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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 2, Number 8 (May 1901)

News from the alumni,   pp. 346-352

Page 346

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
that time, an unfortunate circum-
;stance but apparently unavoidable.
The board of control of the Wiscon-
Ă½sin Interscholastic Association are
:going to publish this year, instead of
the usual program of the meet, a
large illustrated souvenir year book,
which will contain probably fifty
pages of matter beside the program.
The book will contain a general his-
tory of the interscholastic movement
in the state and reviews of all the
principal sports. Many prominent
University athletes figure in the illus-
trations of the book as record holders
in  the   association, Kraenzlein,
Juneau, Helmholz and others being
among the number. The annual is
edited by George F. Downef, of the
class of '97, at present connected with
the South Division high school, Mil-
   The following list is supplementary
to the one published last year:
'68- Herbert William Chynoweth.
     '04 --Herbert E. Chynoweth.
'72 - George Geer Sutherland.
     '04--Sarah S. Sutherland.
 '72 1- William Thomas Kelsey.
     '01-- William T. Kelsey.
 '74 -Delia Emma Gilman.
       (Mrs. C. A. Lyman.)
     '04 -- Charles A. Lyman.
 75 -Mary Cordelia Draper.
       (Mrs. Rolla E. Noyes, q. v.)
'76 - Emma E. Dudgeon.
       (Mrs. W. F. Quirk.)
     '04- Leslie W. Quirk.
 '76 - Richard Ball Dudgeon.
    '04- Richard C. Dudgeon.
    '04--Wanda E. Dudgeon.
*'76 - Rolla Enoch Noyes.
    '04 -John D. Noyes.
    '04 -Roy E. Noyes.
 '79 -Belle Case.
       (Mrs. R. M. La Follette, q. v.)
'79- Robert Marion La Follette.
    '04- Fola La Follette.
  Prof. F. J. Turner is in Madison
:again after an eight months' trip
abroad. Mrs. Turner is still visiting
in the East.
  Prof. E. T. Owen has returned from
a few months' trip to Central Amer-
ica. He is in excellent health and re-
ports an enjoyable trip.
  Gen. Charles   King's wife   and
daughters have returned from abroad
and have taken a residence on Cass
st., Milwaukee.'
  What Professor Jastrow called "An
evergreen" for Dr. Butler upon en-
tering his eighty-seventh year, con-
sisted of six verses with' initials spell-
ing the name BUTLER, sealed with
a sprig of clover green  amid the
   Blest richly in old age!
   Unwearied in his years,
   The scholar turns again a page,
   thights fresh his lamp, and cheers
   3]E'er more each younger light
   Regarding his, that still burns bright.
   Miss Louise Faville, who for a
number of years was the University
librarian, -will spend the following
year abroad.
  Mr. John McCready, instructor in
cheese making in the Dairy School,
has been visiting several months with
his parents in Canada. He will begin

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