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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 9 (July 1926)

UW clubs,   p. 288

Page 288

                                    U. W. Clubs
"Sit together, listen together, sing together, eat together, and you'll
work together."
       MARY JOHNSTONE, '20
THE ast meeting for' this year of the
   U. W. Alumnae Club of Chicago was
held May 22 at the College Club. Two
officers; president and treasurer, and one
director were 5 elected. Those elected
were: Bertha Weeks, 'Is) director; Edith
Sharkey Bohn, 'i6, president; 'Florence
Partridge, 'i8, treasurer.
  Miss Alice M. Loomis, formerly in the
Home 'Economics department and now
with the National Founders Association,
told of her work in adult education. Dr.
Anna Blount, a practiCing physician in
Oak Park,* told of her decision to obtain
a medical education and the way she
accomplished it. : She especially empha-
sized the need of more women in-the pro-
fession 'f medicine today,i.and stated
that as, a means of encouraging women
to take up the work, scholarships had
been established during the past year by
the National Medical Women's Associ-
tion, an organization of which Dr.
Blount is president. Mrs. Bemis. the
first woman to hold an elective county
office in Cook county, described the
ways in which the county government
touched the lives of all of us from birth
to death. In her talk, she gave little
side lights into the politics of the situa-
tion. Most interesting, if not amusing,
was the fact that in the years in which
she has held office she has had nothing
but courtesy from her associates and at
this next election she will be unopposed,
both parties being satisfied! Following
this part of the program, Mrs. R. B.
Herring read "Dulcie."-6-io-26.
 T  HIS is the time of year that our
 thoughts and hearts turn to Madi-
 son, to our beloved Alma Mater. Not
 many of us can have the privilege of vis-
 iting in person, but we can all go over in
 memory the many happy times we have
 had there. Two years ago the writer
 was back to his fortieth reunion and his
 wife was with him, her first visit. To
 say that she fell in love with old U. W. is
 putting it mildly. Comparing it in
 memory with other universities with
 which she was familiar, U. W. was at the
 top of the list.
   Our Chicago club is very loyal and
 very enthusiastically in favor of the new
 plan of having twenty directors, geo-
 graphically distributed, in control of the
 Association. We are sure it will go
 through with three rousing cheers.
  We have a very live club secretary as
evidenced byour club bulletin which, as
he says, is "Issued now and then when
the spirit moves and the bank account
is willing." A recent number, a four-
page paper, told about the annual alum-
ni meeting and made a special-plea to all
who could to attend.
  We have 600 paid members' this year,
but the end is not yet; we want oo.o.
That our secretary is very much alive
is indicated by the following recent no-
tice of our weekly luncheon:
Wisconsin Luncheons Are Ev'ry Friday,
  In the Good Old Summer Time.
At Mandel Brothers Ivory Room,
   In the Good Old Summer Time.
 You'll Find the Badgers Gathered There,
   In the Good Old Summer Time.,
 And You Won't Receive, Any Weekly
   In the Good Old Summer Time.
 So having burst in this foolish verse,
   We'll retire till next September,
 Tho when Will Haight throie;V.his picnics
   You'll all be warned in time.
 While the attendance at our weekly
 luncheons falls off in the "Good Old
 Summer Time," those who attend keep
 up the Badger spirit,, listen to reports
 from Madison, and discuss everything
 under the sun and then some.
   Recently Albon W-. Holden, editor of
the Big Ten Weekly, gave us a very in-
teresting talk on "The Conference Track
Meet of 1950."
   A new activity started recently by the
 club is the establishment of an employ-
 ment bureau. We expect in time to
 make this a department of great value,
 not only to University men and women
 seeking employment, but also to Wiscon-
 sin men who are employers in Chicago
 and vicinity. Inquiries concerning this
 service should be addressed to our genial
 secretary, Sam Hickox, 223 W. Madison
 St., phone Dearborn 1324.
   Our long heralded 1926 Directory is
 finally off of the press and it is a beauty
 -another child of our live secretary.-
           H. A. DENLINGER
    (The following are excerpts from a News
 Letter of April io issued by the U. W.
 Club oj Dayton, 0. We congratulate the
 Dayton club secretary for keeping in touch
 with members through a medium which we
 suppose appears regularly.)
 A T the February meeting of the Club,
 L    the following officers were elected
 for the current year: Harry Anderton,
president; R. E. Porter, vice president;
H. A. Denlinger, secretary; R. B. Clem-
ent, treasurer.
  Plans are under way for a picnic this
summer and other good times will no
doubt be worked out by the Good Fel-
lowship Committee. It will pay you to
keep in touch with the Club.
-Every graduate owes an obligation to
his alma mater. Fortunately, we of
Wisconsin are not asked to settle this
obligation 'in cash. But at least we
should show our loyalty and apprecia-
tion by maintaining our interest in the
institution that has done so much for us
and by upholding the Wisconsin Spirit.
Every alumnus should take an active-
not a passive--interest in the Alumni
Association. And the best way to do
this is by joining hands with the local
               *c *
   There are about 35 Wisconsin grads
 in Dayton and vicinity. Ten or twelve
 of them have been meeting together
 every month or so and having a darn
 good time doing it. We are not high-
 hatted-and we are not quitters. You
 will be welcomed to the "bunch."
   COME ON around to the next MEET-
 ING. It will be a noon-day luncheon on
 our regular meeting day, the third Satur-
 day in every month, at Rikes.-5-25-26.
        IDA ELLIOTT ALLEN, '02
   (The Association is very pleased to wel-
 come a new and enthusiastic club into the
 already large group of local Wisconsin
 clubs. The following letter from Ida Elli-
 ott Allen was received at Association head-
 quarters on May 2o.)
 "     HAVE been asked to let you know
       that on May io the following
 alumni of the University of Wisconsin
 formed themselves into a Wisconsin
 Alumni Club of Eugene. Dr. W. H.
 Dale, ex '12, was chosen president and
 Mrs. Eric W. Allen (Ida Elliott) '02,
 was chosen secretary. Arrangements
 were made to welcome Dr. Arnold Ben-
 nett Hall of Wisconsin upon his arrival
 here in the autumn to assume his posi-
 tion as president of the University of
 Oregon. The secretary was requested
 to write a letter of congratulation and
 welcome to Dr. Hall. The rest of the
 meeting was taken up with reminis-
 cences and with questions addressed to
           (Continued on page 290)
YUly, 1926

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