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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

The secretary's page,   pp. 102-103

Page 102

The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine
                       Published by
The General Alumni Association, University of Wisconsin
            Member of Alumni Magazines, Associated'
BART E. McCoRMIcK, 04, General Secretary and Editor
  /            ETrrA RADKE, '16, Assistant
Board of Directors
       (24 Months' Term)
CHR&Rs BYron, '08, Chicago, IlL, President
MARY CaYii B     MrINGAM, '89, Madison
   Vie-P. dent
F. H. EL*wzL '08, Madison, Treasurer.
LOYAL Duamm, '91, Milwaukee
OscAR HALUAL, '87, St. Paul, Minn.
       (18 Months' Term)
B. E. McCowncx, '04, Madison
L. F. VAN HR=a, '04, Madison
JosnPH E. DAviEs, '98, Washington, D. C.
N. V. Smar  '26, Chicago, M11.
JEsW NERoN SWANSEN, '98, Milwaukee
        (12 Months' Term).
WA=TER ALEXANDER, '97, Milwaukee, Re-
   cording Secretary
L. F. GRABsR, '10, Madison
FRAam CoRNma, '96, Berkeley, Calif.
VicToRFALR, '11, Stoughton
KARL MAtlN, '11. New York City
        (6 Months' Term)
J. B. Km, '89, Portland, Ore.
W. J. MoROzmy, '81, Dallas, Tex.
CixORD BEz'rS, '13, Denver, Colo.-
G.ORGE EvANs, '94, St. Louis, Mo.
MAcoaR MuELLR, '26, Milwaukee
   Published monthly during school year except September and October. Entered
second class matter at the Post Office, Ma-dison, Wis.
   Alumni Dues, including subscription to the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine,
$4.00 per year,
ppyable in advance. Fifty cents extra for foreign postage. Checks, drafts,
and money orders
ihould be made payable to the General Alumni Association, University of Wimconsin,
mailed to 821 StateSt., Madison, Wis.
   I Subscription continued unles.subscriber sends notice of &-scontinuance
to the Associa-
tion prior to the date of expiration.
   The Secretary's Page
 H4 APPY NEW YEAR-When this number of The
 A---alamni Magazine reaches you, 1926 will be a
 matter of record and 1927 a matter of anticipation.
 We hope the old 'year left many pleasant memories with
 you, and that the New Year may bring you health,
 happiness and prosperity in abundance.
 FOUNDATION          DAY, I849-I927-Three-quarters
    of a century! A faculty increased from one to more
 than a thousand; students, then 17, now    more than
 8,ooo; in 1849 a room hired in a local building, now a
 campus of unrivaled beauty covered with stately build-
 ings; an institution for nearly 2o years neglected and
 almost starved, then adopted and supported by the
 state, becoming, by an amazing change of fortune the
 child in whom Wisconsin has most pride." -Ex-Presi-
 dent BIRGE.
   The first public notice regarding the opening of the
 University, more than three quarters of a century ago,
 "advertised to commence on the first Monday in Feb-
 mary." From 17 students to more than 65,ooo former
 students and alumni, living in every state in theUnion
 and all countries of the world, is the record of our Alma
 Mater, a record of which we have every reason to be
 proud. Let us get together during February, on Found-
 ers Day, the i 9th, if possible, to review her history,
 discuss her accomplishments, and glory in her achieve-
 ments. Know your Alma Mater's problems. It will be a
 challenge to you to cooperate in a practical and sub-
 stantial way with those who are seeking their solution;
 it will develop in you an appreciation of your responsi-
 bilities as an alumnus; it will be an invitation to you
 individually, and as an organized group to carry on for
 our Wisconsin. '
    To assist you the Alumni Magazine for February will
  carry a story about the University,and this office willaid to
  the extent of its ability. Is it necessary to urge every
group of organized alumni to arrange 'for a Founders'
Day meeting during February?
  If you do not have a University of Wisconsin Club in
your community,-why not make a Founders' Day Cele-
bration the occasion for organizing one?
  May we not trough our activity on'this, the 78th
anniversary of its organization, justify the faith of the
pioneer fathers in our great University of Wisconsin?
HOMECOMING - Homecoming               suggests  a   re-
  I I turning of members of the, family, or former
residents of the community to renew acquaintance,
exchange experiences and-celebrate together. It is a-sort
of a holiday when those who' have "been gone" are
welcomed back by those who havee "stayed-on." At the
University, Homecoming suggests a return of the "old
grads" and former students to renew old college associa-
tions and to meet old acquaintances among former
students and faculty. 'In practice- Homecoming centers
around a conference football game.   There is little
opportunit for "grads" to get together or to meet the
faculty except that which is provided by the hotels
and they are usually so -crowded that it is practically
imposible ,to find-anyone or to-visit should friends''
accidentally meet. "Grads" would welcome an oppor-_
tunity to meet college acquaintances.     A reception
immediately after the game to meet the President and
faculty, a smoker for the men, or a party or an enter-
tainment by University talent for Hlomecomers in the
evening would be welcomed by alumni who return on
that day. Incidentally, a complete program aside from
the football. game would be pleasant and at the same
time productive of a better' feeling and more genuine
interest on the part of Homecomers.
IrNTERCOLLEGIATE           HOTELS -Many          favor-
    able comments have been received from traveling
 alumni who have stopped at Intercollegiate Alumni
 Hotels and who have seen the array of alumni publica-
 tions kept on file in them. Nearly ninety .colleges. and
 universities are now sending' copies of their alumni
 publications regularly to all Intercollegiate Alumni
 Hotels and it is estimated that the number will be well
 over a hundred by next spring. In addition a register
 of all local alumni is on file with the clerk of these hotels
 and hotel managements are in a position to give visitors
 ,information about local alumni or to direct them to
 officers of local alumni clubs for information which'the
 hotels cannot furnish. If local club officers have not
 established contact with the Intercollegiate Alumni
 Hotels in their city, they are urged to do so for these
 hotels are prepared to offer special service to local
 alumni as well as to visiting alumni.
 OUCH-"Your statement was received. I have been
     getting the magazine occasionally and when I did
 get it I didn't read it. My wife is a graduate of
 and a member of the Alumni Association. She gets a
 weekly magazine that we both enjoy reading for it keeps
 us in touch with what is going on. I am enclosing two
 dollars which is about what the Alumni Magazine was
 worth to me during the past year. Cut me off your list."
   That kind of support of the Wisconsin Alumni As-
 sociation will never put us in a position to do: what -our
 neighbors are doing and what we hope to do as soon as
 our membership warrants it. Besides, members should
 not interpret their dues as merely a subscription to.ihe
 magazine. All of the activities of The Association are
 financed out of the association membership dues. It is
 a sort of service station for alumni, for former students
 and prospective students. It is a medium for rendering
 effective assistance to the institution from which we
_7anuary, -1927

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