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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

Alumni news,   pp. 148-149

Page 148

February, 1927
                                            Alumni News
Notices of engagements, marriages, births, and deaths should be brief, definite
and accurate. Correct spelling of
 1917  Catherine  Davenport, Baltimore,
       Maryland, to Richard TE LINDE, also of
 1919  Rose Sturmer, Pt. Huron, Mich:, to
       Dr. Cleary Neil SWANSON, Iowa City,
 1920  Harriett E. LEvERICH to Dr. E. G.
       Colby, Yuma, Ariz.-
 1921 Lorena OESTREICH, New-, London, to
       Harry Peterson, Stillwater, Minn.
 1922  Edwina DEXTER to Ward GAUNTLETT,
 ex '24 both of Chicago.
 1924  Mary. BURCHARD, Ft. Atkinson, to
 1918 Leroy BURLINGAME, Milwaukee.
 1925 Julia CALLISS, Baraboo, to H. Thomas
 ex '25 Marcia FLEER to Arnold HEMPE,
 1924 both of Milwaukee.
 1925 Helen MARSH, Elroy, to Ch'arles W.
 ex '24 RILEY, Madison.
 1925 Eugenia MOORE, Glencoe, Ill., to
       Karl King, Wilmette, Ill. Mr. King is
       a graduate of Dartmouth College.
 1925 Katherine MORTON to Clifford NOLTE
 ex '25 both of ,Wauwatosa.
 1926 Mildred GLEiSNER,_ West Allis, to
      Duffy Peterson,ý Midison.
1926- Dorothy   TOOHEY, Milwaukee, 'to
1925, Birchard HAYES, Clearwater, Fla.
1927  Emily CONýTETT, St. Joseph, Mo., to
1925 Frank STUART, Manitowoc.
ex '27 Gertrude: Runge, Milwaukee, to Eus-
     tace FAUST, Wauwatosa.
ex '28 Florence LUDDEN, Bloomington, to
1926 Wesley MARTIN, Mineral Point.
ex '29 Betty ALBRECHT, Chicago, to Gustav
      Cramer, St. Louis, Mo.
 909  Sybil Nash, Sugar Hill, N. H., to
      James HOGAN, Mexico City, Mexico,
      November 6, at Madison.
 W. L. S. '13 Marion HUMBLE to' John Bru-
      baker, December 14. At home in
      New York City. Mrs. Brubaker is
      executive secretary of the National
      Association of Book Publishers, and
      Mr. Brubaker is an artist 6f national
ex '19 Lillian HUEGEL to Ralph Brower,
      December 20. At home in Madison,
      where Mr. Brower is employed with
      the State Highway Commission.
 1920 Gladys Jones, Mazomanie, to Irvin
      GIBSON, Madison, December     28.
      At home at Mayfield, Ky., where Mr.
      Gibson is superintendent of the Golden
      Key Condensery.
1920  Bess Jowett to Dr. E. F. TIERNEY,
      Portage, October 25.
ex '21 Edith Strassburger to Otto JUNG Jr.,
      both of Sheboygan, October 6.
 1922 Ethyl Cook, Puyallup, Washington,
      to Jessie POOLE, Cambridge, Decem-
      ber 15. At home in Cambridge, where
      Mr. Poole is proprietor of a drug store
M.A.'22 Marie Lichty to W. D. Sharer
      December, 1925.    Mr. Sharer is
      districts ales manager of the Yale Un-
      iversity, Press, with headquarters in
      Detroit, Mich.
1923  Ruth Weaver to Wilbur KATZ, both
      of Milwaukee, December 30. At home
      in Brooklyn, N. Y.
1923  Francis LANDON to Vincent KIVLIN,
1918  both of Madison, January    1, at
      Clintonville. Mrs. Kivlin is an in-
      structor in the University School of
      Music. Mr. Kivlin is assistant profes-
      sor -of agricultural education at the
      University and a teacher trainer for
      the State Board of Vocational Educa-
1923  Kathryn Whiting to John Cameron
      THOMPSON Jr., Oshkosh, December
      30. At home at 226 Algoma Blvd.,
1924  Marian HASWELL, Windsor, to Ray-
1924  mond LUDDEN, Bloomington, Decem-
      ber 30. At home in La Crosse, where
      Mr. Ludden will be an interne in St.
      Francis Hospital for several months.
