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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

UW clubs,   pp. 224-226

Page 224

                              U. W. CLUBS
   "Sit together, listen together,; sing together,, eat, together, and
you'll work together."
      "The alumni, through their local orgniztions, can and should do
things.  TheII
 . - central association can-not infuse life into local branches byhsome
hypodermic' ethod -or
 -  other. Rather, it is the central organization which thrives only when
alumni ever where
   are alert for- their opportunity for service."
      NORTHERN CALIFORNIA              heights it was -becoming -more and'
                                      .difficult. for students outside the
          By DAVID WEISS, '19         -"to attend the University...
 " o    ERm  hibernating-for, almost' t  Officers- for -athe, .coing
year are: R.: T-.
     ]m~onths,, the Wisconsin -Club _of Nichols, "0,peiet   rf   .'.Truei
     lNorthern Califoriiiai held. its an-~ vi rc'rs~   Fank I .orni sh, '96,
     gPUap nuagedinner ande pufest, and at the r.taro oy-sup spli  Bredst-en,
gi   - %
Ssaumetiwen gave John-Bdaker,ri06, t  his way  the- etiiwng1- t resideoit-
nd Frsank -Cormnis
'torEsmehs' dutiesas"adviser to then ato  sue eedsaehirseam  ainhed
in thatf
  Nows Iovernment"                          s rail ure piteof hine atfiontees
o sf 18-
  unifor a  t   rough ticet bau:ge an m rwoonsrdteran           tene    
  apfreiahtiver hearing o   as 'he 'told, of -the  '22.
  econhonic and pofliticaf conditionsof Chin arA.f
  Abouti -thirtye lyal Badgers t braved the-  s         CeIe  AGO
  ~'clIng"ia%~ -which fell, 'all 'day, -many-/
  roadig a- distances h   overb eighty -miles. '' ee Clu B. nD. BuRiIon,
  f    gran- feed- was held M'icha 14 if
  the Hoteselaza and Iwith the ' efraTihn-  To  general club aettvitie sandthe
  dof   sand lw-ainof breoiled s theab toastaser seupelid   Chairlian C.
'oL. -
  nord I    o er aerof the,  a ickenef Irilevso  Bro f ', F.r'the Friday,
I cheok have
  uion  is tnearyin scmultifarcyus'formsi  made. pAustin,  th 0 a -most interesting
  fitued'he bie one-resistance, j mur tthie' one  On, March 104 'A. Miller
  poa   o                              tathe whe wrin the m a-kx expert,,
presented a subject-usually con-
  igorinous prthestgs ie  ysvea agr when werere iea        oapan thema t p                        sideri o dry, noth to say unintelligible,-
  Baker's talk - on China was most en-     such a'manner that his hearers
could face
  ligh e  i 'I telling of his 'work he said  the making up'of theoi incomegtax
  that'hefore 1915-, when he                p assumed his with e-instead
of despair.. The ques-
  duties. as adviser, the Chinese government  tions asked' o-the, speaker
indicated that
  owned -fourteen railroads, but these were  mnost Wisconsin 'men are in
the tax-paying
  controlled  almost entirely  by  foreign  class.
  capitalists. -There was no uniformity; there  March 11, m~ore than 200
Badgers went to
  was waste, inefficiency, and dissatisfaction, the University of Chicago
gym and, helped.
  among employees and passengers; and when. the Wisconsin basketnball team'
defeat the
  a     passenger boarded a train he was never  Maroons by su pl.yin  cotnuu
  sure when he would afrive. atlhis desti-  It was- the ast game, of the
season and Dr.
  nation. Meanwell's -team was in excellent form.
  Now, however, the entire government'   In spite of invitations of. Chief
T.. J.
  railway system has ýbeen overhauled. A, Lucas, '?07, to a "scalping
-party" a good
  uniform'i and, through ticket, baggage, -and  crowd conquered fear and
attended the
  freight service is in operation; a more effici-9 Chippewa smoker at the
City Club on the
  ent metho of hiring, firing, and promotion  evening of March 16. A fine
buffet supper
  has replaced the rule of thumb;. and rail-  was enlivened by many numbers
by the
  road finances have been put on a sound  Glee Club and. an accordion player
  .financial basis. Mr. Baker characterized  ported from Italy especially
for the occas-
  the Chinese as being the most frugal, in-. sion.  Max Zabel, '98, the scintillating
  dustrious, and law-abiding people in the toastmaster, secured sparkling
  world, and explained that a Chinese revo- -from EZ .  Wisn  8,~     .pecks't
  lution is not nearly as cataclysmic 'as  Edw. Austin, '12, 0 B. Zimimerman,
  pictured by long-distance journalists,  and others.  Momentary fear of
  The most important part of the evening's  scalping was caused when the
room Was
  program, in thie writer's opinion, was the darkened. This* 'was dispelled,
  vigorous protests voiced by several Badgers  when pictures began to appear
on the
  against the action of the Board of Regents  screen. Crafty Chippewa had
been spying
  for refusing to' permit Dr. Scott Nearing  on many Chicago alumni, in some
  and Oswald Garrison Villard, editor of the  even in. infancy, and the records
  Nation, to address University students on  formed into cartoons bý
Charles Reynolds,
  the campus.                          '18, revealed many astounding incidents
  Another criticism made by an alumna  of the past, hitherto unknown. George
  was that Wisconsin was fast becoming a Will Haight ('99 and '03), Israel
  provincial university; and that by boosting  ex '88, J. G. Winy, '93, H.-
J. Smith, '77,'
  up the nonresident fee to almost impossible  0. W. Middleton, '07, A. D.
Janes, '17,

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