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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 9 (July 1926)

Alumni news,   pp. 291-292

Page 291

.7uly, 1926
                                            Alumni News
                        Alumni please keep in touch with the MAGAZINE and
with your class secretary.
    Notices of engagements, marriages, births, and deaths should be brief,
definite and accurate. Correct spelling of proper names should receive
careful attention. Requests to insert pictures should be accompanied by 13
em. half tone copper cut of 133 screen, or by photograph and check
for $2.5o.
1912  Clara Thorsen, Scandinavia, to Ar-
      thur EIERMAN, Milwaukee.
ex '22 Frances Jackman, Janesville, to J.
1921 Harold Draper, Oak Park, Ill.
1922  Eleanor Kehle to Garret Robar, both
      of Glenview, Ill.
1922 Lila Simon, 'Lewiston, Minn., to Oscar
      MAGISTAD, Sturgeon Bay. Mr. Mag-
      istad has been serving as chemist for
      the United Fruit Company in their
      laboratories at Tela, Honduras, Cen-
      tral America.
1923- Edith CRANE, Burlington, to Dr. Rob-
      ert Reinardy, Milwaukee. The wed-
      dingwill occur sometime this summer.
1923  Edna DICKES to Jesse Brumbaugh,
      both of Greenville, Ohio. Mr. Brum-
      baugh is a graduate of the University
      of Michigan and is now practicing law
      in Greenville.
1923  Frances LANDON, Clintonville, to Vin-
1918  cent KIVLIN, Madison. Miss Landon
      is instructing in the University School
      of Music. Mr. Kivlin is assistant pro-
      fessor of agricultural education at the
      University and teacher trainer for the
      State Board of Vocational Education.
1924  Ida BIERKE, Denmark, to George
1924  SCARSETH, New Haven, Conn. Miss
      Bierke is teaching in the 'Denmark
      high school and Mr. Scarseth is con-
      nected with the Connecticut Agricul-
      tural Experiment Station.
1924  Mildred BRYANT to Carl Meyer, both
      of Milwaukee. Mr. Meyer is a gradu-
      ate of the University of Michigan.
1924  Mary Kriz Milwaukee, to Mervin
1921 FLO;&, Madison.   Mr. Flom, is en-
      gaged in engineering work at Shreve-
      port, La.
1924  Evelyn Pfister, Sheboygan, to Harold
      MAIER, Antigo. Mr. Maier is on the
      staff of the Sheboggan Press.
1925  Marjorie BENTON, Aurora, Ill., to Paul
1925  MUENZBERG Jr., Milwaukee.
1925  Myra CONNEL, Chilton, to Arthur
1925  KOCH, Manitowoc. Mr. Koch is with
      the Aluminum Goods Company of
1925  Ruth HEWITT to Maxwell HERRIOTT,
1924  both of Des Moines, Ia. Mr. Herriott
      has been secretary to Judge Burr W.
      Jones and a member of the faculty of
      the University law school.
1925  Pauline HOEBEL, Madison to Lynn
1925  BUSBY, Arcadia. Mr. Busby is with
      the Wisconsin State Highway Com-
1925  Carolyn PEET to George Conover,
      both of Hinsdale, Ill. Mr. Conover
      attended Culver Military Academy.
1925  Carolyn  TURGRIMSON    to  Reuben
1922  CHADBOURNE, both of Chicago.
1926  Lorraine Appuhn to William ATKINS,
      both of Madison.
1926  Frances  COBABE, Wauwatosa, to
1925  Sterling ALBERT, Oconomowoc.
1926  Florence MCCABE to George GORE,
ex '27 both of Madison.
1926  Dorothy MORSE, Chicago, to Bert
ex '25 HILBERTS, Jefferson.
1926  Gladys WOLF to Howard PRATT, both
ex '25 of Madison. Miss Wolf graduated
      this June from the course in home eco-
      nomics. Mr. Pratt is connected with
      the Illinois Bell Telephone Company,
1927 Alice BOLLERUD, Hollandale, to Alvin
1926  LIVINGSTON, Livingston.
1927  Mary MILLS; Black River Falls, to
1924  Dr. Robert KROHN. Dr. Krohn grad-
      uates from Rush Medical College this
      ear and will take up his practice in
      Erooklyn, N. Y.
1927 Eleanor PORTER to Fordyce TUTTLE,
1924   oth of Madisn. The wedding will
      occur in August.
1928  Beatrice Cox, Hillsboro, to Oscar AN-
1925 DERSON, Marinette.
1928 Marion GALE, Oak Park, Ill., to Ber-
ex '26 trand DoYoN, Madison.
1929 Jane FULLER, Oshkosh, to Bernard
1922 MAUTZ, Madison.
1897  Mrs. Fern RYAN Allen to Judge Evan
1897 A. EVANS, June 8, at Chicago. Judge
      Evans, formerly resided in Baraboo,
      but during the last 10 years, since his
      appointment to the circuit court of
      appeals for the seventh judicial cir-
      cuit, he has spent'a great part of his
      time in Chicago..
1909- Mary RAYNE. Madison, to Benton
      Byers, Duluth, Minn., June 16.
