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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 4 (Jan. 1900)

News from the alumni,   pp. 171-184

Page 171

1900. ]               News from
between the winners among the hill
representatives and those among the
law students.
  It is the intention in this tourna-
ment to have two judges on lines,
besides the usual referee and scorer.
These contests are to take place both
in the morning and in the afternoon,
and will continueuntil all are com-
pleted. Andrew O'Dea has entire
charge of this tournament.
  Coach Andrew O'Dea announces
that those candidates for the fresh-
man crew who were prevented from
rowing in the fall are to be put to
work early in January. These men
will be trained for some weeks, and
toward the latter part of January
the whole freshman squad of crew
               NEWS FROM
   All secretaries of, classes or of Wis-
 consin alumni associations or clubs
 are requested to send their addresses
 to Florence E. Baker, 135 W. Gilman
 St., Madison, Wis.
   The Wisconsin Teachers' Associa-
 tion met in Milwaukee, December
 27-29. Among the speakers were
 Prof. M. V. O'Shea, M. S. Frawley,
 '73, Matilda E. Reul, '77, A. H. San-
 ford, '91, F. E. Doty, '88, A. P. Hol-
 lis, '97, J. T. Hooper, '92, F. E. Bol-
 ton, '93, Prof. F. C. Sharp and R. B.
 Dudgeon, '76. W. N. Parker, '90,
 was elected president for the com-
 ing year. He is the third graduate
 of the U. W. to hold the position
 and the youngest man to be elected
 to it.
   The eleventh reunion and ban
 quet of the Milwaukee Chi Ps
 Alumni Association was held at th(
 Hotel Pfister on December 23.
   The installation banquet of tho
the Alumni.
candidates will be called out. Swed-
ish movements will constitute the
training for a while--until the less
promising candidates have been
weeded out. }Nfter this it is proba-
ble that the men will be put to work
on the rowing machine for a time,
before rowing in the tank begins.
Mr. O'Dea expects to have the men
at work here by the middle of Feb-
ruary. lie re
pects for this
freshman creA
  Boxing cla,
formed at the
there will be
ports that the pros-
rear are for as good a
as ever before.
,ses are soon to be
University. For this
io extra charge. An-
drew O'Dea s to have charge ot
this work.
Milwaukee lumni Association of
Sigma Chi w.s held December 22,
at the Hotel Pfister. The ceremon-
ies of installation were performed
by Joseph G. Nate, grand consul;
Charles Alling, Jr., grand tribune,
and Edward M. Dexter, ('92), grand
  praetor. Ta lmadge Hamilton was
  toastmaster, and the Rev. Garrett
  Pollock, E. I\.. Dexter, Hayes Mur-
  phy, Charles . Cryderman, Charles
  Alling and J seph Nate responded
  to toasts.
    At the ann al meeting of the Wis-
  consin Acad my of Sciences, Arts
  and Letters, held at Madison, De-
  cember 28-30, 1899, papers were read
  by Profs. J. D Butler, C. S. Slichter,
  E.A. Birge, . R. Van Hise," Louis
  Kahlenberg, Dr. 0. G. Libby, Dr.
  E. R. Buckley, and Oswald Schrei-
    The following officers of the Psi
  Upsilon Alumni Association of Mil-

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