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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

[News and comment],   pp. [217]-219

Page [217]

       ~p~iowt. ql.vvai .W aiu
 "'It is through the-meeting  of conflicting-views in  the-foxum   of
public opinion that truth is sought and ascer-
tained in ademocracy.
Volume XXIII           Madison, Wis., May, 1922       Number
1 E             irge-Brya ad the Sctt-EdiSon controversies have received,,
          IFmuch publicity.
       Mr         Bryans inistence that President Bir sno Christian,
       and Mr. Edisos claimthat Professor Scott is no genreceived
       with a., siier of amusement rather than with the solemn mienkof serious,
                    concern -by thousands of former,'students who have'
       A, Christian? been under the tutelage of Birge an
                      OurPresident has fo decades held  e ersip in the
       Congregational Church. Firm in his own religious l
       broad in his attitude toward all religious bodies, he has shown faithfu
       sympathetic - activity in. all' religious w -ork among stuet.Ee  i
       *ch-ara~cterisitic industry -as a f -aithful public servant has nvrcue
       to neglect obiehvance of thefirst Commandment. Dete
       of citizen who spen-ds' relatively little time in talkingshould
       be done                d more time in doing. IFor ars his-ours
       of active labor have exceeded those of most men. Whilefew men can
       longer hours devoted to public service, yet with modest fielity he
       labored in tle- obse'rvanceof both the' first and second-Commandments-
                                                lrmsed wonhaveri and
  inspirirng_ examples to thousands of young men and
  attended this' Uniyersity. It President .Birge-is not
  and faithful, mrodest and kindly--Lord, we pray The(
    The Scot-Edison -controversy resolves itself int0
  a question as to whatsort of reply onegreat special-
  ist shoulds give another great specialist' when the
        S      .clatter -addresses to the former, a
     ' enllema'n? sug-estion in the formnof Bir in-
                 quiry., Should Scott,-a reco gized
  leader as an authority in matters-affectisng money and
  banking, haveusedmore.tinesse ir replying to Edison,
  the wizard. of, material hinventive ugenius? Had Scott
  addressed -to Edison a suggestion in the form of an
S inquiry along lines- of electrical nverition,e  had
  ScoAtt's inquri'ry'.q nitself showiin lakof1 kl~nowledge of-
  elementary andfundamental scientific factst 'shýould
  E~dison hav'e taken' time to explain these'A. B. CUs Ofsietfckoleg
  to Scott, or' should 'le have referred him' to elementarteaisanad
  vised him that his age,. training, and interests offer diffit
  the complex scientific information  fund
    WastScott rude, or was he courageously honest? St
  speak of him :a5 clear terse,. definite. .We hav~e neverhadayn  pa
  of him as rude or ungentlemanly. Had' -ctt used.fnsead i~~ay
  would Edison have misunder stood -this -lot. _-enc~ourageeto  ltey
  'No reader of the correspondence. can accusenD;.Scottoe
  does rsotlike the-reply. Is henanounbased judge as tor
  ereply lacks courtesy?
    Neither is' the ,private -orrespondtnce of $cott toEm
  th Regents to 'Sit in judgment on. Edison wrote Sco
_:i>  ; ......
,.  : 7  ' ,  ?- jy
                                      rtraises: and ad;.~hm  t~i
                                      c;; :  h ope.sin!:ifrain ~e~ay:~~ 
ulltin:ers fin g?:as er.:
                                      11 underst;ndiiago
                                      d, ..seko fn!a eatre>ent, W~a~n~entser
 yofe D.Scott
                                      Ma o i  s~d rngn~m!y  afCt!ae~ide~
anyone spe0aky
                                      sse -oudEin he;msdetod:tsfo;nouamndtdiplormacgtey,
::!:-: : :-No reader<0.f t~~gem~he .c-.spnee c~cueD ct or evasinEdisn
     doe t~e heTep!r? !she:an unbase juge  of hethersion. Edsuoh
 ....  .' Neither:                           -amatter for ,
 '::.- th Reeni0:St-. mjudmen 0 Ejso~i~te:Seott; $,ý6t answe-red -

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