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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 4 (Jan. 1929)

Phi Gams have new $90,000 home,   pp. 121-122

Page 121

January, 1929                    THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE          
                             Page 121
Phi Gains Hcave Nlew $90,000 Home
     Like "Onia Gallia," the house is
   divided into three parts.
     The two-story front on Langdon St.
   houses the Alumni Cottage. It contains
   a reception room, a ground-floor apart-
   ment for the chapter matron. On the
   second floor are four bedrooms with
   baths. This cottage is for the enter-
   tainment of returning alumni and their
     The next unit toward the lake is the
   student unit, four stories high. The top
   floor houses the chapter room. The first
   floor accommodates the kitchen, pan-
   tries, dining room, etc. The two central
   floors are given over to rooms for the
   chapter members.    These rooms are
   divided into groups of three. The center
   of the three is a sleeping room. On either
   si'de is a study and dressing room. Four
   men are quartered in each group of
   three rooms.
  Pictured above and at the right
are exterior and imnerior views of
the new home into which the Phi
Gamma Delta fraternity at the
University  moved last Sep-
  tbove is a vies looking from
the Lake Mendota end of the
sloping property, showing how
the new home is built to conform
with the property. Giving the
appearance of a castle from  his
position, the house is so con--                     ar
structed that at the Langdon St.
entrance a modest cottage-like
home greets the eye.
  A4t the right is shown the
Great Hall, social center of the
house, and a view of the west side
exterior, looking toward the lake.
  Believing that its readers are interested in
the new homes for fraternities and sororities  ning down a sloping lot 350
feet to Lake
with which they are intimately acquainted urof
which they are membters, The Wisconsin Alumni  Mendota, from which point
it resembles
Magazine '-nnounces this as the first of a ammotcslethsnwftriy
series which wilt be presented from time to ammotcslethsnwftriy
time.-Editor's Note.                  home is said to represent the newest
iN  EAR the east end of Langdon St.,    Greek letter society house construction.
Tesca       ieo faent         iei
     a modest new two-story Madison     While other houses are built first
along  Thened scal sidlkeo faeninarnity lifei
limestone fraternity house can be seen.  lines of a French chateau, a Colonial
 ceanteredatothes lake , endoin a sro   more
  Looking at the same property from     mansion, or a Mediterranean Villa
into thnwosrisigkwnate
Lake Mendota, a six-tr       asv       hihafaent       i  rwe     eod   
   great hall. The walls are paneled in
stone structure, resembling an English  arily, Phi Gamma Delta in its new
home  antique oak. The ceiling is oak, crossed
Tudor castle, arises,                 claims to have taken the fraternity
as anwith large hand-hewn beams.There
  This is the new ~9,O    oeinto      isiuinfrtthnohaeblthe             
   are long windows of leaded glass on
which Mu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta   home to suit the needs of the group.
 tresdsadFec            or    edn
fraternity moved with the opening of    Thus, it says, "this seems to
be the first  out onto the veranda. The roof of this
school last fall. The former home at  real fraternity house."      
        sectio is convertibl noasme
Langdon and Henry Sts. is now tem-      Student life, or study, social life,
and  gallery, overlooking the lake.
   poaiy occupied by Kappa Kappa      alumni interest are the three vital
sides  Neighbors of the new house are Alpha
Gamma sorority,                       to a fraternity around which the plan-Xi
Delta sorority on the East and
  Looking, as it does, like a modest    ners of the Phi Gamma Delta house
     Theta Delta Chi fraternity on the west.
private home from Langdon St., run-   worked.                           
   The address is i6 Langdon St.

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