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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

New football coach for Wisconsin,   pp. 145-146

Page 145

      New Football Coach for Wisconsin
  "It gives me a great deal of general
satisfaction and pleasure to recommend
to the Athletic Council, the President, and
Board of Regents of the University a
coach of such high quality as Glenn
Thistlethwaite. It will be a pleasure to be
closely associated with a man of Mr.
Thistlethwaite's character, background,
professional training and ability as a
teacher. He is one of the leading men in
his chosen profession and will fit nicely
into the staff of the Department of
~Physica/d   t  n.''-GG oRGn LITTLE
T"HE    BIG   EVENT    of interest to
    Itathletic circles during the month
was thp selection of Mr. Glenn Thistle-
thwaite of Northwestern University as
head coach of football next fall. The
selection was made on the recommenda-
tion of George Little, director of ath-
letics, who is relinquishing direct con-
trol of football in order that he. may
devote his full time to the other re-
sponsibilities of his office. Mr. Little
has a comprehensive program of intra-
mural athletics and physical education
which will be developed at Wisconsin.
  Mr. Thistlethwaite was graduated
from Earlham   College, Richmond, In-
diana, in 19o8. He was elected to Phi
Beta Kappa and distinguished himself
in undergraduate athletics.
  Upon graduation he became athletic
director at Illinois College at Jackson-
ville. After a period of two years he re-
Luli im&L Lv  ax . iLc, in w,£ mz ll It i mI wI tLtao Ltlui   L/
ofathletics for four years. During-that
time he turned out a football team that
won the Indiana college championship.
  Mr. Thistlethwaite next went to Oak
Park high school where he was director
of physical education. He made an
especially brilliant record during his
nine years in that institution, producing
one national high school, three inter-
state, and two county championship
  Five years ago he went to North-
western. University as head coach of
football at a time when football at that
institution was on the decline. His suc-
cess in that institution is demonstrated
by the record of Northwestern which
tied for second place in the Big Ten last
year and for the championship this year.
It is expected that Mr. Thistlethwaite
will be at Madison in time for early
practice next spring.
  Perhaps no
Wisco nsin
foot-ball men-
tor has been so
well and favor-
ably known
the state and
among alumni
   GEORGE LITTLE     in general as
                     George Little.
During his two years here, he has ad-
dressed hundreds of Wisconsin audiences
and become acquainted with thousands
of Wisconsin's adult and junior citizens.
Possessed of a remarkable memory,
Little has endeared himself to thousands
of men and boys by calling them by
name upon the second meeting with
them. He is very human, and on his
trips throughout the state, many a
budding youth of ten to fourteen in the
elementary and high schools has puffed
up with pride because Coach Little
evidenced personal interest in him or
what he was doing, spoke a kind word
to him or perhaps gave him a pat of en-
couragement on the shoulder.
  Mr. Little has a good record as coach
at Wisconsin during the past two years,
having won eleven, tied two, and lost
three games. This gives the Badgers a
first division rating in the Big Ten
  An extensive program of outdoor
sports, intra-mural competition, to-
gether with development of training
courses for physical education teachers
will claim the major portion of Director
Little's attention in the future.
  Sailing through its pre-conference
itinerary after being grounded at the
season's outset by Franklin College and
later Indiana, the Wisconsin basketball
ship,. directed by the "Little Giant" of
the hardwood, Dr. Walter E. Meanwell,
has hit upon its traditional stride of
victory and seems well on its way-to the
port of Western Conference cage su-
   An indomitable spirit of fight, great
momentum, a weaving, deceptive type of
floor work, and a steel-like defense is as
characteristic of the present Cardinal
squad as it has been of Badger basket-
ball teams of past years which brought
to Wisconsin the laurels of the game.
   Wisconsin's sextette of victories this *
 season came when the'Badgers played
 their trump cards-,the short pass and
 the solidly organized defense. In the
 tussles with the two crack Hoosier fives,
 the Collegians and the Crimson team
 resorted to the deadly range shots that
 are directed almost as though they were
 controlled by wireless.
   "Doc" Meanwell has under his tute-
 lage this year one of the most smoothly
 working outfits of recent times. An-
 drews and Behr present a forward com-
 bination that can register an average of a
 half-score of field goals a game. The
 lanky Kowalczyk and Tenhopen, pilot
 men, are capable in defense tactics;
 Kowalczyk is also gifted with a remark-
 able eye for the hoop. For those who
 have seen the Badgers in action the
 ability of Captain Ralph Merkel and
 "Rollie" Barnum  in thwarting    the
enemy's advance is popular sport talk.
Both play a sensational game, and the
toes wno succeed in perrorating tne
Merkel-Barnum fort certainly are de-
serving of any laudatory comments
lavished upon them.
  The minute-men who bolster the
Cardinal squad include a trio of for-
wards-Nelson, Miller, and Ellerman,
and an equal quota of guards-Hotch-
kiss, Doyle, and Murphy. Three play-
ers were dropped    from  the squad
recently by "Doc" Meanwell-Powers,
Stotts, and Mansfield. The move proved
somewhat of a surprise to fans, but the
step was taken by the "Little Giant" as
a means of devoting more attention to a
further concentrated group.
  The most encouraging spectacle on
Wisconsin's horizon is the evident -fact
that the team has not reached the sum-
mit of its ability; that marked improve-
ment is realized   as their program
dwindles; that February and March
engagements will see a superb, invinc-
ible quintet.
  Franklin College migrated to Madison
in mid-December to give Wisconsin her
first touch of the cage season and made
good its traditional knack of putting a
kink i n the Badger enamel. The Col-
February, -1927

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