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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Shoults, W. E.
The month in athletics,   p. 227

Page 227

         ByW,. 1E. SHoULTs '23,
      HE past month has seen more Wis-
      consin successes of an -athletic-
      nature.   The .boys wearing the
      'Cardinal this year are certainly
upholding the traditions passed on to themi-
by illustrious predecessors, -and when the,
      fia c res  iarke -pthfo   er  the
Badgers should be near the top.
  The Basketball team finished -the sea-
son in a- second place tie with Michigan and
just-a step, behind Purdue which won the
championship.   The, Wisconsin ' cagemeni
finished the year with the same percentage
they had last season, as did Michigan, but
Purdue's shortened s.hedule was a bit too
much of a handicap for either of them to
   The Track team    also took a second
 place position at the 'Conference Indoor
 Meet.   While we were quite a distance
 behind Illinois, whot won the meet, we
 were a -long way ahead of number three,
 andi ├Żn view of the fact that neither Finkle,-
 '23, nor Wall, '22, sure winners in the dis-
 -tance events, were able torunn, the showing
 was a most creditable one. The boys are
 "now preparing, after a short lay-off, -to get
 in shape for the outdoor season which is
 looming near.-
 Joe "teinauer's fish won from    every
 strong swimming team in-the Conference
 in the dual meets and bade fair to capture
 champion-ship'honors, but Minnesota nosed
 them out' at, the title' meet and a close
 second was the. best theyc~ould do. How-
 ever, we-still claim Joe's lads -are'thel)4BSt-
 - h . for thev beat Minnesota'
in a -dual meet. Johnson Bennett, .'24,
was the higl scorer at the Conference Meet
and.was proclaimed by everyone to be the
best swimmer in the Big Ten and one of the
best in the country anywhere. Prospects
are very bright for next year's.0outfit.
  For.the. first time in the history of the
institution, the Wisconsin baseball team
is taking a- Southern-trip this year.-- It
* will take-them as far south as Oxfrd,-Miss.,
and should serve to put them onedgefor the
op~ening of the Conference seasoni ext week.
        o-se               eartagothey
- a~the-yzad - cdh- a -trip a'eara gohey
would not have lost the early season games
that-'kept them from the-*pennant,' While
the' team this year will miss- the services
of several -of last year's eterans, notably,
Farrington at short and Williams on the
mound, it-is still a dangerous aggregation,
and Coach Lowman may be depended upoii
to turn out a team that will make Michigan'-
and Illinois hustle to win.
  "Dad" Vail is just-about readyto put'his
men out on the water now andbegin his
preparation for the race with the University
of 'Manitoba eight which is coming here-
from Winnipeg for the Venetian 'Night
race. If the crew proves to ,be a strong
enough .onie, the chances --are-that it-may
get permission to go to Poughkeepsie 'and
compete there in the National Intercolle-
aiate-Regatta. The students are all hoping
that the Cardinal will again be seen on Me
Hudson this year.
  Coachi"nden -has a rosy outlook for his
tennis team just now,, -and the Badgers
should have their most successful season
in the -net game. Golf is also to be intro- -
duced here as a minor sport. and there
will be a dual meet with Chicago her~in
May "and the Conference at Cicagol?:i
-,Tell your: friends   about  Wisconsin
athletics. "They're: s6mething.,you need
never be ashamed of find something that
needs your help. Be a booster always and
give -the rest ofthe world a chance to know.
Wisconsin for what- she really ' is-the
greatest of thle state -universities.  -
'- Baseball Extra:' WISCONSIN 8, MINNESOTA I (4-22-22).
*   i ; j

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