jackson-
 45 at its commencement. Alumni records list 21 of these.  vill, Fla.; Elisha
Wm. Keyes, Jr., alias "Billy", still
 still in the land of the living.                |    "wukkin on the
railroad" in Milwaukee, who was de-
   At its fiftieth reunion the following answered roll call:  tained at home
by his wife's illness. Then Maggie
 Margaret Allen Woods, Long Beach, Calif.; Emill        Allen displayed a
catalogue of 1877, and read the list
 Baensch, Manitowoc, Wis.; Edward Brady, Seattle,       of freshman, sub-freshman
and specials, many of whom
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