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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

UW clubs,   pp. 260-263

Page 260

                              U. W. CLUBS
"Sit together, listen together, sing together, eat together,.and you'll
work together."
reports from local clubs are always important. We ask each club secretary
to see to it that all members
                 of the local club are members of the General Alumni Association.
                  A. R. LAMB, '13
r    HE   Ames U. W. Club held a very enjoyable
  informal meeting at the home of Professor and
  M Mrs. E. R. Smith (Lulu Cass,- 'o6), on the
evening of November 19. A "Cafeteria" supper was
served, "stunts" and a mock trial were pulled Off,
Wisconsin songs were sung, and the U. W. Glee Club
was heard over the radio.
  Another meeting was held on February 19, 1925,
when Prof. Stephen Gilman of the faculty was en-
tertained at dinner. His intimate discussion of the
umiversity as it is today was as interesting as ever to
those who were present. Wisconsin songs were sung,
including the favorite, song of our venerable past
president, John Brindley, 'o2, "By the Light of the
  Annual dues of fifty cents were voted, and paid by
some of the members.-3-19-25.
             MIýlAM ORToN RAY, ex '22
  The Appleton Club had a large and peppy banquet
on March 27. We had fifty-six reservations which is
the largest number yet. Not only is it the largest, but
it included a great many people who had never at-
tended before. We had as our guest Regent Bachman
of Appleton who gave a short interesting talk and told
us that the regents were doing all they could to get
the appropriation. He gave us some astounding ex-
amples of the crowded conditions at the University.
One of our assemblymen from this district, Mr. Mueller,
also attended. He gave no talk, but Judge Huniman
read letters from Mr. Mueller, and our other assembly-
man, Mr. Antone Miller, pledging their support to
the interests of the University.
  John Dawson, '24, led the discussion. The statistics
which he quoted were very interesting. A committee
on resolutions was appointed which drew up a resolution
stating our desire to have our representatives at
Madison do all they could for us. A copy of this
resolution was sent to each of our assemblymen and
to our senator. One was also sent to George I. Haight,
Chicago. After a few impromptu talks, the meeting
  Last Saturday the alumni and nearly the whole
population of Appleton saw the Haresfoot show
"Ivanho." Haresfoot is very popular here and if they
would play here two nights I am sure the theater
would be packed. Their show this year was great,
and people are still talking about it. The boys ýlidn't
have niuch time here so the alumni did what little
they could, and gave a dinner for them. -Next year
we hope to do more;
  With spring and summer almost here we probably
won't have any more meetings until fall Next winter
we plan on having more. People seem to enjoy them
and the oftener they meet the better acquainted they
become, and everyone has more to say.-4-9--25.
                H. M. LANGER, '17
  A meeting of the U. W. Club of Baraboo was held
Monday Evening, March 23, at the residence of Dr.
and Mrs. C. F. Stekl (Marjorie Fisher, '2o).
  About twenty members of the Club were present
to listen to the splendid talk given by Prof. Max
Mason on the financial crisis confronting the Uni-
versity at the present time. He also told of the Uni-
versity's contributions to the general welfare and
prosperity of the state through the medium of re-
search in the fields of Medicine, Physics, Agriculture,
Biology, and Botany. His talk was not only instructive
and enlightening but also entertaining.
  In'the opinion of the Club Professor Mason would
experience little difficulty in "selling" the University
to the voters of the state.
  The following resolution was then adopted:
  IT APPEARING that there is in existence a move-
ment to curtail the activities of the University of Wis-
consin, to reduce the appropriations for its maintenance
and operation, as well as for its expansion and growth
and, in general, to hinder, retard and obstruct its-growth
and development;
  AND BELIEVING that such movement is the result
of misconception and misunderstanding of the Uni-
versity's work and of its needs;
  AND FIRMLY BELIEVING that it is essential to
the welfare and prosperity of the State of Wisconsin that
a high standard of education be maintained, and that
such high standard can be maintained only by appro-
priation of sufficient funds for efficient operation and
expansion, as outlined by the President of the University
and the Board of Regents;
University of Wisconsin Club of Baraboo, Wisconsin,
go on record-as opposing any movement which has for
its object the crippling of the University of Wisconsin;
  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that copies of this
resolution be sent to the members of the State Legislature
representing Sauk County, together with a plea that they
    COME BACK and see Observatory Hill. The Observatory with its great telescope-the
gift of one of the
University's friends-is still there. How many times has it enlarged the students'
vision. Come and under its dome
let your thoughts leap out.
                                   LOCAL U. W. CLUBS
     The organized alumni body of our University is rapidly growing in numbers
and effective-
ness. The Alumni Council, to which the various alumni clubs send representatives,
and which is
th& central directing organization, is ambitious to bring about a closer
fellowship among-the
alumni, former students, and friends, of the University. It believes that
one of the most effective
means to this end is the formation throughout the country of University of
Wisconsin clubs.
There are numerous communities in which the number of available me'mbers
is such as to make
the formation of these clubs entirely feasible and desirable. Clubs have
already been established
in a number of cities, in several counties, and in a few states.

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