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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Perry, Kathryn
Faculty news,   p. 286

Page 286

ton St., Chicago; Ruth MCCLURG, 604 72nd Ave.,
West Allis; Lowell SLAGG, 612 Milwaukee Ave.,
Janesville; Beulah SOLBRAA, 725 N. Main St., Rice
Lake; Clarendon WILCOX, 515 Shorewood Blvd.,
Milwaukee; Walter SEEFELDT, 839 Belden Ave.,
Chicago; Anna KUSTA, 624 New York Ave., Sheboy-
gan; Mildred SLEZAK, 4182 Clarendon Ave., Chicago;
Hazel YOUNG Bunce, Mukwanago; T. J. SMITH,
Newton, Ia.; Edith SINAIKO Frank, 5742 Stony Island,
Chicago; Lydia ARTZ, 1k46 Prospect St., Marquette,
Mich.; Charles CHAMBERS, 311 N. Central Ave.,
Chicago; Eugene MENG, 712 Union St., Schenectady,
N. Y.; Marion GREGG, IOI2 First St. S. W., Rochester,
Minn.; John LINDEN, 1107 4th Ave., N. Hibbing,
Minn.; Leon KELHOFER, 511 W. Michigan Ave.,
Jackson, Mich.; M. E. FITZE, 677 Wentworth Ave.,
Milwaukee; Marie KOWALKE, 402 West Ave., Wauke-
sha; John RIAN, 450 Jefferson, Gary, Ind.; Marie
SCHNEIDER Conant, 84 Prescott St., Cambridge,
Mass.; Frank Hsing-Chi LIu, Cosmopolitan Club,
Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.; E. A. KRONCKE,
Y. M. C. A., Louisville, Ky.; Paul ROBERTSON 3024
N. Pennsylvania Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.; Louise
KuBLY Howe, 824 E. 53rd St., Hyde Park Station,
Chicago; Lillian TYLER, 209 S. Jackson St., Janesville;
Edward SMITH, 554 W. Lafayette St., Rushville,
Ill.; Amy DAVIES, IO25 W. Johnson St., Madison;
Catherine BOYD, Lake Geneva; W. T. PETERSON,
5306 Woodlawn Ave., Apt. 3 W., Chicago; H. M.
FJRANKLIN, 5462 Cornell Ave., Hyde Park Station,
Chicago; Helen ADAMS, 1330 L. St., N. W., Rm. 400,
Washington, D. C.; Charlotte WYARD, 1049 Prairie
Ave., Beloit; Gamber TEGTMEER, Hertford College,
Oxford, Eng.; Irma RASCHE, 739 Indiana Ave., Mil-
waukeeq William OUWENEEL, 1437 S. Center St.,
Terre Haute, Ind.; Elizabeth RILEY, Smithsboro,
Knott County, Ky.; Robert BENBOW, 5306 Woodlawn
Ave., Chicago; Joyce LARKIN, 518 S. Fifth Ave.,
Maywood, Ill.; Walter PLEWKE, 844 ioth St., Beloit,
business address, Harold M. Pitman Co., Chicago;
Gustavus JOHNSON, Bristol, Ind., Box 81; George
BEACH, 6042 Ingleside Ave., Chicago; Chester BAILEY,
519 Britain Ave., Benton Harbor, Mich.; Frank
BAXANDALL, 511 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson, Mich.;
George KEITH, 2OI I N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago; Eliza-
beth Cox, 6o4 Gary Place, Chicago; E. L. JOPPA, 140
Langdon St., Madison; Nellie GRAY, 653 Lake Ave.,
Kenosha; H. T. ELLINGSON, 726 University Ave.,
Madison; W. B. BAEHR, I582 Massachusetts Ave.,
Cambridge, Mass.; F. S. MOELLER, Ulen, Minn.
  New member: George CARLSON, 817 Michigan Ave.,
S. Milwaukee.
  Missing members: Marjorie A. BETZ, Charles R.
BURNHAM, Leita Davy, Clara T. HOENING, Toshi
HoSOYA, ex '24, John H. MICHAEL, Myrl A. Summers,
  Lyman FISCHER, of two Rivers, has been admitted
to the bar. -John THOMPSON Jr., Oshkosh, is one of the
four youngest members of, the Wisconsin state legisla-
ture, which is meeting at Madison.-Ralph WACKMAN,
basketball star at the University for three years, has
joined the advertising staff of the Capitol Times. Mr.
Wack'nan graduated from the University last semester.
               FACULTY NEWS
             By KATHRYN PERRY, '23
  Prof. W. T. Root of the history department will go to
the University of Iowa next fall as head of the history
department. Professor Root has been at the University
of Wisconsin since i9o8, is a member of the American
Historical association, and has taught as professor of
history at the Universities of Chicago, Michigan, and
