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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Butler, Kenneth
Athletics,   p. 257

Page 257

an opportunity to better understand the prob-  many capable men, many of
them recognized,
lems of the other.                                   leaders in their field
of work      The o-rpatest
      I have purposely refrained from mentioning
    the names of the men at the College and the
    men from the U. S. Department of AgricultureĆ½
    stationed here who are rendering this service.
    Not 'that I do not want to give credit to them
    individually but for fear I might overlook some.
    The message that I have tried to convey is
    that the University of Wisconsin is living up to
    the ideal of "service". I have always found them
read.-y, yes.anxious -to--tackle-any problem-put-
   up to them. We are indeed fortunate in having
   such a fine institution in our state and in it so
misfortune is that more people don't realize
what we havte and avail themselves of their
   This is perhaps a rather lengthy letter but at
that I have only answered in part your question,
"What has the University done for the Pea
packing industry of Wisconsin?" What they
have done and are doing for us, they can and
    A... 1. -1 ' - -,L _. . _ . ..._. ". . . . . ..
       , .  &.1 WALl .  %,',.i A,%OJI 10  l
and it's hard to cooperate alone.  Matthew:
7th Chapter, 7th Verse.-W. E. NicHOLOY.
   The baseball team won its first conference game of
 the season against Northwestern, 8 to 5 on April 14.
 The Badgers made eleven safe hits to five by the
 Purple nine. Stoll started the game for the Badgers
 and hurled good ball until the sixth inning, when the
 Northwestern players began to get at him. Shrenk
 was called to relieve him. Tangen was the star at the
 bat for Wisconsin, making three safe hits.
   Of the eight earlier games played by the team on the
 annual southern trip, seven were lost. A great deal
 of experience was gained throdgh the practice, however,
 and opinion is that the team will. be strong in the con-
 ference games to follow. The results of the games of
 the trip were: St. Louis U. 9, Wisconsin 8. U. of
 Mississippi 4, Wisconsin 2.  U. of Mississippi 4,
Wisconsin o.    Mississippi college 7, Wisconsin 4-
Mississippi college I4, Wisconsin i. Mississippi A.
and M. 7, Wisconsin 4-    Mississippi A. and M. 4,
Wisconsin i. Wisconsin 8, Union university 3.
  Spring football practice has begun in earnest and
Director Geroge Little has a squad of iSo men out at
Camp Randall each afternoon practicing and drilling
have 2oo men in uniform by next fall, when the ranks
will be swelled by new aspirants and by men now
participating in baseball and other sports. The coach-
ing staff is of the very best, and it includes, besides
Coach Little, Jack Harris, Irvin Uteritz, O'Corinell,
Bieberstein, James Brader, and Gerber, former Wis-
consin linesman.
  Prospects are favorable for a successful tennis
season, and with the advent of warm weather the
varsity courts have been opened and the squad is
holding daily practice to get in condition for the con-
tests to follow. The team seems to be better balanced
than last year, according to Coach Masley.    Sam
Durand is the only man back from last year. The
team will be built around him. The prospects who
have shown good ability thus far include Godfrey
Miller, Warren Koehler, John Manierre, Frank Foster,
Enoch Judkins, A. W. Riddle, and E. C. Giessel.
The schedule for the season is as follows: April 25-
Marquette at Madison. May 2-Minnesota at Madi-
son. May 9-Iowa at Madison. May is5-Chicago
at Madisoh.    May 22 '23-Conference matches at
Chicago. May 29-Marquette at Milwaukee. -May
3o-Michigan at Ann Arbor.
  The varsity crews have been holding daily practice
since the opening of Lake Monona, the squad carrying
the shell from the boat-house cross-town to Monona.
Beginning with Thursday, April 16, the opening day
of the Exposition, the crew practiced on Lake Men-
dota. Although nearly all the positions will have to
be filled anew by Coach Harry Vail, there is plenty of
good material. The crew has been strengthened by
the return of Harold Bentson, of last year's crew.
  The freshman crew will be sent to Poughkeepsie
this year, it has been decided by the athletic council.
  Although Wisconsin did not win the California
track meet Saturday, April 13, the trackmen made a
good showing and placed. in numerous events. Charles
McGinnis had to be content with a second place in
the high jump, losing to Hampton of California.
AnA,-     ,  ,- o 4-1, . ...:-o ,- -. C      _A_
garnering i i points for the Badgers with a first in the
Ioo-yard dash and -a second in the furlong and broad
jump. His feat of heading Barber, premier dash man
on the Pacific coast, in the IOO in the fast time of
9-9/IO on a rain-soaked field was a surprise. Schwarze
came through with one of the best heaves of his career
in the shot when Gerkin forced him to toss the shot
48 feet, 7Y2 inches. He took third in the discus throw.
Turning in a time Off 3:27 8/io, the Cardinal mile'
quartett ran one of the fastest mile relays the Cali-
fornians have seen this season. Kennedy, running
-in anchor position, ran a beautiful race.
  Schutt took second in the mile run, Piper took second"
in the two-mile run, with Perry coming in third.
Bergstresser took third in the 88o-yard run.
  The winning mile relay team was composed of
Flueck, Hill, Hilberts, and Kennedy. In the , o-yard
run Kennedy defeated Johnson, of California'
        By JUDGE W. C. OwEN, '91, Chairman.
HE appointment last fall of the Athletic Com-
      mittee of the Alumni Association at the request of
      the U of W dub of Minneapolis sprang from a
 dissatisfied attitude on the part of the Alumni body
 with reference to athletic conditions. This was less
 than a year ago. Since that time changes with which all
 are familiar have taken place. The athletic department
 has been pretty much reorganized.' Harmony and
-enthusiasm prevails. The outlook is promising....
  The basketball season has been disappointing, but
there is ample reason to believe that we will resume our
usual place ik the Conference another year.
  The track team under Coach Jones has given a good
account of itself and has prevented the complete eclipse
of our athletic star.
  During the next season our football fortunes will be in
the immediate keeping of Director George Little. He
will be the head coach. He will be assisted by James

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