1915  Ruth Eastman to Robert McKAY,
      June 1, at Lynn, Mass.
1921 Helen ROTH, Madison, to S. M. Mc-
Fac- Elvain, St. Louis, Mo. Mr. McEl-
ulty  vain, a graduate of the University of
      Illinois, is assistant professor in the
      chemistry department of the Univer-
1921 Elizabeth DUNBAR, Elkhorn, to Wil-
1921 lam POST Milwaukee, May 26, at
      Williams Blay. Mr. and Mrs. Post
      wili go to St. Louis for the summer
      and Will be at home in Racine after
      October 1.
1921 Anne H-IADFIELD, Madison, to Walter
1922 JENKS, Platteville May'15. Mr. and
      Mrs. Jenks are living in Baraboo,
      where Mr. Jenks is practicing law.
1921 Hulda Hayssen to Howard STARK,
      both of Milwaukee, in June. Mr.
      Stark is secretary of the American
      Candy Company. They are at home
      in Milwaukee.
1921 Florence KOHN, Watertown, to Wil-
      liam Burns, Madison, June 21. The
      couple are at home in Madison.
1921 Gladys Lindsey Los Angeles, to Glenn
      MCMULLEN lfarch 28. They are at
      home at 326 Juniper St., San Diego,
1922 Elizabeth   WARNER, Madison, to
1923  Frederic RISSER, Fountain City, June
    12. They are at home in Madison.
ex '23 Ruby BENNETt to C. B. Lansing, both
      of Madison, June 2. Mr. Lansing is
      in the employ of the Chicago and
      Northwestern Railway. They make
      their home in Madison.
ex'23 Mary Harding, Chicago, to John
      THOMPSON, Milwaukee, May 24. Mr.
      and Mrs. Thompson sailed for Europe
      June 12 and upon their return will re-
      side in Evanston, Ill.
 1923 Frances Kohlbeck, De Pere, to Elmer
      SCHLUESSEL, Algoma, May 17, at
      Rockford, Ill. Mr. Schluessel is man-
      ager of the Central Drug Store, Green
      Bay, where he and his wife now reside.
ex '23 Evelyn Laughlin to Arthur WALL,
      both of Antigo, June 2. They are at
      home at 274 Albemarle St., Rochester,
1923  Marie McCormick, Madison, to Ed-
      ward ABRAMOFSKY, Kenosha, in June.
      After a wedding trip through the East,
      Mr. and Mrs. Abramofsky will be at
      home in Milwaukee.
ex '23 Esther Peterson, Madison, to Dr.
      Clyde SMILES, Ashland June'1. They
      are at home in Ashland.
ex '24 Maurine Dutcher, Wisconsin Rapids,
      to Harold WARSINsKI, Marshfield,
      May 21, at Minneapolis, Minn. They
      are at home at 332 Birch St., Wiscon-
      sin Rapids.
1924 Janet MARSHALL, Milwaukee, to Mal-
      colm Miller, Madison, June 18.
1924  Lillian NETZOW, Milwaukee, to Wil-
ex '25 liam OLDS, Madison, June 26. They
      are at home in Madison, where Mr.
      Olds is connected with the L. L.' Olds
      Seed Company.
1924  Rose Spahr, Madison, to C. Victor
      GOODRICH, May 22. They are at
      home at Lone Rock, where Mr. Good-
      rich is owner of the Goodrich Cream-
1925 Edna BRADLEY, Columbia, S. C., to
Fac- John Troxell, June 12, at Abbeville,
ulty  S. C. Mrs. Troxell received her mas-
      ter's degree here in '25. Mr. Troxell
      is an instructor in the department of
      economics at the University.
ex '25 Harriott BROWN, Detroit, Mich., to
      Walter Miller, Dayton, 0., April 24.
      Mr. and Mrs. Miller are at home at
      901 Hamilton Ave., Detroit.
ex '25 Irene Gangstad Deerfield, to Marlow
      KLINEFE TERI Ma~dison May 19 a
      home in Madison, where Mr. _Kline-
      felter is bookkeeper for the Lorillard
1925 Marion LEiTz, Ripon, to Nelson Dun
      can, Stoughton, May 29. They will
      be at home in Chicago after July 1.
      Mr. Duncan is connected with the
      Illinois Public Service Company.
ex '25 Margaret McFarlin, Madison, to
      Glenn OWENS, Withee, May 29. They
      will be at home at 602 S. Orchard St.,
      Madison after July .1. Mr. Owens is
      employea in 'the Secretary of State's
1925  Gladys NORGORD, Albany, N. Y., to
      Milton Anderson, Duluth    Minn.,
      June 21. Mrs. Anderson is tihe daugh-
      ter of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Norgord,
      formerly of Madison. Mr. and Mrs.
      Anderson will reside in Duluth, where
      Mr. Anderson, a graduate of the Uni-
      versity of Minnesota; is an architect
      with the firm of William Chalmers
Sarah Stebbins        Aurelia Grether
  Longenecker              Scott
Marian Leitz        Gladys Norgord
   Duncan              A4nderson
Rebecca Rabinoff     Elizabeth Sears
    Kaplan              Boulden

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