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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 4 (Feb. 1927)

The military service record and honor roll,   p. 139

Page 139

The Military Service Record
        and Honor Roll
D   ID YOU GIVE military service in
     any war, that is, subsequent to
attending the University?
  If so, did you receive a military record
blank and have you returned it?
  If you-still have a blank in your pos-
session, you are urged to send it in at
once. The Memorial Union corner-stone
ceremony, at which the Military Service
Record and Honor Roll is to be formally
presented, will be held this spring, prob-
ably in March. The deadline for the
service reports to be included in thfe
presentation has been set at February
  On January I, a check-up of the rec-
ords, under the direction of Prof. Carl
Russell Fish, historian, revealed that
1,8oo of the service, men who received
report blanks had not yet returned
them. A follow-up card went out to
these 1,8oo alumni on January 15, as a
reminder that the zero hour is at hand.
  It is worthy of emphasis that the Uni-
versity's war records will commemorate
both men and women who served in the
armed forces or their auxiliary bodies,
not only during the World War, but in
all the Nation's wars,' starting with the
Civil War. Any information about Uni-
versity Civil War veterans, particularly,
will be welcome news at the Alumni
Records office.
  Ex-soldiers who have not received or
who have misplaced their service record
blanks may obtain them promptly by
writing to the Records office. For mem-
bers of the S. A. T. C., although they
are being included in the record, it will
not be necessary to file reports since
satisfactory information is already in
the hands of the University.
  The following is the last of a series of
lists giving the names of "lost" soldiers
for whom the University has no correct
address and only an uncertain or in-
complete record of military service.
  Any information as to the where-
abouts of these men and definite facts
about their service records will aid
gready in the University's important
task of compiling an official and final
Military Service Record and Honor
Roll. Address communications to the
Alumni Records Office, 772 Langdon St.
Carpenter, Dow W., CC i4-1S, L.S. I5-I7
Comstock, William T., B.A. (CJ) '21
Connell, Joe J., L.S. i 1-12
Cook, Arthur M., A. (M.) 15-17
Cusson, Samuel J., C. C. 17-18, E. E. 19-2o
Curtis, Emory B., B. A. 'i3
Dawson, Charles W., B. A. 'II
Fernberg, Clarence L., L. S. Grad. 17-18
Gould, Stephen G., B. S. (C. E.) 17
Haack, Theophiel T., A. Ad. Sp. o9-io, 13-14
Kinne, Burdette I., B. A. '14
Knutson, Arthur M., E. E. 95-98, Sp. 98-99
Union Building Making Rapid Progress
  in a hurry!
  No matter the snow, no
matter the freezing wind
that sweeps across the Men-
dota ice, the Union building
is going up!   This picture
was taken on the site Janu-
ary 15, when it was 5 degrees
below zero.   Twenty men
were pouring cement.
  Contracts for the first two
units of, the building-the
f,        I - - -1 1- L
tral unit-were let on No-
vember 5, involving $773,-
ooo. The Pfeffer Construc-
tion ICompany bfs "Duluth,
Minnesota, was the 'low bid-
  In four days 'machinery
and men were on the site,
and the network of cement
columns and steel supports
has gone up steadily ever
since. Under the protecting
mat of straw and canvas the
rooms of an enormous kitch-
en and all of its auxiliaries
have already taken shape.
The steel supports of the su-
perstructure are being raised now.
  The work will go on without inter-
ruption. With the Pfeffer Company un-
