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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Goodnight, S. H.
The Carl Schurz memorial professorship,   pp. [346]-349

Page [346]

                      PROFESSOR S. H. GOODNIGHT, '05
for October, 1912, Profes-
3or A. R. lHohlfeld- very
Lappily announced the ad-
vent of   the first Carl
Scchurz professor at Wis-
           pconsin, touching inciden-
tally, in the course of his article, upon
the purpose and status, of the founda-
tion. Aside from this. and from-spo-
radic  press  notices of' Professor
Kiihnemann's lectures, however, non-
resident alumni have doubtless had
little opportunity to inform  them-
selves concerning the matter, and are
hardly in position to appreciate the
significance to. the university, both'at
home and abroad, of the new profes-
sorship which was so auspiciously in-
augurated during the current year.
  To us who have seen its first fruits,
it is apparent that the endowment of
this chair represents one of the great
forward strides which our university
has taken in recent years. In the mat-
ter of foreign relationships it places
Wisconsin second only to the two old
and heavily endowed eastern institu-
tions, Columbia and Harvard, which
maintain German exchange professor-
ships, and in the van of the state uni-
versities, none of which have Euro-
pean affiliations of similar character.
It gives to our many students, gradu-
ates, and faculty members who visit
the German universities for study and
research, a prestige enjoyed hitherto
by those from Columbia and Harvard
alone. To our university and towns-
people here it brings each alternate
year a chosen foreign scholar of the
highest standing, who will bring an
inspiring message to all, and whose
presence will lend immense: impetus
to the work of the particular: depart-
ment which lhe represents. Further-
more, the occupant of- the chair is
pledged to do a certain amount of
free lecturing in- those cities of the
state which   assisted, materially  in
raising the endowment fund, whereby
his influence is extended well beyond,
the-0confines of the. university.
  The first incumbent of the newly
founded   chair-, Professor  Eugen
Kuihnemann, of the University    of
Breslau, has come, has fulfilled the
duties -of his high office,, in. admirable
fashion, and has- gone again; and still.
there :are many erroneous impressions
current, even here in Madison, with
regard to the Carl Schurz Founda-
tion. The most general misconception
is, perhaps, that we have an exchange
professorship, such as that of Colum-
bia or Harvard. Another, which was
fostered by the fact that the first Carl
Schurz professor lectured upon Ger-
man literature, is that the chair is al-
ways to be. occupied by a professor of
the German language and literature.
And another, which unfortunately
may stand in the way of progress to-
ward the completion of the- great un-
dertaking, is that the goal has now
been reached, the endowment com-
pleted, and that the chair will hence-
forth be occupied each year.
   In view of these erroneous impres-
 sions a brief sketch of the undertak-
 ing, its character and aims, its origin,
 development and actual status, will,
 I hope, not be without present inter-
 est to readers of THE ALUMNI MAGA-

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