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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 17, Number 10 (Aug. 1916)

Campus notes,   pp. 409-411

Page 409

Tree Lumber Co., Tumwater, Wash. Madison. in September to become as-
-K. C. Sprague is with the Mc- sistant to the head of the editorial
Clintic-Marshall Construction Coin- department of D. Appleton and Co.,
pany, Braddock, Pa.-H. T. Pott is   New York City.-Wm. L. Gittings
a field man for the Youngstown      is with the Gold Medal Camp Fur-
Sheet and Tube Co., Hubbard, 0.-    niture Manufacturing Co., Racine.-
Crawford Wheeler has accepted a     Wallace Meyer and Arthur Pruss-
positi n  h thw  nternationat -om -ing-are- with-4he-   eigagency
mittee of the Y. M. C. A., and will of the J. Walter Thompson     Co.,
go abroad in August to take up      Lytton   Building, Chicago.-Anita
work in the detention camps of Eu- Pleuss will have charge of the re-
rop~e.-Karl Ehrgott is a engineer   creation and play at the Y. W.- C
in  the plant department of- the    A. camp at Lake Geneva from Au-
American Telephone and Telegraph    gust 22 to September 1.
Co., Chicago.-L. C. Ward will leave
   Two new degrees have been es-
 tablished by the Regents. Those
 who do not -care to take foreign
''languages may substitute natural
science and mathematicK together
with either philosophy or history,
for which they will receive the de-
gree of bachelor    of philosophy.
TFour years of work in the. School
of Music will, now be. recognized by
the'. degree of bachelor of music.
Hebrew, Norse and Spanish have
been added: to the list of foreign
languages which may be studied to
meet the requirement for a bache-
lor of arts degree.
  A course in Red Cross Nursing,
given by C. H. Keene, director of
physical education in the Minneapo-
lis Public schools is giving the Sum-
mer School students a chance to
show   their interest in prepared-
ness' A first aid 'iploma will be
given by the American Red Cross
to -all those who complete the work.
  Deficiency in English continues
to be the chief failing of the fresh-
men. During the last four years
an average of 14 to 16 percent of
the class has failed to meet the en-
trance requirements. At the be-
ginning of the first semester 154
were placed in the sub-freshman
course. Of these, 106 passed at the
end of the semester, 45 failed, .and*
27  dropped   out of the    course.,
Onlyý four of them -were sent Ato
     Iresuman~~ t3gun  1i f~I~
t~resnman _nngnlsn. 2-tit uja  ovu.-
ning  of the second   semester, 28
were originally enrolled in the sub-
freshman class and eight were sent
to it subsequently.
  The new  officers of the Board of
Regents  are  Granville D. Jones,
'82,  of Wausau, president,   and
    G. D. Jones    T. M. Hammond
Theodore M. Hammond of Milwau-
kee, vice-president.

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