der contract to finish the job in i8
months, the building will be in operation
by the fall of 1928.
Knocke, Louis T., B. S. (M. E.) 'I7
Massee, Richard D., A. 13-16, S. S. 14, 15
McCoy, William J., B. A. (C. C.) '19
Myers, Howard K., C. C. 16-17
Packard, Gooding, E. E. o7-o9
Phillips, William B., A. 14-17
Puerner, Wilfred J., A. 14-17
Rehfuss, Isidor L., B. A. '12, M. A. '13
Richards, Harold A., L. S. o8--o9
Rudy, Paul P., L. S. 15-18, L. 19-21
Schneider, Walter G., B. S. (E. E.) 'io
Thompson, Roy Winfield, L. S. 16-18, I9-2o
Thomsen, Frederick L., M. S. '19
Weinberg, Jacob Hyman, L. S. 16-17
Watson, Robert Dean, L. S. 15-17
Weiskopf, Arthur A., L. S. 11-14
Weitmann, Waldemare E., Ch. E. 2!-2o
Welk, Harold E., Engr. 13-15
Weller, Charles G., B. S. (Med.) '17
Weller, Walter T., L. S., Pre-Med. 15-17
Wendlgnd, Herman E., L. S. 14-16
Wendt, Carl Albert, B. S. (E. E.) '13
Wendt, Herbert C., Engr. 14-16
Wenstadt, Julius Louis, B. S. A. '21
Wentz, Arno Edward, S. S. '16
Weslow, Joseph A., Agric. 17-18
Westphal, Harry Leroy, B. A. (C. C.) '2o
Whedon, Vyse Beckwith, C. C. 15-17
Wheeler, Harold P., L. S. 15-16
White, Arthur B., Engr. 16-18
White, Leon A., L. S. 14-17
White, Marcus D., L. S. Med. 16-18
Wilander, Elmer T., C. J. 15-16
Wilander, Joseph, Ex. 15-16
Wilcox, Guy C., C. J. 13-16
  In the meantime the Union
Executive Committee is con-
centrating upon its two ma-
jor problems of planning for
the operation of the building
and   of collecting  money
necessary to pay for it in full.
  While it is true that the
contract for the whole of the
first two units was let, it
was made possible only by
borrowing   $9oooo, which
was loaned by a Madison
outstanding pledges. Since
the letting of contracts, ap-
proximately $I5, 000 has been
paid off on the note, reducing
the obligation at the bank to
$75,000.  The note is due
April 20, 1927, and bears
6 per cent interest.
  The Union. Committee took
this move of borrowing cash
as a last desperate effort to
get building started, relying
on the promises of hundreds
of subscribers who said-they
ing up!       when building started. More
              than $3oo,ooo is still unpaid.
      With building well under way, the
    committee on January 15 took decisive
    action to call in all outstanding money
    and close up overdue subscriptions this
    spring. Strenuous efforts will be made
    to clear the $9o,ooo note by April.
Wilde, Edwin H., L. S. 13-14
Wilder, Lloyd L., B. A. (C. C.) '21
Willegal, Andrew, Ag., S. 'i8
Williams, Franklin C., L. S. 13-15
Williams, Rolland Franklin, L. S. 22-23'
Williams, Robert Newton, Agric. '13-I6
Williams, Stewart S., L. S. Grad. 14-15
Wilson, Albert V., Engr. 11-13.
Wilson, Eugene Hewitt, Agric. Grad. 16-17
Wilson, Lewis Kemper, B. S. A. '12
Wilson, Ralph Warren, Engr. ,3-o4
Wilson, Sylvester F., Engr. o5-Io
Wilson, William P., Ph. B. '17
Winterbotham, Ralph W., Engr. o6-67, L. S.
Wolf, George P., B. A. '1o
Wolff, Herman W., L. S. o3-o6
Wood, Benjamin B., Agric 16-17
Woodhouse, Edward J., Grad. iO-ui1
Wright, Frederick Howard, Engr. 14-15
Wright, Lewis Maxion, Engr. 16-18
Wright, Robert W,, L. S. 15-18
Young, Adelbert J., B. A. '4
Young, Alvin Warren, Agric. Short I6-17
Young, Gavin W., C. C. 16-17
Young, Jr., Hohn H., Ch. C. 15-17
Young, Robert A., L. S. 13-16
Youngechild, Roy C., Ag. (d.) 15-I6
Yount, Courtland M., L. S. Grad. 16-17
Zeitz, Edwin, L. S. 16-17
Zetteler, Howard L., L. Sp: 16-17
Ziegler, Alvin L S. 16-17
Ziemann, Arthur H., S. S. 18-19
Zieske, A. Rolland, Ex 15-17
Zillman Harold A., C. C. 11-14
February, 1927

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