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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

News of the classes,   pp. 133-140

Page 133

January, 1929                     THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE         
                                Page 133
                                 News of the Classes
'81   Howard L. SMITH and Mrs.        -Edward W. GALLOWAY is gas en-    
    He will return to America some time in
       Smith are spending the winter at  gineer for the Western Gas Construc-
 January to resume his work at Lehigh.-
Orotova, Island of Tenerife.           tion Co., Fort Wayne, Ind.-Donald
    George H. ZEISLER is a construction en-
                                       MAcARTHUR is vice-president of the
   gineer for the H. W. Horst Co., of Rock
'82    Florence BAscoM, who for along  Koppers Gas & Coke Co., Glen Ridge,
 Island, II1.-Charles A. HALBERT is
       period was professor of geology N. J.                            
     state chief engineer of the Wisconsin
at Bryn Mawr College, is continuing                                     
     Railroad Commission, Madison.- Har-
her work with the U. S. Geological Sur-  05     wal 0. WAGLEY has been ap-
 Rold A.    mmvR ssc ng         for the
vey at Washington, D. C.                      pointed superintendent of power
Clement Quinn Oregon Co., Duluth,
  990  Edward E. BROWNE was re-        sales of the Milwaukee Electric Railway
 Minn.-William  W. MATHEWS is an
       elected to the House of Repre-  & Light Co.-William  F. TUBESING,
   assistant engineer for the Alvord,
sentatives from the eighth district of  Milwaukee, has been named a member
 Burdick & Houson firm, Chicago.
Wscaons   Mro. Bwe eghistarmm    of  of the executive committee of the con-
                                       struction section of the National
Safety  a  Charles W. STODDART is dean
the Foreign Affairs committee.         council.-Dave THOMPSON, who is on
            of the School of Liberal Arts at
    I  A. M. TEN EYCK has developed   the staff of the Prairie Farmer, is
di-  Penn State college. He has had charge
 ' 9  his family farm into one of the  recting the farm and home programs
of  of the speaker's bureau in the campaign
 finest fruit farms in the southern part of  station WLS-John BERG is a civil
en-  for the $8,ooo,ooo bond issue for new
 Wisconsin. His address is Pine Bluff  gineer in the State Engineering Dept.
 buildings at the college.
 Fruit Farm, Pine Bluff, Wis.-Louis W.  of South Dakota. He is living in
 MYERS, who resigned as chief justice of       G                        
       1 0   A. L. HAMBRECHT has been ap-
 the California Supreme Court in 1926,  a06    GeorgeiR.RAY recentlyresligned
        pointed construction engineer.
                                        06. .  )as principal of the Darlington
 for the Wisconsin Highway Commis-
is now practicing law In Los Angeles.  High School to become manager of the
 sion.-Dr. William D. FULLER is now
    'C}7 John J. ROGERS is president of  Parker's Teachers agency, Madison.-
 in the seventh year ofjunior college work
  ' >  the Twin Oaks Lumber Co.,       Walter M. BELL is now plant mechanical
 in California. During the summer he
Eugene, Ore.                           engineer with the Sanitary District
of was a professor of education at the Uni-
                                       Cook County at the west side plant,
  versity of Texas. He is the author of
,Q8    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. JOAN-   Strickney, Ill.-Cudworth BEYE is di-
 Chapter IX of "The Junior College by
       NES of Los Angeles returned in  rector ofextension education of Reming-
 Proctor," published by the Stanford
July from a six months' tour of Europe  ton Rand, the largest organization
deal-  Press.-Edward J. MATHIE is teaching
and North Africa.                      ing in office applicances and service
inin the Soldan High school, St. Louis.-
Q99    Stephen W. GILMAN has been    the world. Mr. Beye's address is now
78  E. 0. STILLWELL is superintendent of
       elected to the board of directors  Creekside Drive, Ellicott Creek
Estates,  the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal.
of the Wisconsin Investment Co., Mil-  Tonawanda, N. Y.-Max B. BODEN-   
   On his vacation trip to the States during
waukee.                                BACH has established offices at 502
Com-the summer he visited Madison and
                                       merce bldg., Milwaukee, where he is_
 when driving from South Dakota to
90     B. F. COEN, M.A. 'I8, recently  furnishing  an  electrical engineering
 New York he visited a number of Wis-
UV   published a study of "Children  service to architects, investors,
and  consin graduates.-Alvin J. KOHN is
Working on Farms in Certain Sections  manufacturers.-R. P. MINTON is presi-
 manager for the industrial division of
of Northern Colorado," and is now com-  dent and Marshall ARNOLD vice-presi-
 the Kodel Radio Corp. of Cincinnati.-
pleting a study of "The Social Status  dent of the financial firm  of
R. P.  John A. PIERCE is the owner of the
of the Spanish in Rural Colorado." He  Minton & Co., Chicago.-The
book,     Super Service Station, Auto Service Co.,
is rural sociologist at the Colorado Agri-  "The Fatigue of Metals,"
by Professor  at San Bernardino, Calif. He is living in
cultural college.-Clarence L. NELSON  H. F. Moore, University of Illinois
and  Riverside, Calif.-George 0. PLAMON-
is a topographic engineer with the U. S.  Professor J. B. Kommers, University
of  DON is an arch engineer with the Board
Geological Survey at Washington, D. C.  Wisconsin has been translated into
 of Education, Chicago.
       02  Harry R. HEWITT has been   Russian, and negotiations are going
   1     Exterior night lighting of the new
 "02  elected to the office of county  German.-Frederick H. RICKEMAN
is             John H. McClatchy building
 judge of Pinellas county, Florida. He  superintendent of the Interstate
Light  at Philadelphia is done in mobile colors.
 will take office on January 8 for a term  & Power Co., Galena Ill  
          Thirty color changes take place in a ten
 of four years. This is the first time in                               
      minute interval so that the building
 the history of Florida when a Republi-   A7  Robert M. NIVEN has been  
    presents a continuously changing aspect
 can was elected to the judiciary in that  v v  elected states attorney of
Liv-  at night. The installation was planned
 state by popular vote.-Frederick A.    ingston county, Ill.            
      by the Pittsburgh Reflector company
 DELAY is a research engineer for the                                   
      engineering department, of which John
 Middle West Utilities Co. of Chicago.  1 08   George C. DANIELS is in charge
 A. HOEVELER   is manager.-Walter
 His home address is Stampford, Texas.         of the mechanical engineering
 HALL is chief draftsman for the Wash-
 '03    Walter ADAMS is an assistant   departmentoftheCommonwealthPower 
    ington State Highway Dept., Olympia.
       engineer in thRoad Construc-   Corp. of Michigan doing engineering
       engiPevertion thept.,d Constr- H work for a large number of utility
prop-  12  Stuart 0. BLYTHE, who for the
tion Floor, Prev. e                    erties.-Julius E. KAULFUSS is professor
      past four years was Washington
San Antonia, Tex.                      of highway engineering at Penn State
  representative of The Country Gentle-
904    Nettie M. COOK is chairman of  college.-Dr. Horace W. WRIGHT, who
   man, is now associate editor of the
       the botany-zoology section ofthe  is dean of the classical department
at  Ladies Home Journal-Mrs. Adelaide
North West Scientific Association which  Lehigh college, Bethlehem, Pa.,
has been  EVANS Harris, member of the faculty
met in Spokane on December 27 and 28.  studying in Rome during the past year.
 of Western Reserve university, Cleve-

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