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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 5 (March 1922)

UW clubs,   pp. 150-153

Page 150

      S-We are very glad to have three of our
" group connected with the University of
   Akr6n. 'F. F. Householder,"13, is head of
   the Physics department; C. A. Bulger, '15,
   is head of the Romance Language depart-
   ment; -and Raymond Pease, '00 is head of
   the English department. Some time ago
   Professor Householder gave an unusually
   clear and thorough lecture on .Einstein's
   Theory of Relativity" which we hope he.
   will repeat for the Wisconsin Club and
   their friends at an early date.
            By G. M. FULLER, '17
     On Monday evening, Feb. 20, about
   forty-five Wisconsin alumni, now located in
   Ames, got together in an attempt to perpet-
   uate a strong and aggressive Ames U. W
_aklt, za L,' VV uUqjub 1i', provlueu an -excelw~nt
dinner and program for the evening. H. E.
Page, '93, acted as toastmaster and- after
dinner called for speeches from  W. H,
Haight, '03, T. J. Lucas; '07, Max Loeb, '05,
H. P. Lowland, '03, Israel Shrimski, '88,
C, A. Keller, '99, and others. Adjourning to
the club lounge everyone joined the Order
of the Corn Cob Pipe, enjoyed the songs by
some professionals, and discovered that
H. D. Wile, '12, is a clever magician, ex-
hibiting unsuspected dexterity with play-
ing cards, handkerchiefs, and a hat. The
pow-wow broke up at a late hour and every-
one present anticipates the next tribal
  Donald Pichberg, attorney for the City
of Chicago in the Gas Litigation, presented
this municipal question in decidely inter-
esting fashion at the Friday luncheon, Jan.

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