  Prof. E. B. GORDON, teacher of public school music in
the School of Music, was elected president of the national
association of music supervisors at a meeting in Kansas
City recently.
  Miss Abby MARLATT, director of home economics,
and Mrs. Nellie KEDZIE JONES, state extension leader,
received honorary degrees from the Kansas State Agri-
cultural college at the fiftieth anniversary services held
last month. Miss Marlatt received the degree of doctor
of science, and Mrs Kedzie Jones of doctor of law.
  Miss Blanche TRILLING, director of the physical edu-
cation department for women, attended the convention
of the American Physical Education Association during
the spring recess.
  Miss Mary BROWNELL and Miss Cynthia WESSON
also attended the convention.
  Dr. James ELSOM represented the men's physical de-
partment at the meetings.
  Dr. E. L. SEVRINGHAUS of the Medical school is at
Cornell University on a month's leave of absence to
study some problems of basal metabolism. Dr. Sevring-
haus, under the direction of Dr. Graham Lusk and Dr.
E. F. DuBois of the Bellevue hospital, New York, must
use the equipment in the Cornell medical laboratory to
complete his study. Dr. Sevringhaus also plans to make
visits to the Harvard Medical Science Laboratories,
Carnegie Institute laboratory of Nutrition, and the
University of Pennsylvania laboratory at Philadelphia.
Dr. Sevringhaus has done a great deal of work in the
study of insulin in the treatment of diabetes.
  Prof. Carl Russell FISH, history department, will
teach at Leland Stanford university at Palo Alto, Calif.,
during their summer quarter. He will give courses in
recent American History and Representative Americans.
Professor Coulter of the University of Georgia will teach
at Wisconsin in his place.
  Prof. L. A. SMITH of the College of Engineering at-
tended the Third Annual National Convention of City
Planning held in New York city last month.
  Prof. J. L. GILLIN of the sodiology department gave a
series of four lectures last month on religion and social
development at the Michigan School of Religion at Ann
Arbor, Mich.
  Prof. W. A. SCOTT, director of the Course in Com-
merce, is spending the spring semester in leave of absence
in Europe. Professor Scott will return next fall.
  Prof. E. H. GARDNER is on leave of absence from the
university this semester on account of ill health.
  Prof. J. B. OVERTON of the botany department, who
hits been traveling this semester on leave of absence in
the West Indies to regain his health, returned to Madi-
soa after the spring recess.
  Prof. R. S. HULCE of the College of Agriculture,
animal husbandry department, will go into commercial
work in Chicago next year.
  "Track and Field," a new book of instruction on the
training and technique of the different track and field
events by Coach T. E. JONES, has just come off the
press. The book, designed as a guide for young coaches,
explains many vital principles, and contains numerous
illustrations and charts. All major track events are
scientifically explained, such as, pole vault, shot put,
discus, broad jump, and long and short dashes and cross
  Prof. Julius,OLsON of the Norwegian language de-
partment, has been named chairman for Wisconsin of
the Norse-American Centennial to be held at St. Paul in
June. Professor Olson is now preparing a list of fifteen
honorary members and about 40 local chairmen in vari-
ous parts of the state.
    COME BACK and see Dr. Birge. For half a century he has served you and
yours. This is his Valedictory
year. Come and thank him personally. In addition, write him now.

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