1924  Jeanne Parrette, Spencer, to Byron
      HEAL, Richfield, June 21, 1924. At
      home in Madison.
roper names 'should receive careful attenti
    1924  Genevieye PATTERSON to C. Andrew
    1926 NORGORD, Cambridge, December 22,
          6t Evansville. At home at 1001-9th
          St.,' Bay City, -Mich. where Mr.
          Norgord is connected with the Good-
          rich Tire Co.
    M. A. '24 Peggy SMITH, Milwaukee, to
          Thomas Niles, Glen Ellyn, Ill.. Janu-
          ary 15.
    1924 Amy Halverson, Stanley, to Horace
          RISTEEN, 'Chippewa Falls, January 1.
          At home in Eau Claire, where Mr.
          Risteen is an engineer for the State
          Highway Commission.
    ex '24 Hazel Schweikert, Port Chester, N,
          Y., to Lieut. Roger TOFTOY, U. S. A.,
          Newark, Ill., December 28. At home
          at San Antonio, Texas, where Lieu-
          tenant Toftoy is an officer in the air
    1925  M-argaret CHAMBERLAIN, Grand Rap-'
    ex "25 ids, Mih., to J. Atkins'PARKER, ,St.
          Louis, Mo., October 2.
    1925  Isadore CLISSOLD, ChicagQ, to Robert
    1924 E. HILL, Madison, D     ember 30.
          At home at 1008 Pleasant Ave., Oak
          Park, i11. Mr. Hill is research chemist
          with the American Can Co., Maywood
    ex '25 Helen HUMISTON,   California, to
          George Turner, Burlington, In.
    ex '25 Betty Fowler, Eau Claire, to. Ray-
          mond SKOGLUND, Superior, April,
   \ex '25 Frances Gardien to Ralph SHERIDAN,
         - both of Fond du Lac, December.29.
         At home in Fond du Lac after March
    ex '26 Laura Russell, Madison, to Maynard
          ENLOE, River Falls, September 8.
    1926 Jean GOODNOW, Lansing, Mich., to
          Dr. E. Ralph 'McNair, Brodhead,
          December 28.-  At home at 3021
          Washington Blvd., Chicago.
    ex '26 Gertrude RUFF, Hammond   Ind, to
    1925  Carl LEwis, Cornell, Ill., becember
          25, at Chicago. At-home in Cornell,
    ex '27 Mary Josephine Conklin, Madison ,to
          Jam6s K. KNOx, Des Moines, Ia.,
          October 9.
    ex '27 Barbara THOMPSONto John Buckstaff,
          both of Oshkosh, December 29.
    ex '28 Margaret Gary CUMMINS, Chicago, to
    1921 Thomas E. Brittingham Jr., Madison,
          January 29. They will make their
          home in Chicago, where Mr. Britting-
          ham is in business.
    ex '28 Marion GALE, Oak Park, Ill., to
    ex '25 Bertrand DoYoN, Madison, December
          30. At home after March 1 at 2322
          West Lawn Ave., Madison.
    ex '29 Catherine MOONEY, Wauwatosa, to
    1926 Franklin H. MILLER, formerly of
         *Sparta, January 1. At home in Mil-
         waukee, where Mr. Miller is connected
         with the Milwaukee office of the Na-
         tional Surety-Company of New York.
    1907 To Mr. and Mrs. C. R. CLARK, 2040
          Agate St., Eugene, Ore., a daughter,
          Beverly Jean, December 9.
    1911 To Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Murphy
          (Glenna BUCKLEY), a daughter, Glen-
          na Catherine, December 1.
    1913 To Mr. and Mrs. A. E. CHRISTENSON,
          Salt Lake City, Utah, a son, Eugene
          B., February 24, 1926.
    1915 To Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Kuehn
          (Isabelle BROWNELL), 578 Beverly
          Rd., Milwaukee, a daughter, Nancy
          Louise, June 25.
    1916 To Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Howard
          (Vera SPINNEY), Lahore, India, twin
          sons, Harlan Hilton and Charles
          William, December 25.
    1917 To Mr. and Mrs. Ray MCCRORY,
          575-38th St., Milwaukee, a daughter,
          Marilyn, December 7.
    1919 To Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Clary
          (Huldah GERDS), San Mateo, Calif.,
          a son, John, November 3.
