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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 8 (May 1913)

Class reunions,   p. [420]

Page [420]

CLASS OF -1888
A   RRA     EENTS for theltwen-
     ty-fifth reunion of the class of
'88 are in the hands of the Madison
members of the class, namely, Mrs. S.
M. Briggs, librarian of the law school
of the university; Dean H. L. Russell,
of the college of agriculture; Pro-
fessor Edward Kremers, of the de-
partment of chemistry; F. E. Doty,
Civil Service commissioner; and A. B.
Winegar. These members state that
they have received numerous replies
from   their fellow  graduates,.-so
many, in fact, that they are contem-
plating the lease of a- house for the
exclusive use of the class during Com-
mencement Week. If this is not feasi-
ble, the committee will at least make
arrangements: for rooms for all who
so request. The- committee is em-
piratic in stating that it desires the
families of the participants to be pre=-
ent and that ex-members of .the class
who ddidnot happen to finish -with it
are included in the invitation.
  Three committees are-pushing: the
work of the reunion for '08. At Chi-
cago the '08 engineers are the prime
movers in rounding up the members of
the class. At Milwaukee the chief mas-
ters of ceremonies are William J. Bol-
lenbeck, Gustav E. Blatz, George B.
Hill, Hilbert C. Wallber, and a few
others whose modesty  prevents our
disclosing their names. These two ak-
gregations. have taken over the prep-
aration of special stunts and the task
of corresponding with their members
in other parts of the state, nation and
  The local arrangements in Madison
are in the hands of a committee com-
posed  chiefly of "Bud" Mathews,
Fayette H. Elwell, "Bill' Leiserson,
Homer H. Benton, and Ray Stroud,
and  several others. This commit-
fee is making arrangements for a
house on State Street which   shall
serve as headquarters during the re-
union. Such phrases as "gala occa-
sion," "wooden anniversary," "mem-
orable affair," culled here and there
from the letter by the committee just
sent. out are somewhat indicative of
what may be expected by those who
return and celebrate with their class.

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