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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 31, Number 5 (Feb. 1930)

With the Badger clubs,   p. 202

Page 202

wre  more than pleased with the
---chats and' pictures that aided the
speaker to explain ALthe new, public
utlity enterprise.    -
  Shortly before Christmas on a
night that would remind a Wiscon-
siite of wintry breezes across Men-
dota, and perhaps too severe for
many acclimated to Cincinnati
weather, a peppy gang enjoyed
Santa, his gifts, games and dancing.
  The November meeting was the
first of the season. The dinner at
the Woman's Exchange was fol-
lowed by an election of officers for
this year:
President-    Arthur Edwards, '25
Vice-President --Mary B. Furness
Secretary  -     Gladys Bahr, '27
Treasurer-_Norman Robisch, '26
  The Club is endeavoring to have
some get-to-gether the third Wed-
nesday of each month. If a Badger
Page 202
  paid at the anni~~al holiday party or
as ooaferardasPossbe
- Frank Addresses
    -    New. Orleans Club
STRAINS of alma maters and the
  roar of college yells filled the log-
gia room of the Jung hotel for al-
most three hours on January 23,
when approximately 150 men and
women assembled for the annual
banquet of the New Orleans alumni of
the Big Ten universities. About
twenty of these were alumni of
  A spirit of rivalry equal almost
to that which would be expected
to attend the meeting of the teams
of any two of the Big Ten schools
on the field of athletic battle was
worked up as the rehearsal of the
familiar yells and songs started be-
fore'Dr. Glenn Frank, president of
o-n' January3rd, Mr.Haraw out
lined e program of te Club for
the . year. They keynote for: Club
activities :will be increased useful-
ness to the University. In order to
bring the Club affairs closer to- the
University affairs- it -is hoped and
expected that our list of luncheon
speakers for the year will include a
number of members of the faculty.
The Founders' Day luncheon will
be held on February 14th at Mail-
lard's Restaurant and at this lunch-
eon a member of the faculty will be
the principal speaker.
  College Night at Deerfield-
Shields High School was an interest-
ing and successful affair.. Most of
the leading colleges in the country,
including Wisconsin, had booths at
which exhibits were presented. The
University of Wisconsin Club of
Chicago sent a representative who
talked about Wisconsin to more
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