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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 3 (Jan. 1927)

What alumni are thinking about,   p. 96

Page 96

6 anuary, 1927
What Alumni Are Thinking About
C "     UD' BEYE said a mouthful in
     ..his exoneration of 'Lou' Bridg-
 man for missing out one month on news
 of our class. I missed it too. But if we
 don't make the news, or send it in,
 Bridgman can't report it. Of course a
 lot of us are just plugging along and
 don't 'bust' into print very often. Take
 my case: Twelve years of newspaper
 work in the big town and now      in
 financial advertising in the little town,
 raising a family; teaching in Sunday
 school, and what not,-mighty busy,
 but nothing for other folks to get excited
 over. Reading 'Old Grad's' letter from
 Oregon in the December issue, I couldn't
 help wondering 'Why not more letters?'
 There's a lot more in them than just a
 news paragraph. Friends meant a lot to
 the service men,-that's evident from
 the letters you reprinted. I wonder if
 some of the other fellows in 'o6 felt
 themselves tied to the University by so
 many ties- as I found by reading the last
 number? There was Art Curtis-one of
 the men in my bank had his wife in
 Chicago for an operation by Curtis on
 the day that Mrs. Curtis was very ill
 at the-same hospital. Your fine editorial
 on George Little--I'm with you there.
 And Clara Richards telling of the Com-
 mencement this year in the stadium,-,
 I was there too! Watch me tune in on
 the radio program with the one-tube. set
 my ,12-year-old son made in manual
 training. And a bit about-Fern Scott's
 political success in Vilas County. What
 would the 'o6 reunions be without her?
 Alexius Baas and I marched together in
 the commencement procession twenty
 years ago. Albert Twesme and I were
 respectively i3th and i2th in an ora-
 torical contest in our sophomore year.
 And look where he is now! George
 Blanchard and I are from the same ol'
 high school at Colby and were room;
 mates our first year at Madison. And
 down the page there was a note on 'Art'
 Lambeck, '07, whose friendship I value
 very highly. I guess that shows you how
 much I enjoyed your December num-
 ber. Keep up the splendid work!"-
 WALTER DISTELHORST, 'o6, Sheboygan.
 ",AM enclosing a check for $4.oo to
      pay my alumni dues for 1927. The
first of the year I am moving to Los
Angeles, California, to do library work
in the county and I do not want to miss
a single number of the Alumni Maga-
zine, so I am sending you a temporary
address to which to mail it. Being so
far away from my Alma Mater, I am
sure any news of Madison will be even
more welcome than it always is.
  "I think you are to be congratulated
on the new and enlarged magazine which
you are now putting out. It makes one
proud   to belong   to the Wisconsin
Alumni Association. I read mine eagerly
each time a new one arrives, omitting
nothing, not even the ads."---CLAIRE
NOLTE, j,8, County Free Library, 204
North Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif.
6 TrHE DECEMBER issue of the
    .l.Alumni Magazine reached me last
 night and since that time I have found
 time-one thing a commuter can do-
 to read it practically from cover to
 cover. I cannot refrain from writing to
 express my delight and satisfaction in
 finding our publication stuffed with
 interesting news and put together in a
 fashion to make it a splendid bit of
   "From the cover on through it has
 more vitality, punch, and color than any
 alumni magazine I have had, the
 privilege of reading. You have installed
 a number of new features, you have
 made more of the old standby stuff. I
 liked the 'tone of the little article on Dr.
 Arthur H. Curtis, 'o2, and have felt for a
 long time that we needed to know more
 about Wisconsin graduates, professors,
 and friends who ar.,4oing things, both
 at school and on the outside.   The
 article on Military Service Record was
 also a 'corker.' The mechanical get-up
 of the News of the Classes strikes me as
 an improvement.
   "As far as I am concerned the Decem-
 ber issue is as effective as a whole sales
 campaign for the Association. Here's
 hoping you get the same reaction from
 4o,ooo others."-JoHN L. BERGSTRES-
 SEk, '25, Evanston, I11.
 "M    AY I congratulate you on the
        great improvement of the Wis-
consin Alumni Magazine?    It is de-
cidedly better than it was a few years
ago and grows constantly more interest-
ing and beautiful. Its format as well as
its content has shown such a remarkable
improvement that it can hardly be con-
sidered the same publication that ex-
isted under the same name a decade
ago. -MAYNARD W. BROWN, '23, As-
sociate Professor of Industrial Journal-
ism, Kansas State Agricultural College.
A    LOYAL alumnus from the West
     writes: "Could anything be done
about other schools using "On Wiscon-
sin" for their school song? ............
are doing so at present. Shouldn't they
be encouraged to have their own?"
  We believe that they should be en-
couraged to have their own but we
doubt if anything can be done about it.
We are told by an alumnus who lived in
Honolulu that the tune of "On Wis-
consin" is as familiar to students of
Punahou Academy as it is familiar to
students of American universities and
that they sing their "On Punahou" with
as much vim and vigor as a group of
Wisconsin- students sing "On Wiscon-
sin." After all, isn't it quite,,4Xhpli-
ment to Wisconsin and Wisconsin tal-
ent?                             A
    Switheach- issue-. Let' shave more
news and pictures of theWomen's Athlet-
ics this year, including the faculty. Your
news from   alumni clubs is always
splendid. I'd give a lot to haveone near
me."-Rachel Chadwick Porch, '19.
   Good suggestion. Well do it.
   "1 HAVE' Just recently learned
   " through our-local secritary that
Haresfoot will make a stop in St. Louis
this spring on April 5th. That's the .best
thing that's happened yet and maybe
it will serve to wake up a lot of St. Louis
and vicinity alumni who haven't had a
club meeting in two years."--James T.
Watson, '2'4.
  Here'shoping the St. Louis club will
"get together" for Wisconsin soon.
THE      enclosed check is to cover
      dues for current year. I have had
the Alumni 'Mag' from its first issue and
can't get along without it. I send per-
sonal best wishes to our secretary and
shall surely see him when '85 reunes."
Mrs. H. J. Taylor, '8g, Berkeley, Calif.
  We hope that you will receive the
Magazine regularly and that you will
continue to enjoy reading it.
"pLEASE accept my congratula-
     tions on the attractive appearance
of the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine, No.
1, Vol. 28. I have read it carefully and
have found it full of interest.-Lucy
McGlachlin Berry, '94, Madison.
Dormitory Discipline
         Early Eighties
in the
        (Continued from page 93)
offered for the apprehension of the false
alarmist, has furnished himself with pen
pictures of the Junior Engineers. Such
is fame."
  As confession is good for the soul, I
may add that the junior engineers above
mentioned were of the class of '81, and
that the Local Editor of the University
Press, who wrote these items, was Fred
S. White, the present secretary of the
Class of '8I.

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