    1919 To Dr. and Mrs. King G. WOODWARD,
          Rockford, Ill., a son, John Richard-
          son, November 17.
  1920  To Mr. and Mrs. Newton V. WAGNER
  ex '21 (Isabel FARRAND), 531 Lake Drive,
        Milwaukee, a daughter, Janet Mac-
        Naughton, November 28.
  1920  To Mr., and Mrs. Elliott J. Neal
       (Dorothy Belle 'WoOD). 609 Hinman
       Ave., Evanston, Ill., a son, Hilton
       Ladd, December 24.
  1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Lyman E. JAcKSON
  1919  (Madelon WILLMAN), 220 Tenth St.,
        N., Fargo, N. D., a daughter, Joseph-
        ine Mary, November 25.
  1922  To Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sewall
        (Charlotte O'MALLEY), 2222 Grand
        Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn., a son,
        Samuel Sewall VI, December 12.
  1922 To, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. SNEIDER
  1923  (Anne ALEXANDER), Duluth, Minn.,
       a daughter, -Elizabeth Anne, Septem-
       ber 27.
  1923 To Mr. and Mrs. G. D. -Meyrick.
       (Hester MARTIN), 418 S. Jackson St.7
       Green  Bay, a daughter, Frances
  M. A. '23 To Mr. and Mrs. William Sentnian
  1923 TAYLOR,(Phoebe SMITH) Northamp-
       ton, Mass., a daughter, Phoebe Agnes,
   e   November 12.
 ex '25-To Mr. and Mrs. Armand HANSMAW
 1924  (Deborah SANBORN), Kankakee, Ill.,
       a son, Armand Alan,. June 23.
   JOSEPH W. CURTIS, Civil War veteran
 died at La Crosse on October'10, 1926, at'the
 age of 84. -Death resulted from injuries
 received when a street car struck him. The
 accident occurred very near his home, 1315
 Main St.
   Mr. Curtis was born May 12, 1842,. at
 Unadilla, New York. Twelve years later he
 came to Madison with his parents, Mr. and
 Mrs. Ira Curtis.
   While a student in the University in 0861
 he enlisted in the Twelfth Wisconsin Volun-
 teers. He was -with General Sherman on the
 farmous march to the sea and was also in the
 battle of Vicksburg. He served as a hospital
 steward throughout the period of the Civil
   On January 29, 1868, he married Julia
 McConder, at Fond du Lac. In 1877 they
 removed to Madison and continued to live
 here until. November, 1922, when they
 moved to La Crosse.
   Mr. Curtis was connected with Park Davis
 and Company of Detroit for 25 years and
 retired on pension when he reached the age
 of 70.
   Surviving him are his widow and one son,
 Harry M. Curtis, of La Crosse.
   Interment was at Madison.
   BRASIER R. ELLIS, Civil War veteran,
 died -at the home of his daughter in Spring
 Valley, Minn., on December 30, 1926, at the
 age of 85.
   Mr. Ellis, while yet a young lad, came from
 Pennsylvania with his parents and settled
 in the vicinfty of Windsor. After reaching
 young 'manhood he taught. school for a while
 and then entered the University of Wiscon-
 sin. When the Civil War broke out, he was
 the first to volunteer from Westport and
 was amongst the first group of University
 students to leave Madison in response to
 Lincoln's call.' He served in the Union ranks
 for three years and three months, was honor-
 ably discharged, returned home and took up
 farming. In 1867 he married Olyette Smith,
 a young woman who had considerable
 poetical ability. It is said that Mrs. Ellis
 and Ella Wheeler (later Wilcox) were great
 friends and that Mrs. Ellis helped Ella
 Wheeler in her first poetic flights. Mrs. Ellis
 died several years ago.
   Although Mr. Ellis was nearly helpless for
 the last three years, he was able to enjoy
 reading and was otherwise in apparently good
 health up to within eight days of his death.
   A  large group of friends gathered at
 Windsor, where burial took place, to pay
 their last respects toone of the oldestresidents
 of Windsor and the last but one to be
 "mustered out" of his regiment of the First
 Wisconsin Volunteers.
   Surviving him are a som, Claude Ellis,
 of Necedah, and a daughter, Mrs. Lydia
 Miller, Spring Valley, Minn.
 died at Elberta, Utah, In December, 1926.
 Mr. Albertson left Chicago and went to
 Utah in 1912, since which time he made his
 home in that state.

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