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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

On the hill,   pp. 121-127

Page 121

Progress of the University.
Wisconsin. The institute system in-
augurated by Wisconsin has been
adopted by many other states.
  The Agricultural College includes
activities in three lines:
  1. Experimentation and investi-
gation in scientific agriculture.
  2. Instruction in agriculture to
those who attend the University.
  3. Spreading agricultural infor-
mation among the people through
the Farmers' Institutes and by the
various publications.
  The completeness of the system
and the beneficent results following
show the wisdom of the legislators
in Madison and in Washington, and
the far-sighted administrative ability
of Dean Henry, who has gathered
about him a corps of investigators
and practical instructors of which
the University is proud.
  Annie M. Pitman, '97, has been ap-
pointed fellow in Latin in place of
Lee Byrne, resigned.
  The followi]
pointed to hon(
  George R. W
in economics.
  Elting H. Co
sity of Wiscons
  Delos 0. Ki
sity of Wiscon:
  E. Lawton
voted the W. F
  Irvin W. Bi
G. Ehlert, '99,
  In the Collel
S. Baer succee,
'90, as instructo
following instr
Dairy School-
  Louis Engler
  J. R. Robison
  Thomas Corn
  Julius Berg, 
  John Kelty, 1E
Short Course-
  F. F. McCorn
  Peter A. Duk
  A meeting of the graduate stud-
ents of the University was called for
Friday evening, November 17, by
the faculty committee on graduate
studies, for the purpose of reorgan-
izing the Graduate Club. The meet-
ing was held in the music lecture
room of Ladies' Hall, to which a
most pleasant and homelike appear-
ance had been given for the occasion
by a liberal use of rugs, couches
and cushions.  Besides graduate
students, many members of the Fac-
ulty were present. After an in-
formal, reception, a shott musical
program   was rendered by Miss
Guinevieve Mihills and Miss Eleanor
Bliss. Then t]
was called to c
Smith, '96., Ed'
was chosen as t
A nominating
pointed.   Sho
made by Prof. (
R. Buckley, '91
which the nor
reported. The
and the follow:
were elected ofl
the ensuing yea:
  President - J
L. '99.
I'll -ý- "T, ý: " - -,ýJ "! ý
t -, ý- , 1, -- 1ý ý ýý 1 11 -ý17
ý ; - ' 11 Z711 ý, -,    "
ýe business meeting
rder by Mr. C. M.
yrin W. Pahlow, '99,
emporary secretary.
committee was ap-
rt addresses were
F. Smith, Dr.OE.
  and others, after
linating committee
report was adopted,
ng named persons
icers of the club for
oseph Schafer, M.
                      - '.. VI¥ J'.Ls.
  Secretary--Rollin     H. Denniston,
ig have been ap-
,rary fellowships:
icker, A. M. Cornell,
nstock, B. S. Univer-
n '97, in mathematics.
asman, B. L. Univer-
;in '96. in economics.
::olebeck has been
* Allen scholarship.
andel, '99, and Fred
Lre fellows in phar-
,e of Agriculture, U.
Is John W. Decker,
. in dairying, and the
ictors have been ap-
ian, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
, New London, Wis.
elinsen, Huntley, Ill.
avastopol, Wis.
oscobel, Wis.
iell, Ripon, Wis.
eth, Big Bend, Wis.

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